Spiky Floofs, Cactus Hamsters & Heb Hobs—Internet Names for Hedgehogs

This is a spiky floof, and it’s got many
names like the ouch mouse, cactus hamster, heb hob or hebber. There’s also the land
urchin, hairbrush rat, and the extra- scratchy loofah. (not recommended for
human bath time use). Spiky floofs have many features, like little lenses and the
neutral zone, also called the so-soft-but- still-dangerous zone. They’ve also got
noodle noses, but be careful when booping or you might get the nibble
needles. And of course there’s the most distinguishing feature of all: the pokey
stabbies, also called prickles. Here’s a whole bunch of prickles, and here’s a
jar of pickles. Spikey floofs do adorable activities,
like hedgehugs, feasting, and doing the roll outs.
If it’s running an incredibly high speeds, it’s doing a sonic. Spiky Floofs
also get stuck in things, like in your shoes, but they’ll also poop in your
shoes, or in your lawn, or in your hand, or in your bed. And finally spikey floofs are
the very best at one thing: looking sharp. I mean look how sharp that is. Hold
on that’s not a spikey floof! That’s Guy Fieri. Human bamboozle. Visualize
your spiky floofs and anything else with Lucidchart.

100 thoughts on “Spiky Floofs, Cactus Hamsters & Heb Hobs—Internet Names for Hedgehogs

  1. I get the nibble needles when I was feeding a spiky flood at my job😢 So cute couldn't stay mad!!! 😊❤️

  2. It's 9PM, and I'm setting up a Minecraft mod while listening to someone explain what a hedgehog is in internet speak.
    What am I doing with my life?

  3. Land urchin is redundant. The urchin is an other word for hedgehog but faded out of use. This is why Sea urchins are called sea urchins. They were named after urchins aka hedgehogs.

  4. “I love this, and the ferret— i mean cat snake one” ;D “I want to by a cat snake and i must tell my parents why i want one and how to do everything, ima changing my title to cat snake” :>

  5. Two of my friends have hedgehogs, one is named Goose and one is named William; Willi for short. Goose uses his spikes and nibble needles on me once. That was painful.

  6. There is 2 heb hobs in my house, one is nice and one is a huffy ouch mouse
    Hebbers are the best, i had one as a kid too and have looked after 2 wild ones in my time too :3

    Gonna go for a hedge hugg now 🙂

  7. Damn, these videos make me want a LucidChart so bad, even though I would not use it at all since I am a totally creativity-less person 😀

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