Spectrum Industries InTouch32 Tablet charging cart review

– Hi everyone, it’s Anthony. I’m here today to show you the Spectrum InTouch 32 tablet charging cart. This cart is designed
for tablets and iPads. It’s designed to charge them. I’m going to walk you through
some of the great features of this cart, and why
we think it’s awesome. First off, we’re looking
at the outside here. We’ve got heavy steel construction. Top and bottom are a real nice thick laminate, vinyl edge banding. This thing can take
some abuse and survive. I’m going to walk you
around it a little bit. We’ve got our built-in ventilation, top and bottom, on all sides. You can see it’s back here
and this side as well. So we’ve got a great little handle here so we can push it around as needed. Nice work height. You can actually stand at this and use it as a lectern almost,
you can present from it. You can put a laptop here,
there’s even a grommet built in so you can run a power cord down through the inside if you wanted to. But, the cool feature
about this is you’ve got external power outlets right here. Two power outlets with
their own on/off switch so you can keep it off to
prevent anybody from using it, or you can turn them on
when you want to use it. We also have 5″ balloon
casters, I don’t know if you can see them on there. These are great rubber casters on there, they make this thing glide. And you can see, it just rolls real nice. This is heavy-duty
construction, and when it’s loaded up, it can be pretty heavy. But on these 5″ wheels,
anybody can move it around. I want to show you the
inside of this cart now. One of the cool features
Spectrum built into it is the lock on the front door. Like their other carts,
it’s their 2-point lock, but this has a hasp
built into the side here so you can put a padlock on that as well. When you open it up, you
can see the 2-point lock, top and bottom, holds
the door nice and secure. Inside, we have 32 slots for our tablets. We’ve got our dividers here. There’s a pad underneath
there so you can protect your investment, both the
cart and your tablets. You can see we have our fake iPad here. And if you slide it in, it
sits on a nice padded surface. It’s going to be real nice and protected. Then if you can move the camera in here, we have wire management built in. So here’s our charging
cords for Ipads, you just wrap them around this post here. This is nice and secure. I’m tugging on it, it’s
not going anywhere. But you can plug it right into your iPad, and now it’s all set. So this would be the student side. They can take tablets in and out. As you can see, it can
hold a variety of tablets, including ones in cases. This would represent a tablet in a case. But the student puts the
iPad or the other tablet in there, plugs it in, you
close it up and you’re done. The other side, this would be the IT side or the teacher side. It has a separate lock, it
also has the hasp put on here so you can put another
padlock there if you really want to make it secure. But this side is restricted
to whoever has the keys. And in here, as you can see, we have the staggered power
outlets, 16 on each side. Now you might say, “Why did they do that? “We always see the other carts with “the straight power strip.” But tablets tend to have some odd sizes for their power cords and plugs, and this is going to be able to accommodate that. Now we’ve got the main
power cord right here. You can put that through
one of the grommets on the sides and plug it in
to your outlet for power, and you’ll be good to go. So, as you can see, real easy to use. You just keep your power bricks back here or just the power plug, plug it right in. Wire goes through the front. You can feed it through
cable management and back, keep it from falling
through back here as well. So, easy to set up, easy to use. Once this is all plugged in and set up, you can close this side up, lock it. You might not ever have to open that side. Just go to the business end over here, take the tablets out as
needed, and you’re all set. Again, real tough construction. This is going to last a really long time and it’s made in the USA. So, if you have any
questions on this Spectrum cart or any others, please let us know. My name’s Anthony, you can reach me at 866-942-6273, or [email protected]

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