SpaceX Starship Boca Chica Update & Boeing Fails Again After Starliner & 737 Max Disaster

remember this cool spaceplane here that
our favorite company on earth Boeing was supposed to build it appears to be too
much for them the engineering challenge just seems to be too brutal for poor Boeing
then SpaceX has a new satellite launch contract already so early in the year
and of course starship we must talk about the upcoming ramp up of the
starship production because make no mistake what we see here is the first
part of a future starship gigafactory where starships will be mass-produced in
order to build Elon’s thousand starship fleet but how can SpaceX
achieve this and after shooting the video we got the really really bad news
of a new bill which was being discussed in the House of Representatives and if
this bill would pass it would basically kill the Artemis program so let’s take a
closer look at what this bill proposes because it would introduce some
significant changes for the future NASA crewed spaceflight program and as you
can imagine the changes are not of a positive nature on the topic of SpaceX
and Mars colonization we must talk about all these renderings showing how future
Mars bases would look like hint they won’t look anything like depicted in the
renderings but why not and how would they actually look let’s find out Boeing Boeing oh man this is this is brutal
after your 737 max disaster and after you epic failure to reach the ISS with
Starliner you now drop the DARPA funded XS-1 space plane that you’ve been developing for over two and a half years now
like seriously Boeing how can you fail on so many different levels now back in
May 2017 Boeing was awarded 146 million dollars to design and build an aircraft
like launch system to launch both military and commercial payloads
Northrop Grumman and Masten Space Systems were beaten by Boeing so that
Boeing was selected as the only company to further pursue the program and to
start building a prototype for testing this year now the XS-1 would have measured 30 meters in length with a 19 meter
wingspan it would have flown sub-orbital trajectories at speeds faster than Mach
10 and would have been capable of depositing small satellites weighing up
to around 2 metric tons into orbit but now they are out it seems to have been
too much of a challenge for Boeing oh damn this looks more difficult than we
thought what should we do hmm how about we take the 146 million dollars for the contract and then just quietly drop out how about
that that’s an awesome idea hahahaha so where’s the outrage where’s the freaking outrage
from our beloved mainstream news media huh they are so quick to bash SpaceX
every time for even the slightest failure but here oh no outrage what’s
going on hey Boeing we have an advice for you leave the development of new
challenging space hardware to the big boys over at SpaceX you know they are
developing a launch system which is much more capable and they do it much faster
and they will certainly not drop out of the development of starship contrary to
you you know what let’s do a prediction because we always like doing predictions
as you know we honestly think that Boeing will go bankrupt
within the next 10 years if SpaceX doesn’t kill them then Tesla’s VTOL
supersonic electric jets certain will but make no mistake Boeing is already on
an irreversible path towards doom so after shooting the video here and
while already starting to edit we by chance found out about a highly
disturbing new bill and we have to talk about it therefore please forgive us
that we are recording this now via microphone
probably in order to keep the wonderful company Boeing alive longer with good old
taxpayer money this new bill is being discussed in the House of
Representatives which in our opinion has only one goal
to further drag on the SLS development time so that Boeing will get more
billions of dollars in order to develop a rocket which will never fly and to
secure the giant job creation program which is the SLS so let us take a close
look at this wonderful bill which by the way has 102 pages the key elements we
could read out are as follows first the Artemis program will be basically
canceled and renamed moon to Mars program with the goal of landing on the
moon in 2028 and the goal of sending a crewed mission to orbit Mars by 2033
second the lunar gateway would be now renamed Gateway to Mars we have to
hold ourselves back not to burst out in laughter by the way while reading this third
the SLS block 2 configuration shall already start development because hey
let’s give more money to Boeing Four: a lunar outpost is not envisioned anymore in the
moon to Mars program crewed landings on the moon that do not contribute to the
goal of landing humans on Mars shall also not be included anymore in this
program and now the funniest part which idiot wrote this crap holy mother of god
ok here we go lunar in situ resource utilization
shall not be considered as risk reduction for the
initial crewed missions to orbit and land on Mars any lunar in situ resource
utilization activities shall not be included in the moon to Mars program and
shall be budgeted separately from the moon to Mars program yeah so
understanding how to live and work on the moon doesn’t reduce the risks for a crewed Mars landing in any way LOL just LOL so friends this is really really bad if
this bill gets passed not only will Artemis get effectively canceled and a
moon landing postponed to 2028 no the ISS would also be kept in service until
2028 by the way and the SLS development time would of course be further dragged out without of course ever flying a single mission the Gateway
being renamed gateway to Mars is the most ridiculous ever together with the
fact that Lunar in situ resource utilization is not considered meaningful
for a Mars mission so this basically means that a moon base or a moon colony
is effectively canceled and that people is what we get when politicians try to
be smart they have no freaking clue about spaceflight Lunar in situ resource
utilization is probably the most important thing learning to live on the
moon and utilize the moon’s resources is extremely important in order to
understand how to work and live on another word this will be extremely
important for Mars so yes we are brutally disappointed and really hope
that this bill won’t get passed it will be reviewed on the 29th of January by the
way if it will get passed it’s a nice reminder that we should put our trust
only in Elon and spacex and that NASA is just a political puppet nothing more
and will not EVER get anything done anymore not ever for spaceX on the
other hand things are just looking perfect
not only was last week’s in-flight abort test of crew dragon picture-perfect
paving the way for crewed flights to the ISS in quarter two this year nay SpaceX
already has a new launch contract for Falcon 9 so early in the year they’re to
launch the Nilesat 301 satellite for Egypt in 2022
well look here a country that isn’t corrupted by Boeing and Lockheed
lobbying naturally choose SpaceX to launch their satellite into orbit who would
have thought maybe that has something to do with the fact that a launch on a
falcon 9 rocket costs far less than a launch on a ULA rocket US Congress can
try to keep inefficient companies like Boeing or Lockheed alive with taxpayer
money all they want the world will however not be stupid enough to charter ula
rockets to launch their payloads into orbit no they will choose the best
option which is SpaceX and SpaceX is as always very busy further developing the
starship Factory we will just call it a starship factory because this tent here at
Boca chica is the first part of a gigantic starship assembly line we could
even go as far as to call the Boca Chica starship Factory
the very first piece of a future starship GigaFactory in order to
achieve the thousand starship vision which Elon tweeted about a week ago
parts need to be mass-produced costs therefore driven down processes need to
be automated and standardized they will basically have to be like Tesla but for
much larger parts what we see in this shot here is a tank dome for a second
tank prototype which will again undergo burst tests at some point we will see
more and more of these tents churning out different parts for future starships
some tents will produce only domes some only steel rings some other only
super-heavy parts and in order to increase efficiency raptor engine production should also be done on-site at some point in the future
we will see a starship gigafactory emerge at Boca Chica and here are just
the first steps and this is highly needed or else starship will never be
produced in numbers which we will need to become multi planetary the giant starlink revenue will certainly help with that endeavor but also the fact that
things are looking perfect for Tesla which will certainly have a positive
impact as well because Elon will have more capital to boost starship
production therefore we think what we see here is indeed the very first step
towards a starship Gigafactory enabling an interplanetary future for Humanity
and how this interplanetary future might look like we are shown time and time
again in some very beautiful spacex renderings I mean the renderings are
really wonderful to look at and very inspiring but there’s only one slight
problem they are brutally wrong from a scientific point of view and that comes
from us like totally diehard spacex fans so then why are these renderings
wrong you might ask why will the future base on Mars not look like anything we
are shown in these renderings well this is very simple because of the two very
big enemies of future human Mars settlement first cosmic rays and second
low gravity now many newer studies show that cosmic
ray bombardment would have really extremely negative long-term effects on
brain function with the effect of severely reduced mental capacity even
leading to cognitive diseases now this is because of the deadly shower of
secondary particles created when high-energy cosmic particles with
energies of up to 10 to the 18 electron volts hit the hull of a ship or a
habitat and this in turn creates an intense shower of secondary neutrons
which hit our brains and our tissue and our DNA with such extreme force that it
leads to extreme damage in the cells and the biological tissue the other big enemy of humanity in space is zero or low gravity
now while we certainly know by now that zero gravity is extremely bad for the
human body over longer periods of time leading to muscle loss and an increased
risk of heart disease among many other problems many suspect that even low
gravity environments are still quite bad especially for children
now while people aged 50 or 55 and more can more easily adapt to such extreme
environments younger people and especially children would suffer some
extremely negative health impacts with life-threatening results now a child
born on the moon or Mars would with a very high probability not live over the
age of 30 in a Mars base as depicted here dr. Joseph Parker gave a very good
talk on that topic at a Mars Society conference and we highly recommend you
to watch it link in the description so then how should a Mars base really look
like well of course we need to go underground not only would we then be
instantly protected from all sorts of solar and even cosmic radiation but no
there are already giant underground caves present on Mars as we know now
building bases there would be very easy and we could even incorporate tunnels
dug with boring machines into the underground base and thus also solve the
low gravity problem in the process let us explain why live in stationary
shelters if we can have rotating Train pod habitats that create artificial 1g
earth gravity simply by rotation this animation by doctor Joseph Parker shows
that a 1 kilometer radius track for example with pods going at 360
kilometers per hour would lead to a nice and comfortable 1g artificial gravity
effect now spending half of the day on these rotating train home pods would be
enough to prevent detrimental long-term health effects now with such
pods children could even be born and live on Mars even on the moon
without the danger of birth defects or the danger of dying at a young age but
then you say wait wait wait how will these rotating train pods be powered
they certainly will need a lot of power right please don’t forget that it’s
quite cold in those underground tunnels on the Moon or Mars so magnetic coils using
high-temperature superconductors would not need a lot of energy to be cooled
down to superconducting temperatures therefore a combination of solar arrays
and radioisotope thermoelectric generators will be enough to provide the
necessary energy because once you reach superconductivity the energy
requirements are absolutely minimal to retain this state so then you will have
a nice rotating superconducting maglev train on which we would live and work
for half the day and because on the moon we have a perfect vacuum and on Mars
almost a perfect vacuum we have no air resistance so therefore the energy
requirements for those rotating train pod habitats are quite a lot lower than
you might actually think so yeah our future Mars bases probably won’t look
anything like these renders here but of course they look inspirational and
beautiful and rotating underground cities certainly don’t have the same
appeal by the way the problems of cosmic rays and zero-g are also the two main
dangers for travels to and from Mars in starship some kind of shielding against
cosmic rays is needed be it shielding based on hydrogenated boron nitride
nanotubes or be it water shielding and some form of starship rotation for the
trip will also be needed starship without any rotation or shielding will
lead to the astronauts arriving on Mars in a very very bad state therefore we
will never stop talking about these issues because they really have to be
solved Elon is a genius but he cannot think of everything he already has a lot
on his mind one might say single-handedly helping to
greatly accelerate the transition to a sustainable society
based on renewable energy and also making humanity a multiplanetary species
at the same time oh yeah and in the process also prevent an AI humanity destruction event by helping us merge with machine
intelligence so cosmic rays and zero-g are really problems that some other
people need to address but we often like to say any problem can be solved with
good engineering and science as long as it doesn’t contradict the laws of
physics and as long as the contract isn’t given to Boeing so we are absolutely
sure that we will see cities on Mars in this century and on the moon and even
elsewhere in the solar system so what do you say to another epic Boeing failure it
seems to become their habit you know failing over and over and over again and
do you agree with us that we are already seeing the first signs of a future
starship gigafactory at Boca Chica so be sure to subscribe and turn on the
notification bell because we keep coming with two videos per week on topics of
space flight electric cars and other disruptive technologies promised see you
next time

86 thoughts on “SpaceX Starship Boca Chica Update & Boeing Fails Again After Starliner & 737 Max Disaster

  1. Why can't other companies be given the opportunity to finish these projects after so much wasted money? Boeing should have to reimburse the taxpayer for their failure to follow through. Give us half what Boeing was given to fail and you'll have a space plane.

  2. It's simple: they want to drag out and rename Artemis for just one reason: Trump!
    The democrats don't want Trump to go down in history as the POTUS that brought us back to the moon.

  3. Cancel, rename, cancel, rename, cancel, rename…….greatest shell game on earth…….as long as the work stays in those politicians districts, they will keep wasting our $$$$, and everyone looks the other way.

  4. I always thought you could simulate gravity effects on the body with air pressure. Special vented floors would keep the air moving from top to bottom.

  5. That US House bill is so disappointing, the author is Ms. KENDRA S. HORN (D) of Oklahoma. She's a space lawyer by training apparently. The reception seems very negative. NASA isn't a puppet, but they are beholden to Congress (usually for worse). Ya'll are so harsh on Boeing, but it isn't unwarranted it seems. Congress and Boeing's love affair will never change unless the US gets term limits on Congressmen.

    In World War 2 – the US produced over 300,000 aircraft in 4 years. Currently, we produce 10-20,000 as far as I can tell. I think once Starship proves reliable and effective, we'll see production balloon, so yes, the beginnings of industrial space access. I have seen some people say 1,000 starships is ridiculous – I personally think we'll see 100's built per year, particularly if the Aerospace industry shakeup. I know I'd invest everything I could into SpaceX stock, if it were ever released (which Elon says he won't do bc he doesn't want to compromise the real goal of mars, but perhaps a subsidiary or something).

  6. Actually, it sounds like someone is gearing up to support SpaceX in their straight to Mars program.

    If Starship works it could easily be dropped in to fulfill the specifications for the program.

    To understand motive, see who sponsored the bill and what jobs are in their district.

  7. Oh I really hope your channel will grow in popularity. Your insights are unique and everybody should hear them. Maybe Elon himself can post a tweet about you? Hm, maybe that will not happen, he has to play a polite game with NASA and he cannot afford himself to support your unmannered opinions.
    I was thinking, you must be working on this channel fulltime. You are always on top of the news, and that twice a week…

  8. We could launch a crewed missions to the moon and Mars with current launch capability. It's all laid out in Dr. Robert Zubrin's book "The Case For Space" where he describes a strategy of utilizing the Falcon Heavy to send human explorers to Lunar surface, and Mars. What this bill seeks to do is twofold. First, it seeks to hold back the human exploration of space in favor of the second, which is to enrich the connected government/industrial oligopoly. I keep wondering when we will see members of congress start floating the idea that SpaceX, Blue Origin, et. al. need to be either nationalized or simply legislated into impotence to protect the Boeing/Politician gravy train going. Eventually, China will get to the moon and Mars, as will India and Russia. If these people in congress have their way, they will continue milking the taxpayers for another couple decades, then act all surprised when China starts exporting Helium-3 back to Earth to run their fusion reactors.

  9. Great video guys! Love it. SpaceX is so far ahead of Boing its like comparing Tesla to GM, just no comparison at all! I'm hoping Blue Origin will be successful too, but their turtle like approach is painful to watch. Would be nice if SpaceX and Blue Origin could work together, but that is just wishful thinking. Elon's optimistic visions are great for humanity…..

  10. 2028: Congress passes a budget to complete the SLS and put a man on the Moon by 2036
    In Other News: Elon Musk announces construction of Lunar Gigafactory to be completed by 2031

  11. Thank you for addressing my concerns about child birth and children on other worlds. It is critical to be able to reproduce in space. 1G gravity is a must.

  12. The sponsors of this bill are from Texas and Oklahoma. One Texan may have NASA in his district but I don’t think the other has Boeing.

    No obvious motive based on districts.

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  14. Thanks as always for watching, we really appreciate it 🙂 We forgot to ask about this cool new bill, what do you think the chances are that it will pass? In any case, it's sad to see US politics play ping pong with NASA 🙁 And the other topics were quite fascinating, too. What do you think of underground bases on mars with rotating habitats? We love the idea 🙂

  15. Okay you Two, LOL I appreciate your cynicism about US politics! Yeah, stuff happens. You see; you have to consider that so many investment institutions are using Boeing to pay for old retired teachers, police and firemen pensions, That you cannot just let a cash cow company like Boeing go broke. There are many illusory companies in the US that only exist to help maintain certain economic illusions. Otherwise we would have a socialism and old people cannot tolerate the word let alone allow for its definition to include something benign.
    There are many fantastic; and I mean on the level of Michelangelo-fantastic, welders that come from Mexico that locating near the Mexican border just might have a hidden benefit. I've worked with these guys in refinery welding shops. They are like machines.

  16. Well if the Artemis program is dropped, will we ever be able to trust Nasa and the politicians.

    If the Artemis program is dropped it will be private companies who will lead the way to space.

  17. Keep up the fantastic work, both of you! as a big supporter and follower of all things Space-X? I'm confident that your channel will continue to grow! I mean – I found you, didn't I?

  18. If that bill is passed it basically kills SLS. By delaying until 2028 Starship will be fully operational and human rated. Making SLS fully obsolete. Doing it in 2024 SLS will be needed, even if Starship is working by then it probably wont be human rated for NASA astronaut use. Sure dearMoon may happen before that, but I suspect there will be some serious "covenant not to sue" agreements before that can happen. But maybe that is Boeing's plan? Have the government spend megabucks on the development of SLS only to have the program cancelled before they have to build many of them. Meanwhile SpaceX will be pumping out Starships like Liberty Ships in WWII.

  19. @2:00 Boeing is making money so they are not failing. Granted, they aren't launching anything, but they never launch anything! They are a hidebound rocketry club that is quite content to suck on the government teat and when that dries up, they'll just lop off that branch. Boeing management doesn't care.

  20. very informative, thank you so much…Boeing is the poster child of what is wrong with government acquisitions, and Boeing is one of the better contractors

  21. Boeing Boeing gone! Seriously Boeing using it's resources to bribe politicians and news outlets not actually developing stuff.
    Your naive to believe a leopard will change its spots. This play has been working since the early 70s. Become dominant buy or merge with competitors. Bribe decision makers and ride the gravy train indefinitely.
    PS. SpaceX is Boeing as it was in the 60s. SpaceX could become Boeing if Elon passes.

  22. Many bills are introduced in committee that never reach the floor of the house so probably little will come of it — THIS TIME. However, it sets the stage for future attempts. I'm in wholehearted agreement concerning "Martian City" architecture, the artist renderings of which I have long railed against. The 1G habitat should be underground, of course, a good Boring Company project. A Boca Chica Gigafactory? I don't think the land area exists and even if it did, I'm not sure I want it sitting in the path of the next hurricane storm surge. They should build only what they can afford to lose at that site. Where else they should build it depends on topography: an uninhabited plateau near the coast. Does such a site exist?

  23. Well, SpaceX really doesn't need congress' permission to fly anywhere. And don't forget, Bridenstein was a representative, so the money will come. I just would like to see all the obsolete tech not only defunded, but refunded. Boing is the worst.

  24. SpaceX is paving the way to the future! The New Glenn and other reusable rockets will aid the American space program. Boeing is its own worse enemy.

  25. What you are describing is called pork barrel politics. It is not about solving problems it is about politicians giving profitable contracts to large corporations. Then when the politician retires he/she gets a $75,000 a month position on that companies board of directors.

  26. Haha, yeah perfectly said. I don't count NASA or boing anymore. Just SpaceX and I'm keeping an eye on blue origin but mostly just Elon. 😏. Great show guys I know it must take a lot of time to create this content. It's appreciated. I noticed your channel is growing nicely lots of views. 👍

  27. Zero G is a major problem, but Mars gravity will be less of a problem. Once we are on Mars evolution will start working. Some will have less of a problem, and we will select for that population. We will also start breeding our pets and working with lab rats to learn more about accelerating adaptation to Mars gravity. People from Mars might find they much prefer Mars gravity, and it will be cheaper to build Mars gravity space habitats or space ships so Martians will be better at colonizing the solar system and other stars than people from Earth.

  28. Absolutely right. I imagine that on Mars, our machines would basically be on the top surface and our habitats would be below the surface of Mars. I visualized it also something like the habitats in the futuristic movie, "The Time Machine," whereby, the inhabitant adversaries lived mainly underground with their machines because they could not live on the surface with the sun. Anyway, on Mars, humans may have to do the same to survive.

  29. This is why POTUS…(Mr. President Trump)
    won the election…on the platform….of eliminating job killing regulations…that not only choke the economy…but also provide a safe haven for the swamp…
    IT'S WORKING….and POTUS TRUMP….keeps on winning/winning/winning….and
    the smell of the swamp is now getting to the….. corrupt media….that they have been eating the House Demon's for misleading them.

  30. Great video friends…. I must say I see in the future space ships with cosmic shield the answer might be found in meteorites the metal combination. .

  31. Have either of you watched the excellent documentary ‘The Mars Underground’ ?

    It offers in detail something of a Roadmap of what Elon Musk & Spacex are now attempting to achieve. It features the much underrated and undervalued (by NASA) Dr. Robert Zubrin of Martin Marietta, who did much of the thinking and analysis in the 1990’s in what became known as The Mars Direct Programme.

    Here’s the link:

  32. Im so glad you guys are calling the media out on their bs! Its too many people out here who believe they can trust the media and government to keep them well informed. Just forfeiting their right to know the truth and enabling everyone else to control them.

  33. I would love to see Elon team up with bigellow with his inflatable habitats to go to the moon and set up a base. On mars they could tunnel into Olympus mons to set up a base. Can you imagine living and flying out of the side of the biggest volcano in the solar system!!??

  34. Have either of you watched the excellent documentary ‘The Mars Underground’ ?

    It offers in detail something of a Roadmap of what Elon Musk & Spacex are now attempting to achieve. It features the much underrated and undervalued (by NASA) Dr. Robert Zubrin of Martin Marietta, who did much of the thinking and analysis in the 1990’s in what became known as The Mars Direct Programme.

    Here’s the link:

  35. Gateway was a jobs program for uncometants. Watch the debate between a gateway supporter and Zubrin of the Mars Society! LOL: Landing Starship on the moon is like landing an aircraft carrier on the white house lawn! Starship Gigafactory is brilliant because he can then sell that gigafactory with the same model as Tesla!

    The Starship Factory is the only logical way to make it affordable and safe!

  36. Traveling to Mars in a fleet makes sense !!! Also don't take full capacity of people so that if some ships cannot return you can move people to the ones that can!!! The claims about radiation are way overblown… Read Zubrins book that debunks these myths! Send people who smoke and don't let them have any cigerettes and you will decrease their risk of cancer!!!

  37. I couldn't help but notice that people working at Boeing have much more grey hair than those at SpaceX. It is obvious that they are remnants of the Shuttle Era with shuttle mentality: "Do it the old way, and do it slowly". Milk the money – and don't mess with my pension. Its time for New Space to take over. Unfortunately, only SpaceX (and Rocket Lab) seems up to task. I don't know whats going on with Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, Sierra Nevada and the likes – but they seem to be as lethargic as the old legacy companies…..

  38. 3D printing of Habitats are a key Technology including drone construction, corn factroy for building material, Boring will work well for creating connected shelters and work sites! I want to see a Cybertruck on Mars!!! Natural light is very important so above ground is as important as below ground! Other then corn we want a bamboo factory to produce building materials!

  39. Trust me this cool video ties in directly with this excellent video! Nasa's 3D printing challenge!
    AI Wins!!!
    Cheers from Australia!!! Enjoy and tell me what you think!!!

  40. Once they figure out their manufacturing techniques for building StarShips, I think SpaceX should consider building it's later super-sized versions next to a Great Lakes steel mill, so they can get their stainless made to order, in sheets as long and as wide as they want. Then they could simply fuel up their Super StarShips & Super-Duper Superheavy's, and fly them directly to the Cape or Boca Chica for mission prep and actual mission launches. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy – almost as crazy as StarShip itself did, not so long ago…

  41. Awesome video! The rotating mars base could work well as a living area. It might need a schedule for when it lets people on and off of course.
    Gosh… the us government and space travel has been a turbulent relationship since the the moon landing! Are they really trying to make the task impossible? Canceling and restarting programs as often as the seasons change and now happily pumping money to a company that have proved recently to be an epic failure!
    Do they just see this as a means to keep a traditional company like Boeing afloat?
    I know it’s said often but if pro is the opposite to con then the opposite to progress is congress!

  42. Boeing is bs. If they weren’t heavily subsidized by the us govt they would bankrupt so hard. It infuriates me that the future of humanity has become a big money making scheme. Thank the flying spaghetti monster for Elon. Before it’s all said and done the US will have spent ~ 100 billion to repeat what we already did in the 1970s. Launch a big rocket and throw it away just to spend a little time playing on the moon. Gee thanks Boeing. Great job. They should stick to making airplanes cutting corners and murdering people. Let’s just give Boeing’s space money directly to the employees. And then donate the share that would’ve gone to the board and the ceo to charity. Much better deal for the us and SpaceX will gladly take us to the moon, mars, and beyond and do so for pennies on the dollar compared to Boeing.

  43. electromagnetic field generators no stronger than the earths geomagnetic field would take care of the cosmic ray problem. the gravity problem. Yeah. something that spins would fix that. a spinning neighborhood under a dome would be great as well. as far as the combining human and artificial intelligence goes. Well I think the Borg thought it was a great idea too. LOL.

  44. I'm in favor of the Mars Direct approach. Zubrin has made a pretty compelling case for it. My sense of the bill is that it's not inspired by the Mars Society's work, but that it's positioning against the president's budget to ensure incumbent contractors (ergo, the states they're in) have a strong negotiating position. Its "full ownership" for the human landing system clause basically rolls back to a cost-plus status for one contractor. You guessed it: Boeing.

    It basically shuts down competition for flights to the moon, sets NASA up for failure and absolves anyone in politics of actually delivering anything. And it prioritizes the flag-wavy stuff, not bases/settlement or research.

  45. I read that two times a day a treatment in single handle centrifuge for half an hour would be sufficient to prevent the negative impact of microgravity. Bringing some single handle centrifuges with you on the trip should be the easiest solution then.

  46. Great video. Very entertaining. You seem to have a good understanding of the insanity that happens within our government and all the shady activity with Boeing. Spacex will succeed and change everything. SLS is not a viable way forward.

  47. All this stalling by mainstream companies can be answered really quickly; Brookings Report, and the Secret Space Program, false front western town space agency, Richard C. Hoagland.

  48. I can only hope Boeing reorganizes and works on their terrible PR image. After all, the majority of their businesses are doing well. I wonder why they appear to be completely silent…??? Crickets.. Used effectively, Boeing could be leading, not falling behind, but I guess we have to rely on Elon to move things along.

  49. Boeing is going boing boing bomb! I don’t agree they are going bankrupt in aircraft, but the Slippery Launch System is problematic!

  50. Boeing has been holding back the space program long enough. I plan on subscribing to star link the minute it becomes available regardless of the teething pains it will have at the getgo just to support SpaceX. Also bought a cybertruck.

  51. And who controls the House of Representatives this year? Who is playing politics with space programs? People need to know who is doing such things…

  52. The Artemis cancellation would cost us billions of dollars of our taxpayer money that we've already jumped in what's going to happen to all of our money are they going to refund any of that money no they're not they're going to just write it off and act like it's no big deal like they always do the Artemis program is a front for black projects through nasaspaceflight and I worked with somebody who now works for NASA Artemis and he told me that they had planned on scrapping Artemis already from the get-go they just tried to get the money from the government so they could do what they wanted to do to become privatized now that NASA's private and all their s**'s lockdown they don't have to share with the public they got what they want and they got the taxpayers money they don't care anymore f** NASA

  53. Mmm. Might the XS-1 not really be canceled but classified and moved to the U.S. Space Command? Boeing might be interesting keeping it military with the budget secret than having to made it economical.

  54. Radiation shielding in Mars Transit can be achieved with superconducting magnetic probes sent in tandem with the Starships. The latest breakthroughs achieved a magnetic field of 45 Tesla ( pun not intended ) and weighs less than 3 kilos without the power supply. The downside is the energy requirement is in the order of gigawatts. However there may be a way to charge the coils in earth orbit and trickle charge in transit, since all that is needed to maintain a magnetic field in a superconducting coil is the energy to maintain the cryogenic liquid nitrogen, making sure that the coil is in shadow from the suns rays.. a large circular 50kw solar array would suffice .

  55. I will be semi-polite. "FORGET" Mars. Mars has nothing to offer humans except raw materials for Kalpana habitats. Explore Mars and the Moon with robots. Build Kalpana habitats for humans. "The future is space is in rotation". NOT GRAVITY WELLS. Search for "Kalpana One Space Settlement" at NASA's web site. It is an improvement on O'Neil cylinders.

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