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  1. 2:22 Ooooh! Love the Prime 1 reference there.
    I think the whole song fits really well as an interpretation of Dark Samus.
    Ironic since the Kraid's Lair theme never appears in the Prime games lol

  2. Wow this is much better than I thought it would be! Maybe a ridley theme with lyrics isn’t out of the question.

  3. …This was so edgy,badass,and somber(last one is lore wise)! It's like Dark Samus just wants have some modicum of control,maybe because they want to have control over their destiny or sense of self?

    Do they fear… Not having control?
    And they say video games cause violence,we gamers are too busy thinking about what these games are trying to say to focus on shooting up a school!!

  4. It looked like her, only it wasn't her.
    It was her Phazon Suit, only pure black now. Creeping along the ebonness
    were veins of bright blue.

    A blue Samus remembered well…

    The same blue which stole the suit from her. The same blue which now
    threatened to eat and corrupt and decay. The blue which, combined with
    her DNA, has birthed a new nemesis. A surprise from the Metroid Prime.


  5. If I may make a suggestion when your done with smash maybe you could try queen sectonia’s theme from kirby triple deluxe?

  6. So I just noticed that most of the Smash segments featured one corrupted person fighting their former friends and allies. That was a nice touch, very flavorful. I appreciate the thought you put into even the background gameplay, as well as, of course, the ominous lyrics and fabulous singing. I would, however, suggest that maybe next time, the transition between the song and the end card could use another second or so. That way it doesn't swap so abruptly from ominous and sinister to the chill-but-cheerful end tune.

  7. This is absolutely fantastic, but im confused on why using this theme for Dark Samus, wasn't this linked to one of Zero Missions enemies? Klaid i think?

  8. Since I haven't seen any so far… Obligatory petition for a 1-hour version. Every like is another soul consumed by corruption.

  9. Something about this song really makes me think you'd do a really good Hollow Knight musical/musical bytes if you were interested in that.

  10. jesus christ i never thought dark samus was this evil, shes the evil that y'know, kicks over a bookshelf, writes an angry letter and actually sends it NOT THIS, THIS IS RIDLEY EVIL but idk song dope

  11. You know what I want to see?

    A musical for all of the dark versions of the characters, like dark link, dark zelda, dark samus, ect.

  12. This is a really good song I loved it 😍😍😍😍 this is my favorite theme from Super smash bros ultimate

  13. Kraid: What? There's going to be a lyrical adaptation *tearing up* of the song for my hideout? Oh, I can't wait to be back in the spotlight ag-
    Dark Samus: *slaps Kraid* Silence, fool. We shall assimilate your worthless tune and mold it into our melody. The perfect melody.
    Kraid: B-..but it's my song. A-and Snake Man-
    Dark Samus: *slaps Kraid again* The darkness has spoken.

  14. What got to me the most is how she sounds more human as the song progresses..An excellent touch considering The Story of Dark Samus going from a parasite to a complete replica of Samus.

  15. this makes me think of the cyber men from doctor who a little due to how the way it sounds

    how long until a song for hades?

  16. Dark Samus just became my new waifu through this song. Kylie Ann absolutely nails it with her voice, and the lyrics of the song itself are simply outstanding! 😀

  17. (Can you, like, make the same video, but with just the music? Put the words there, too. I am saying that this song is my favorite, and I wanna see if I can make some extra lyrics.) Meow.

  18. Dark Samus was never IN Brinstar, but somehow this song is now her theme song? Oh well, I’m not complaining about good music

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