Sleeping at Flying J Truck Stop & Driveway Surfing | Camper Van Life S1:E11

This week…we spend the night at a truck stop in our camper van then make our way to Silicon Valley to meet new friends for a backyard BBQ. [Kait] I’m really going to miss Yosemite. [Kait] I wish we could have gotten another night at the campground. [Joe] Well, maybe we can come back and check out White Wolf campground. [Kait] We do have a white wolf! [Joe] It looks like there was a landslide over there. [Kait] Oh, it does. [Kait] Look at all those people rafting down the Merced river! [Kait] Joe is picking up some sweet snacks after that long drive out of Yosemite. I love my cherries and this is the perfect amount for $1. [Kait] I have to say I’ve enjoyed stopping in at all the fruit stands in Central California. Yes, that has been really nice. [Kait] Thanks for stopping
Oh, you’re welcome! We have a long drive to our next destination and it’s been a long day with that drive out of Yosemite. So we decided to take a break and we’re going to spend the night at the Flying J. Kait called ahead and the woman there said, as long as you can fit into a spot that is not paid go for it and you can spend the night So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Nice thing is, we’re not taking up a spot for a truck like we would have with our full size RV. Now I think the last time we stayed at a truck stop was in Kentucky It was a very strange morning because as I was coming out to walk Leo, some guy came up and asked if I could take a urine test for him. Which I quickly declined. It’s always an interesting time staying at the truck stop. You haven’t lived, until you’ve woken up at a truck stop. It’s quite the experience. But I slept really well! What are you working on back there? Just getting some work done. It’s easier to do it back here because Leo keeps scooting up front and bumping my laptop. He’s a little bulldozer, isn’t he? He is, but we love him. Well, I thought we could make it to our next destination but I’m afraid we’d be down to our very…we’d be on fumes by the time we got there so I figured fill up. Get some gas here before we get into the next town. I feel like I am in a Uber Deluxe! You’re my driver. Take me to Costco!!! It’s really nice back here. Because I’ve got my phone plugged in, I’m charging the laptop…I might be riding back here more often. So rather than having a side seat driver, I now have a backseat driver. You actually HAVE a backseat driver because I have to give you directions. Kait is in Costco, she just called and she has a basket full of stuff. Can’t wait to see what it is. I went a little…a little crazy. [Joe] What all did you get? Seven pounds of steel cut oats. [Joe] Wow! What’s in…sprouted rice and quinoa blend. Interesting. Three pounds a bag. There’s only 4 bags, that will last us a while. [Joe] Hold on, what’s Wildbrine? It’s organic raw sauerkraut. So I had to pick between the raw sauerkraut and the kimchee and I went with the sauerkraut. Good probiotic! [Joe] I do love my kimchee though. We’re all set for a little while. [Joe] Well I’m excited! I spent a lot of money at Costco. Everyone has been asking us where we put everything after a Costco run or any type of grocery run. So, I’ve put all the vegetables in the fridge. Now I have to find places to store all the grains we bought. Kait is in the Chinese market. Who knows what she’s going to come out with today. Opp, there she is! Just a couple of essentials. If we had the room, I would get a lot of vegetables but the fridge is full. Oh my goodness! That was a good shake buddy! Well I’m excited to meet some new friends. Me too. I was nice that Maggie and Greg could host us last minute. I’m really excited to meet them. Do some driveway surfing and have a nice BBQ. How’d they find us? Maggie left a comment on our website. Saying they would love to host us for a BBQ and we can driveway surf with them. So we are going from the Yosemite Valley to… Silicon Valley! What I think is interesting about all of the sort of van people we’ve met is there is such a wide range of how economical and how uneconomical you can be with a van. You could build one out for a few thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars. Look at Pat and Annie. They bought a van for $1,500 They bought an Ikea bed and they’re traveling around in it for two months as they explore the US. And then they’re going to sell it. And that’s it. That’s their van. [Kait] Thank you again for having us, this is such a special treat, you don’t even know. You’re really spicing up our Monday night. [Kait] I kind of felt bad sending the email because I said to Joe, it’s kind of last minute but that’s how we travel. We never make plans and I was like…I wonder if [Kait] So I just sent it anyway to see if they’re free.
[Maggie] Exactly. There are only three glasses! Oh! Sorry! Yeah I guess you don’t get one! That’s for you.
[Kait] Thank you! I got your email, and I sent it to Greg and was like GREG! Guess who’s going to come over Monday night! I was so excited! Cheers!!! Nice to meet you! She doesn’t like being on camera. Greg doesn’t mind. Rosco! Hey! Hey…how are you! [Training commands] [Kait] I’d love to see Leo do that trick! [Kait] Perfect, thank you! Thank you Greg! [Joe] Garlic hot sauce, just for Kait. These are my people. Alright, I’ll let you guys go through it. This place is amazing! [Kait] Joe hard at work on our next video. I hope you guys like this one, I’ve been working hard on it. [Kait] And we’ve got a beautiful park view. Hold on. I just realized that by the time you see THIS video, this video will have already aired. So I hope you LIKED it. Next time, we spend a week by the beach, meet up with several YouTube subscribers and Kait’s dream to visit GooglePlex comes true. [Kait’s Mom] Hi everyone! This is Kait’s mom. Hope you enjoy this week’s video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. If you’re new to the series, start from the beginning by clicking over here. [Speaking Mandarin]

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