100 thoughts on “See A Phone Call And Text Messages Between Woman And Her Online Lover ‘Stuck In South Africa’

  1. I have to wonder what is going through doctor Phil's mind when he reads messages like these 😂
    And wait a minute… she has a husband, her "lover" has a wife and both are okay with this ish?

  2. Look at the people expressing this granny Golden Girl as the victim and the guy the scammer. Who is scamming who? She gave up her youth and is a senior citizen decades past her beauty prime, only to be trolling and preying on younger guys who are at their peak.

  3. I'm sorry but that's a limit to be naive and she just crossed and it's so far from it that she deserves to be scammed

  4. Omg she sounds so happy. This is really sad that these scammers do this to the elderly. I wonder how many people this happens too. I wish they could go after the people that do this.

  5. Folks think that well-to-do people actually can be classified as vulnerable just for being old. I don't feel that bad for anyone with enough disposable income to be scammed this way 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. RULE NUMBER ONE FOR WOMEN. Never pay for a man, men are the providers. If a man asks for money, drop him like a stone. This is pathetic. I would never give a man money.

  7. She’s a sweeeeetheart, & totally being taken advantage of. SAD & I hope she WAKES UP!!! These guys are professionals at scamming older women!!!

  8. Aw this is pretty sad already. Poor lady. It just isn't right to take advantage of people this naive. Or that desperate/willing to believe someone else's false affection.

  9. The picture of the guy is a young handsome man. Some one like her should have enough self awareness to know a young, successful, and handsome man is not going to be interested in her.

  10. Older women can be as innocent as young girls when it comes to the internet because they have no idea what they’re getting their selves into. It’s kinda like giving an 8 year old keys to a car and these scammers know this.

  11. But when you are this desperate to be with anyone, you also become very delusional. That's the scary part of these situations.

  12. Oh that's so funny, he knows how easily she can be scammed and tricked because he's doing it to her, so when she said she's going on the dr. Phil show, he thought someone else was scamming and tricking her too! Wow!!

  13. This is the kind of woman who doesn't ever grow up. She'll always be a high school girl dreaming of true love. It's really sad. The sad part is what she's doing to her husband and children so that she can feel giddy again.

  14. Maby I’m mess ed up in the head, but I just can’t imagine myself ever feeling that lonely that I would fall for something like that, and I’m a hermit…

  15. These scam victims always go, "My boyfriend's name is [Steve, Bill, Chris, Dave], and he is from [Germany, UK, Belgium, Italy]!" Then they call him to prove he is real:
    Scammer: "Ahlo?"
    definitely sounds like a black guy with an African accent, not at all like a white guy with an English accent
    "See! He's real!"

  16. I really hope she sees that low life for what he is. A scammer. And I hope it’ll be sooner rather than later, ‘cause he won’t stop until every penny has gone.

  17. I hate saying this, but if this were legit what younger man would talk to this older woman like that when they can have women that are closer to their age and much more attractive? I'm telling ya there would be no man falling for a woman like that

  18. This woman needs to have someone take over her finances – get power of attorney. She is not smart enough to handle her own life choices. Her husband needs to get an attorney.

  19. This "Tom" is a piece of garbage. This poor woman. And that poor husband!!! But at same time, how can you just agree to leave your wife for a price??? You can't put a price on love, even if it's half a million dollars AND a new truck.

  20. She wants love so bad that she’ll overlook everything just to keep him 💔😞 hope he didn’t rope her back in after this. My older manager years ago got scammed in a similar fashion and it was really hard to watch. I reverse image searched one of his photos and it came up on a bunch of scam warning sites. I showed her and she was crushed but he manipulated her into thinking he was still legitimate and there was nothing anyone could do to get through to her. She just didn’t want to die alone is what she said. 💔 I Hope karma will get these scammers eventually.

  21. I am blown away time and time again at how naive people can be. I expect it from young teenagers but really these days there aren’t any age limits.

  22. Old people don't understand the evil of today's internet/social media. My mom was almost a victim. After talking to me and some teachings she has learned her lesson. You young people thinking this lady is just a random idiot, YOU are the idiots. Times change and things change, and lets not forget people looking for love can make bad decisions.

  23. I’ve worked with elders in the hospital, nursing home, and adult day care centers. It’s common so far as the mental state for them to fall into this. They yelling crazy but that’s an early form/stage of dementia under the umbrella of Alzheimers. They can’t help it. Therapy and physiological help will not help.. 🤦🏾‍♀️ like how do they not know this! I’m side eyeing “Dr” Phil. He should know better!! That’s why I believe it’s for his personal gain. A lot of families put their relatives in homes because they don’t know how to deal with this!!

  24. It’s actually really sad. This happens way too much. They are so lonely they fall for it. They want that young love again. Even though she’s married. It’s a damn shame. They wipe these people completely out without a care in the world. She’s losing her husband, children and going broke. They have no sympathy whatsoever.

  25. don’t feel bad for this witch. she’s a mortgage banker, cheats on her husband and is willing to cut contact with her kids because of an online scammer.

  26. This is sad. Sickening. How can people believe this 💩 is true. 90 day finance — watch that for a bit and you will see that while these people try, one is always funding and not all works out.

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