Save Webpages as PDF File in Internet Explorer | Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

Hello friends and welcome again to our channel,
“The Teacher”. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about
How to Save a Webpage as PDF file using your favorite Web Browser on a Windows 10 PC. Let me tell you one thing first that if you
open Devices and Printers through the Start Menu search box then you will find a few pre-installed
printers that comes bundle with Windows 10 and one of them is Microsoft Print to PDF. You can also check out one of my other video
about using Print to PDF printer to easily convert any of your file into PDF. So keep in mind that Print to PDF printer
comes with Windows 10. Now, let’s see how to convert any web page
into a PDF file. First of all, we will use Chrome Browser. Open any web page that you wish to convert
into a PDF file and let the page load completely. Now, press Control+P keyboard shortcut or
you can click the 3 dot Settings button and then click the Print command. From the Destination section click the Change
button and then select Microsoft Print to PDF. You can see the preview of your PDF file that
will be created in the right-side pane and if you don’t wish to include all the pages
then you can specify the page numbers in the Pages section. Like, I can ask to convert only the 1,3 and
then 5-8 number pages of this web page into PDF. Click the Print button and then specify a
file name and location where you would like to save your newly created PDF file. Later, you can move to the same location and
can open the newly created PDF file. The only problem doing this through Chrome
or any other browser is that you also get all the advertisements inside your PDF file. In that case, Microsoft Edge browser comes
to handy. Open the webpage that you like to convert
into a PDF file in the Edge browser. The Edge Browser gives you the facility of
viewing a web page in the Reading View. Click the Book icon and Edge will start showing
you the same webpage in clean manner without showing any advertisements. Now, if you convert this webpage into PDF
using the same method as we did in the Chrome Browser, either by pressing Control+P or by
clicking the three dotted Settings button and then click the Print command. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF from Printer
drop down menu and again you can decide that if you want to convert all the pages into
PDF file or you can type particular number of pages that you wish to include. Click the Print button and then choose the
Location and File name, where you would like to save the PDF file. That’s it and there you have your webpage
as a PDF file. Before we go, let me tell you another quick
tip of Microsoft Print to PDF. If you ever need to quickly convert one or
more pictures into PDF file, then just select and right-click on the picture files and then
click Print from the Context menu. You can then choose either you want a single
Full Page Photo on each PDF file page or you can have 2, 4, 9 or even 35 small pictures
on a single PDF page. Click the Print button and then save the file. I hope you will find this video informative. Visit our channel page for more interesting
tutorial videos and don’t forget to hit the like button and do leave your valuable
comments in the section below. Thanks for watching and take care!

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