S. Korean consumers choose to buy daily supplies online amid novel coronavirus fears

because of the coronavirus more people
here in South Korea are doing their shopping online rather than heading out
to the shops and the industry is stepping up its efforts to meet this
surge in demand park se-young has this report protective face mass and hand sanitizer
are nowhere to be seen at this supermarket as shoppers snapped up the
daily renewed stock in double-quick time most customers can be seen wearing face
masks as they wander around the shop however many are choosing to shop online
for their daily supplies due to the corona virus outbreak
according to Lotte Mart that same day delivery volume from January 27th to
February 3rd jumped over 51 percent compared to the same period last year
there is a supermarket I go to a lot but I don’t want to go there if possible
since their online delivery system is good anyway following the Lunar New Year
holiday online sales of everyday supplies like toilet paper shampoo and
toothpaste have searched at twice the average with more people choosing to
stay home online sales of food products like meal kits and frozen food products
or by up to 1095 percent compared to the previous month and sales of Health
functional foods like red ginseng which are generally popular holiday gift
options rose by 45 percent in the week following the holidays sales of health
products like omega-3 vitamin pills and garlic are increasing a lot with the
sudden surge in demand some companies have had to notify consumers of delivery
delays and closer orders earlier than usual however the industry says it’s
working to increase delivery efficiency and keep a close check on the
availability of products axiom arirang news

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