Ron Jon Learn to Surf: Part 2 – Pop Up & Stance

So the most stability again in the middle
of the board is run from nose to tail which runs down the center of the board
therefore the center of my body will be aligned on it. Whenever we go to position
our feet we always want to make sure our toes are far enough back and propped up
like as if we’re gonna be doing a push-up. Our thumbs are always tucked
behind our chest flat on the board not grabbing onto those rails and our vision
we always tend to go when we look is always making sure we’re looking
straight up ahead of us looking at our goal so again hands back, toes propped up
and our eyes positioned up ahead of us so we can ride away to the beach. When we surf
we have the surf sideways so whenever we start from our belly to our feet when
you go to naturally pop our left foot commanding ourselves to be a regular
foot or you’re gonna put your right foot in front of you commanding you to be
what we call goofy foot. Naturally you’ll come to it yourself and whenever you go
up front will determine how you stand. Alright, generally when you first pop
up to your feet wherever they may land you must always follow through
into what we call the surf stance. Surf stance is what keeps us on
the board for the longest time, to ride our waves all the way to the shore. Alright so if you take a look at
it, it’s a good wide stance, wider than our shoulders so it’s
nice and good and wide and we’ve got to make sure
our feet are nice and planted. We got to make sure
that our shoulders are gonna be generally straight up and down because
as our board rides in the water we got to make sure our balance stays between
our feet instead of kind of blowing it behind us every time we tip over. Alright again we’re gonna look at our feet make sure everything is turned
sideways over riding to the shore. Our front arm generally
guides us where to go and our back arm tucked in tight
kind of keeps us on that board as we ride our way through
the ocean all the way to the shore. So keep your arm tucked in, focused
on where you want to go and kind of hold that surf stance all the way the shore.

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