RGB Fusion Introduction – Basic Mode

Hey Guys, Welcome to the GIGABYTE motherboards and BRIX YouTube Channel My name is Pat and I’m excited to give you an in-depth look at basic mode of our new RGB Fusion Software You can get it at the GIGABYTE App Center which is available at GIGABYTE.com Or it comes bundled with your GIGABYTE motherboard On my left here, I’ve a GIGABYTE Gaming 8 setup along with a Geforce GTX 1070 by GIGABYTE, of course, and as you can see our LEDs are synced with the LEDS on our Motherboard and down here we have two RGBW strips the W provides pure whites as well as more shades of colors Now we’re going to take a look at Basic Mode of RGB Fusion We have the GIGABYTE APP Center open and let’s open up RGB Fusion Here on the left we see Basic Mode and Advanced Mode This video’s for basic mode, make sure to check out the Advanced Mode Video Now let’s take a look at the options Pulse In Pulse Mode the LEDs fade-in and fade-out Its kind of like a breathing effect And on the right here you can see we can change the color to basically any color you want As well as a speed option let’s try green And lets speed it up and slow it down Now let’s take a look at Music Mode In Music mode the LEDs are synchronized to your music so let’s get some music playing Alright, that’s pretty cool, now let’s take a look at Color Cycle Mode In Color Cycle Mode the LEDs cycle through the full spectrum of colors and that includes the GIGABYTE logo LED as you can see Now let’s take a look at Static Mode Static Mode is pretty self-explanatory Let’s change colors, let’s see, red And we can change the brightness, slightly dimmer or brighter, slightly dimmer Lets leave it at baby blue and maybe some yellow Now let’s take a look at Flash Mode Flash Mode is also self-explanatory the lights flash On and Off Lets pick Pink And now for Random Mode In random mode a random part of the motherboard flashes And of course the RGBW strips and the GIGABYTE logo is included in that Its completely random Now lets look at Wave Mode Wave Mode is one of the more subdued modes As you can see in the armor portion as well as the Amp-Up Audio portion The full color spectrum, glides through it from top to bottom Now let’s take a look at Intelligent Mode Intelligent Mode the LEDs of your motherboard change colors depending on the status of your computer So lets look at CPU temperature, well, since we’re not really doing anything CPU-intensive our lights are green because we’re at less than three degrees Celsius CPU usage, same, we are not doing anything intensive so our lights are green CPU Fan, also the same And Schedule, in Schedule the LEDs are white during the times listed here So, if it’s after 5:30 all LEDs will turn off this is great for if you need to go to sleep and you don’t want the LEDs is flashing your face Or LAN (Local Area Network) speed the LEDs change color depending on your ethernet connection if you have Gigabit Ethernet it’ll be orange Megabit Ethernet it’ll be green 100 Megabit Or System Temperature Course we’re not doing anything CPU-intensive so our system isn’t very hot right now and our LEDs are green Alright guys, that concludes our in-depth look at Basic Mode of RGB Fusion Make sure to check out the Advanced Mode video and thanks for watching The GIGABYTE Motherboards and BRIX YouTube Channel If you have any questions or comments make sure to leave it in the comment box below If you like this video, please Like and Subscribe our pages YouTube.com/GIGABYTEMotherboards And if you like giveaways or overclocking contests check out our facebook At facebook.com/GIGABYTEMotherboards Again my name is Pat and i’ll see you next time

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