ReSeT, el más irresponsable de Internet.

Hey! What´s up boys? All fine? All correct? I´m Glad! In this channel you are used to I show you strange people Internet characters Curious People But people that at the end, it makes us laugh They make us spend a great time, laugh a lot And Fuck everything But today i´m going to talk about a person I honestly think that you are not gonna laugh at all The reverse I think that, like me, you will get rage I can say, without fear of being wrong That he is the asshole, more asshole of the latest years, on the internet for real the word “asshole”, fits on him, come on… like penis to the ass I have been searching a little bit, and it seems that more YouTubers have already talked about this YouTuber But well, i dont give a fuck, i want to give my opinion And for who doesn´t like it, go to fuck yourself for a moment, easiest as that It happens that there is a YouTuber, called ReSeT that has a channel, a little bit varied But mainly, what he does is challenges The people write him things like… “lets see if you have balls to (i dont know) to eat a crap” and the guy goes and eats it To the moment, no problem, if the guy on his channel wants to eat a crap, go on, with the stinky mouth it´s not my problem he doesn´t disturb anybody he doesn´t hurt anybody and for me awesome! still eating shit The problem comes when this guy for… for winning visits to appear “the male” the… the boaster in front of his suscribers of the shit decides to make things that are wrong but no wrong, the next in his channel we can find all a serie of videos titled: “Disgusting challenges with a cat” videos dedicated, basically, mistreating their cats he throws eggs on their heads he hit them with an electric racquet, there to electrocute the cats and you say “But you are… you are fool? or you eat crap my son? but well it seems like for this things he already apologized It seems like he asked for forgiveness so about this… we are not going to talk anymore I want to focus… on what you have done, on the latest days a few days ago he uploaded a video, about what he does about doing challenges, that his suscribers ask him to do and well, he demonstrated that, that he is an asshole that he is miserable well look, better let´s see it because… “I challenge you to buy Oreo cookies, remove the cream and then fill them with toothpaste, then give them to a person on the street” This challenge is interesting, so we are going to do it and i want to mix this challenge with another and is… give money to a poor person that needs it what i mean is that im going to give… 20 Euros to a person who needs it, and also the Oreo with toothpaste let´s see the result to this guy that don´t seems to be so smart or had a hard childhood or his parents hit him at home or when he was a child, i don´t know…. i don´t understand what the fuck happened with him to have the idea of pick Oreo cookies remove the cream from inside, the white thing fill them at all with toothpaste and give this cookies, to a homeless But hey! hey! warning, warning! waaaarning! then he gives to him 20 Euros oh? then he gives 20 Euros… before watching how this clown gives the toothpaste cookies to the homeless let´s read what can happen if a person eats a lot of toothpaste “Eating a lot of usual toothpaste can produce: Stomach pain and the intestinal obstruction it´s possible Convulsions, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, drooling, heart attacks… Soap or salt taste on the mouth slow heart rate shock, tremors, vomiting, weakness… And come on, a large list here of things that can produce eating toothpaste one thing is that a day washing your teeths, you eat a little bit of toothpaste IT DOESN´T HAPPEN NOTHING AT ALL it´s like swallow a chew gum, fuck but if you eat eight fucking cookies filled with toothpaste you can have one of this things or eating 20 chew gums that will create a ball on your stomach that you will poop stones but well, if you on your channel decide to do this challenge because you are an asshole and you eat them yourself so Awesome! Fantastic! “I really guess(?) in the niggy” but this guy didn´t eat the cookies himself No no no, he went down to the street and gave them to a homeless “Hi sir… …You need help? eeem? how much money did the people gave you as a maximum? …you don´t know? well, i give you this… “Thank you a lot” thank you are you hungry?
– Yes! i also give you this
– Thank you a lot your welcome uh? goodbye! here we can see how, clearly he gave him the cookies filled with toothpaste to this homeless But the best… are the comments… he does now pay attention please honestly it feels good when you help a person obviously the part of the Oreo with toothpaste maybe it was to much… but look the possitive things “It will help him to brush his teeths that… i think he didn´t washed his teeths for a long time, since he became homeless, did he?” FUCK MY MOTHER FUCK… MY… MOTHER 20 TIMES how can you be so miserable? please! how can you be so extremely miserable? i mean, you just gave him a cookies pack filled with toothpaste, to a homeless and then you said: “Well, well… ..they are good for him, because It helps him to brush their teeths beacause he didn´t brush their teeths since HE BECAME HOMELESS is like… “so i help him… with the tooth… with the toothpaste” I understand that at a certainly age a person can do silly things because the majority of us, when we were childs were assholes, well? I..I..I undestand and at that point, it´s ok but doing this… what fucking kind of education did you recieved on your home guy? what kind of education did you got? hey! but i gave him 20 Euros, well? I GAVE HIM 20 EUROS! i tried to intoxicate a homeless but hey! i gave him 20 euros, with that… here nobody can say me nothing guy if we can say you… IF WE CAN SAY HOW ASSHOLE YOU ARE MY SON! it´s curious because not long ago half Spain, and all the internet wanted, literally, to kill a guy called “GranBomba (Great Bomb)” for saying “Anchovy Face” fooor saying “Anchovy Face”… to a delivery man i ask for myself, in this case… what we have to do? i mean, a guy that mistreat animals and do this kind of stupid things to people who lives on the street… What we have to do to this guy? For real, what we have to do? on the video of the “Anchovy face” that i uploaded to this channel giving my opinion I am the first on saying that we have to learn how to forgive the people All of we, in any moment will fuck up things and we have to know… how to calm down don´t behave like animals and know how to be reasonable but with this guy… it´s different because he fuck up everything one by one and it seems he doesn´t want to stop HE HAS AN ENTIRE SERIE in his channel…mistreating animals and now he goes, and does this! and the next week, go you to know what will he do! i am not saying we hit this guy I dont think it is the solution because starting… he is a guy… but i think that in this case, for this guy we have to close his fucking channel or somebody that knows him for real have to go and talk with his parents and that his fucking parents know about… what his son is doing! And be careful! dont think this guy has a small channel he has 1 million suscribers! 1 FUCKING MILLION OF SUSCRIBERS! and i say you, for me is so guilty HIM so as his SUBNORMAL SUSCRIBERS that are who give him the ideas and enjoy watching…how he does… this kind of things i am not saying that the extreme challenges channels are bad nothing of that! there are a lot on YouTube… and there are ones that i follow but they are channels, that do challenges… but they do for theirselves! i mean, they don´t disturb nobody I follow a guy called “NinchiBoy” that is a guy that sometimes he does crazy things but he does it him, with his friends, in his fucking house they don´t disturb nobody! you just bought an electric raquet and you want to do a challenge? Perfect! Dont hit the cat! You hit yourself on your fucking face they challenged you to fill Cookies with toothpaste? Awesome! Eat them yourself and we´ll enjoy watching… but don´t disturb anybody, that are not playing your fucking game after this video, obviously the people started to insult him as he deserved and what the guy done was record a video another video, going again, with the camera to record the homeless and asking him “hey you ate the cookies?” and the homeless doesn´t understand him the homeless only says “Yes, yes, yes” he didn´t understand a shit and then the guy put this: “Concluding: the people exaggerates for pranks, challenges with my cats and they misunderstood it like Animal Mistreat or pranks on the street to a homeless i am sure that if i do that to a normal person they don´t say anything but as he is a homeless they complain i only put 2 cookies with toothpaste from all on the pack In Fact, I think i helped him to brush his teeths xD.” to the last moment you still being an asshole… I mean on the moment of apologizing… on the moment of asking for forgiveness… STILLS BEING AN ASSHOLE I don´t know how you do it, bro! “I am sure that if i do this to a normal person they don´t say anything but as i did this to a homeless, they complain starting, a homeless is a normal person that must had a lot of problems in his life and the last thing he needs, is that an asshole like you disturb him… secondly, you say that people exaggerates for the pranks to your cats and they misunderstand it as Animal Mistreat Sorry, here nobody is misunderstanding nothing… is what it is… if you pick an egg and you throw it to your cats head you are mistreating it if you pick an electric racquet that electrocutes and you hit your cat… im sorry about saying that, but that is not playing you are mistreating it and a lot of things more! that you do in your fucking channel of the shit! and i don´t want to talk anymore, but for real i could stay here 30 minutes because is like… all his videos are fucking disgusting for example he has another in which he calls to a pizza delivery and when he arrives to his home he says “I didn´t order a Pizza” fucking with the delivery man that is not guilty at all and has to return the pizza, and accept the fury of his boss because the asshole wanted to make a prank for YouTube And that´s it, i only ask you that if you see again this guy make this kind of videos… and you see that he mistreat animals, or fucks with people in disgusting way or he does something wrong report the video, YouTube added that option for something and for you ReSeT: I only have to say that i hope that when you grow up when you make up your mind you notice about how asshole you have been that if one day, after years you watch your videos again your face came down because of the shame it´s the only thing i hope about you And I also hope that, anyway, because i know your parents will know about what you do on the internet and if they are smart, they remove the internet for all your entire life… Well, see you in a next video and I only hope the next make us laugh And it doesn´t make us get angry, but is like… sometimes this things, are necessary and in this cases I like to give my opinion

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