Realme X50 Pro 5G – CRAZY FEATURES!!!!

What’s up guys So the successors of real me x50 are coming up and we are hearing a lot of news regarding expects and rumored features as well as its release date and it’s going to be really x50 grow and really x50 profiles variants as Name suggests it is going to be obviously 5g variant so welcome to another 5d flagship and I think this is the first ever city of real meat to have filed the data support So that’s good thing basically really will be launching to probe aliens one will be with 5g support and one without 5g network and Official launch date of these models in india is 24th February really has confirmed it yesterday on twitter that even will be happening at 2:30 p.m on 24th february Hey Shawn Agarwal also on to just said this and he also mentioned some official portions of phone which are showing some Significant features and first of all, let’s have a look at this poster First thing that is clear from this image is snapchat and 865. So that’s insane we are getting snapped on a 65 and With even 5 you support and if this phone will be priced a bit lower than all of the brands with these same specs in Those smartphones than this matters that we are getting best flagship smartphone in the fordable price like budget king so with sniper grenade 65 We will be getting up really best performance in X 50 Pro and X 50 profile G Then here is another best thing this 65 watts of fast charging. Yes guys This is just insane ultra fast charging is also going to be the one of the best feature of this smartphone and it is claimed on internet that 65 watts charging can charge the smartphone to full 100% in just 58 minutes it’s really really cool and not showed that if we will be getting a charging adapter into the box or not as mentioned in poster this super tart charging so this whole higher probability of having adapter into the box and Then 90 years flew screen is also coming in X 50 Pro and X 50 profile G So smoothness is now also confirmed and now with this 90 heads of refresh they display we can assume that Battery would be also bigger around 4500 4700 or maybe 5,000 milliamps because these displays consume more battery than Simple 60 Hertz displays. So let’s hope for a bigger battery And here is the last thing the camera set up now camera specs are not actually released or rumored but amount of camera sensor is clear as you can see this is coming up with Total of 6 cameras 4 at your side and 2 at front side now at the back side We don’t have any kind of periscope lens, but poster confirms that there will be 20x zoom I don’t think that real me is going to implement periscope in this part phone But this 20x zoom is actually kind of impossible without their lens But it can also be done with the help of software So let’s wait for some more rumors if I get more leaks regarding it. I will let you know for that please subscribe to our Channel and talking about the sensor then I think there would be 64 megapixel primary lens and there is also higher chances for 108 megapixel sensor and a 16 megapixel Ultra, wide-angle lens and 8 megapixel zoom lens and the fourth one could be the macro lens or also It could be five megapixel depth sensor for better portraits blur Well talking about ifs front camera setup Then we are going to see pill-shaped camera modules same as of galaxy s 10th worst but it will be on top left side and these can be assumed as 32 megapixels with fiber maybe 8 megapixel depth sensor and if you guys notice that most of its features are Same as me 10 and meet and pro from Xiaomi that were launched in last week like we have that same 90 Hertz display that same so having an S 65 system on chipset Also charging speed is say like 65 volts But it makes a big difference not a bit but really a large difference a huge difference to that periscope lens well, we are not sure maybe real mean X 50 prevent profiles Avengers are going to have it also and Next to that two dates are mentioned 18th and 19th February and these could be the official unveiling days because phone will be officially launching on 24th February according to a Shawn Agarwal and Also really tweeted this dead on their Twitter account official Twitter account Let’s wait for some more leaks and news and if you love my work then guys, please do support me by subscribing And sharing and also like this video and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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