Ramz-e-Ishq – EP 17 – 4th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Coffee? Thank you. What are you thinking? Nothing. You are thinking something. I have been noticing you
be quiet for some days now, tell me, what is it? I have come over for a few days, I have been living here and still your
dad doesn’t have time to meet me. Umar, I told you, he is a busy man. When he’s busy,
he cannot meet anyone, what is there to mind in this? We live in the same home, he doesn’t have the time to meet me for a bit? I am not here for
discussions that will waste his time. Fine, I understand, but see, London’s lifestyle is a little different
from Pakistan’s lifestyle. There comes a time when
daddy is working and I don’t get to see him for weeks. You are her daughter, and I am a guest, who if he doesn’t meet will feel insulted. Fine, ok, I will talk to daddy when he comes, I will fix your meeting. Don’t get upset, have your coffee, then we will go out and eat. Have it quick, tell me how it is. Really bad. If you don’t listen to me, then remember,
I cannot leave my father, but I will not have any relation
with your mother and you. You have no idea what I can do, so do what I tell you to,
or else I will divorce your mother. I will divorce Roshni, but never let you lose your respect. I divorce Roshni, I divorce her, I divorce her. Now you two are free, do what you want to. What problem is left? Is something left? This home took everything from me, my happiness, my father,
my respect, called me a thief. There is nothing left after that. Good morning. Good morning mama. Quickly have some sweets. What for? Rayan has said yes for the wedding. Are you saying the truth? Didn’t I tell you, no one can say no to my daughter. Why did he say no earlier? Leave it Rania, don’t talk about the past. Is he happy? Why won’t he be happy. He is really happy. Mama, I want to invite
Roshni to my wedding. Yes child, why not, I will go get them myself. You get up, take a shower, go shopping,
it’s a happy day for you. I will go give sweets to everyone. Rayan. Mama, switch off the light. Why are you sitting in the room like this?
Are you ok? I am fine mama. Child, they are discussing your
engagement downstairs, they are asking about you,
come sit with everyone. Mama, I am in no mood, tell them I am sleeping. What do you mean, not in the mood? Is there something worrying you. I am fine mama, just let me be. Mama, switch off the light… Roshni. Yes? What is the matter,
I see you are really sad. No mama, nothing like that. Its your superstition. Did Umar call? Yes, he called. When? Yesterday, when you were sleeping. Did you not tell him about me? He didn’t talk to me. I didn’t tell him, I didn’t think it was right, he is abroad,
he would have gotten worried. You are right. Ok, call Rayan please, its been long,
I want to ask him how he is. Leave it mama , he will be busy, he will come himself. Yes, but I want to thank him,
he really helped us. Thank him later, your head still hurts, you rest. Did something happen? I have been seeing for a few
days that you have changed. No mama, you are imagining this, in fact, I am the same as
I was before marriage. Maybe you are right, I am imagining things, but, for some days, I am really worried for you. I want Umar to return quickly. Someone is here,
let me go check. If someone is asking for charity, there is change. You? Here? Wont you ask me to come inside? Yes, come. Why has she come here? Has she found out… oh God, if she tells mama everything, then? Alright, everything has been arranged, you go and shop. Ayesha, I am talking to you. Yes, I hear you. Then why don’t you answer. Because I need nothing, I have a lot of clothes,
I will wear anything. What do you do? You will wear anything in
your only son’s wedding? Yes, so what difference does it make? Look, I have given clarification several times and
apologized for my behavior, please. Was this the only reason you
got for your behavior? I will never be able to look
my son in the eye all my life. You know why? Because he said yes and
saved a mother from a divorce. Ayesha, I… Aqeel, I have not
been able to understand you, you get so harsh only in my matter . Look, Ayesha, whatever I am doing,
its for you and Rayan. Why don’t you tell me clearly that papa had threatened to disown you. What are you saying? What is wrong in agreeing
to what papa said? They have good understanding
and Rania and Rayan will live a good life and all
will be fine with time. Aqeel, you can get into
a relation forcefully, but you cannot win
anyone’s heart like this. But you wont get it. What do I tell you people? I am really helpless, I cannot do a lot,
even when I want to. You didn’t tell us the
reason for this visit. How will you get it Khadija? I have not told you. Is everything fine? Yes, its fine. I got sweet for you people. Roshni, get sweets for your mother, open the box. Mama’s diabetes is high, she will have it later. As you people wish, have it when you want. Special reason for the sweets? I forgot to tell you the real thing, Rania and Rayan are getting engaged. Its tomorrow,
I came to invite you for it. Congratulations! Do come, I will send the car, you people come. After all, Roshni is the wife of our special servant, she has to be there. We will surely come. I will be happy, thank God he showed us this day. Rayan is so happy, he is running around and doing
all the work for the engagement. May they have a good future. I will send the car over tomorrow, you do come. Roshni, why don’t you
come with me right now. No, mama is unwell,
I cannot leave her alone. Okay fine, don’t make an excuse tomorrow, I will wait for you people. I will go. Have tea… No, I will go now. Roshni. Yes mama? Why are you still awake? I cannot sleep. Child, I have thought that we will surely
go in Rayan’s engagement, I was getting upset with
her for no reason. He must be busy preparing
for the engagement, how can he come? Roshni, I didn’t get a gift. They don’t need the gift from
us poor people. Don’t you dare, Rayan isn’t like that, I will take what I can,
I will not go empty handed. Mama, did he call us? Why do you worry? Ok look, don’t work like that, I don’t like it. My love, you are the one, if I don’t work for you,
who will I work for? Finally, you will be mine. I have loved you silently for so long, but I won’t be silent anymore. I will tell you everything
that is in my heart, I will love you so much that
you will be proud of yourself. Hello. Hello. Hello, how are you?
How are you Roshni? I am fine. Come sit. Hello aunt. Come sit. Sit please. Roshni, I don’t see your mother in law. Mama, she must be here, You must meet her,
you came after so long. I will meet her. Roshni, it doesn’t look nice,
she must have seen you have come, go. Okay. Rayan, this… Yes, I will wear it, don’t worry I will not away. I know that is why I am
embarrassed in front of you. Why are you embarrassed? I know you are not happy with all this. I want to apologize to you, because I have never been
able to do anything for you. Mama, please don’t embarrass me. I have no complaints from you. Child, I will be at peace when I see
you happy or this sadness has me hurt. I have accepted her as my fate, you too do it. Madam, madam is calling
you downstairs. Fine, you go, I will come. You go, I am coming. Live long my son! Roshni, child, did you talk to Umar? No Bua, why would I talk to him? Look child, hear me out, do me a favor. What favor? Don’t mention your fight with
Umar to master. You have no idea, master is already upset with Umar. Why? Did papa say something? Now look, for the world Umar went out
of country for business, but the real deal is something else. I am unable to sleep, I don’t know what will happen. You have no idea, if sir finds out about Umar’s action, he will kill him. I will say nothing. Live long child, may God give you a long life. You don’t worry, when he comes, I will bring him to you to apologize. You just talk to master about this,
it’s a mother’s request. You don’t worry, I will not say anything to anyone. I am going inside. Papa, I think we should start the engagement,
the guests are all here. Yes, what are you waiting for?
Wasting time? Put the rings on and end it. Papa, I wanted that sister in law Khadija and
Roshni can also be part of the function. Where are they? Hey, here…
come child. Come. Come. Sit. One minute, I forgot the sweets, I gave this responsibility to Rehmu, God knows where she is. Roshni, child,
you please get the sweets from Rehmat. Me? What happened child?
This is a happy moment, go get it. Yes. No leave it, Rehmat will get it. She is here. Hello. Hello. Rehmat,
where were you? Keep it here. Come on, start the function. Here son Rayan,
put the ring on Rania’s finger. Sorry ma, I will not put on the ring on Rania’s hand. What? What are you saying?
How is this possible? Our family has some customs, I cannot break them. What do you mean? What customs? I don’t get it, who broke them? You did. In our family, a boy and girl
don’t put a ring on each other’s fingers, elders do this, and this will happen now too. Look child, that is from old time, now everything has changed with time. The time may be new, but not our thinking. After all, grandpa doesn’t like his
rules being broken. Yes, thank you for reminding me,
you are right, both you parents put on the rings, the boys mother to the girl and
the girl’s mother to the boy. Come on. Yes papa. Congrats. Hi, how are you? Huh? How are you? I am good. Do you want coffee?
I am going to make some. What happened? What’s wrong? Tell me. Brother Rayan, got engaged to madam Rania and today is the function for it. What? But he was in love with Roshni… I am thinking the same that
how did he say yes. There is something wrong. Okay, why do you worry? Listen to me, we gave them a chance from our side, they didn’t avail it, so its their fault,
why are you worried? If this has happened Mariam, then madam Roshni
will get a clean chit. Then? Then madam Roshni will be treated
wrong and I don’t want that, she won’t get her right. Its ok, what does her right have to
do with the wedding? I don’t get it, and why are
you so worried for her? I was just talking. Don’t, look at me Umar, they are far away from you, their lives are different from ours, so just focus on your life and stop worrying about them. Ok? I will go make coffee for you. Ok? Rania, what is all this? Did you not see mama, Rayan knowingly did this. Because she was there. Who was there? I don’t get what you said,
everything is per your will. You call this my will? Rayan didn’t bother looking, in fact he didn’t
even put the ring on my finger by himself. Yes, I found this to be weird too, but child this is not something
big that you take it to heart. Mama, this is something really big,
don’t you get it, Rayan has insulted me. Relax my love. The relationship has started,
that is enough, no one can take you two away. Don’t get upset about
these small things. Enjoy.

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