36 thoughts on “Radio Frequency Radiatio emitted from Apple Watch (iwatch)

  1. Well explained I was about to ask for you to put it on airplane mode, but you did just that ! seems like out electronics will not put out RF radiation when put in airplane mode, (usually the case for all electronics).

  2. Note 2.4 GHz it's the same as Microwave Oven frequency.. Equivalent of putting your hand in a very weak microwave oven..

  3. 'background level' on an airplane is not near zero. Please explain what these levels mean. What is an acceptable level? Thanks.

  4. This Apple Watch is considered giving off waves of non-ionizing radiation such as your microwave or radio. No electron is going to get ionized from the molecule due to the low amounts of energy. That RF meter does NOT differentiate between ionizing or non-ionizing radiation.

    People, no need to panic about cell phones or watches giving you serious health issues or cancer.

  5. FYI… there is no such thing as an iWatch. We might take your video a little more seriously if you'd stop referring to the Apple Watch by an imaginary name.

  6. Wireless devices have wireless signals that’s what makes it a wireless device!
    You guys are a bunch of an educated morons!
    None of you are qualified to question the people that actually are qualified get educated or shut your mouth.

  7. I’ve been wearing my Apple Watch for two years now, and I’m always concerned about the effects, as it’s stuck on the skin all day.

    This made me really consider not wearing it anymore.

  8. Hi, i was considering bying a smartwatch fitness tracker ( no wifi included- no 3 or 4g, just GPS that i active when i choose to) that has a heart rate monitor so it can tell my BPM, how many calories i ve burnt etc… I would like to buy this watch with music included so i can wear Bluetooth headphones, but after cheking some videos i dont wanna take a risk by using the bluetooh while i run so i can listen to music. So i wanna buy it without this fuction, but can u tell me if a the HRM, that ll be stuck in my wrist, is dangerous? I really wanna know my BPM while i am resting or having an exercise, but if it dangerous i wont buy it… Hope u see this and help me !

  9. Thanks for this video not all the people knows that this watches can give you cancer and tumors for the radiofrecuency

  10. Doesn’t the sun, radio, tv, and microwave emit RF. Either way I live in the suburbs where’s there’s WiFi signals everywhere. I’m getting cancer one way or the another.

  11. Hello.. Is it ok to get one with only GPS… I am considering to get one for fitness purposes… If it is connected to Wi-Fi or bluetooth, won't it still be EMF, RF, etc proof… After all, its Wi-fi. Feel free to correct me.. I am new to radiation in general

  12. Glad I watched this, because I really want an Apple Watch but this has definitely made me re-consider. I have a couple of questions though.
    1. Can Apple do anything to address this in the future and make the device safer?
    2. I worry about EMF myself because I get minor throbbing headaches sometimes. I have been to doctor and told me it was tension and probably due to vision change. As a precaution, I purchased EMF patches on Amazon and placed them on my iPhone 7 Plus and MacBook Air. Do you think these are sufficient and do you recommend a good brand? I mostly use my headphones to answer and make calls, as opposed to putting my phone to my ear

  13. Guys, read the user manual and pay attention to the radiation units. Up to 5.8 mW/m^2 is considered safe. The Apple Watch shows up to 2.x mW/M^2.

  14. What Model of Apple Watch is this? As of May 2019, they are up to AW4. I’m sure all do this, but the detail is important for me showing this vid to a friend.

  15. I understand the watch in flight mode will eliminate most if not all radiation. But will the heart rate sensor on the back of your watch still cause radiation whilst reading your blood flow through your skin? I was wondering if the ‘power reserve’ option would eliminate the heart rate sensor radiation too if an issue

  16. All these devices are part of the depopulation program! I see more people with cancer then a common cold! Stop using wireless!

  17. People listen up please I know apple watches are awesome and cool but not worth it for your heath, why I I been wearing Apple Watches ever since I start noticing I cannot breath I was panicking that I had asthma or anxiety attack I was confused and I been doing some research, I found there's is health risk apple aren't gonna tell you there worry about money. If start noticing breathing problems or cannot sleep or headache or etc. Its your apple stop using your watch for a month you'll notice your health goes back to normal please do reachers….

  18. Is this just gamma waves or is it all the different waves in the electromagnetic wave spectrum? Also planes have a lot more gamma waves than in the ground so what is a good amount of gamma waves?

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