how’s it going to the HODLGANG? it’s
Crypto NWO here and today I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to obtain 100%
anonymity on to the dark web. so this is a question that I get all the time…
family asks me, my comment section asks me, people on Twitter dm’s, people Twitter
replies… they asked me “how can I obtain 100% privacy on the dark web”. This video
is strictly for educational purposes only, what are you gonna do with this
information? please, absolutely nothing. I think information is very powerful,
I think knowledge is very powerful and knowing these things is very good but
don’t try any of this stuff at home. I’m just going to be teaching you guys how
to obtain 100% anonymity on the dark web So we’re gonna be using three programs
in this video. One of them you are gonna need MANDATORY, that is the browser and
it’s called tor. you can download tor… you can use tails however tails it’s like a
operating system that you want to put on a USB, we’re not gonna be dealing with
tails so don’t even worry about that.. don’t stress about it if you don’t know what
it is, we’re gonna be dealing with the tor browser. If you know what the Dark
Web is (or if you’ve been watching my videos or any of my previous videos) I’m
sure you’ve seen tor in the past and I don’t have to give too much of an
explanation of tor the only simple explanation I’m gonna give up it for the
people that have absolutely no idea how it works behind the scenes: we have to
pretend that we’re thinking of the alphabet… I am gonna be “A” and the website I am trying to visit it’s gonna be “Z” or “Zed” (whichever country you live in whatever) but I’m “A” the website I want to visit is “Z” that in a sense tor will take me and
pass me through “B,C,D,E,F,G… all the letters in the alphabet to get to “Z”. That’s a very
simple explanation of how tor works just passing you through a bunch of different
networks until you get to your destination it’s a private browser
that’s the first program that we’re gonna need 100% the next program we need
number two is called a VPN this is mandatory we need to
protect our connection when we go onto the dark web basically the dark web
could be filled with a bunch of malicious stuff a bunch of crazy stuff
that you probably don’t want to bump into on under your own like identity you
know what I mean so the VPN is gonna hide your connection your internet
provider that person you pay every single month for your internet they
basically keep track of all the websites you go on if you’re not using a VPN and
they take your data and they sell it to advertisers this is a well-known thing
some people are not okay with that some people are using tor browser some people
are using VPNs to conceal their connections
they’re their internet service provider can’t spy on what they’re doing also if
you’re doing anything illicit your internet service provider can report it
to the authorities which will get you in absolute trouble there is a bunch of
malicious things that we don’t want our internet service provider to know that
we are visiting even if it’s accidental you know because when you’re on the dark
web you can just navigate to something absolutely like that you didn’t want to
lay your eyes upon you can just for example type in water bottles and you
click on a link about water bottles and it won’t show water bottles they’ll show
something like disturbing you don’t want your internet service provider to see
that you’re visiting these sites because even if it’s accidental or not you could
get in a lot of trouble for clicking these links and visiting these websites
and seeing the contents of these websites so the VPN is absolutely
mandatory question is do you get a paid VPN or a free VPN that is completely on
you up to you I recommend a paid VPN I’m using Nord VPN Nord VPN I’m not
sponsored by them I have no sponsor with no VPN whatsoever but I do use them
because of the reputation they have very safe like even if authorities were to
ask noir VPN for my browsing logs they wouldn’t give it to them because it’s
like they just can’t they just can’t do it and if I’m wrong just please correct
me in the comment section but I don’t think it’s ever happened before
I really trust this VPN service so that’s why I’m using it you want to
really really hide your connection so basically in these steps that so far the
tor browser is to hide your identity second the VPN is to hide your
connection both of these together are very important when you go on the dark
web however there’s a third thing it’s not as mandatory as these two but the
third thing you need is a virtual PC but this third thing over here will give you
100% anonymity on the dark web and that’s what this video is titled I’m
trying to deliver what you guys are asking some people want a hundred
percent anonymity for whatever reason I don’t know what you guys are looking up
and and I’m not condoning you guys to look up anything weird again this is all
strictly for knowledge purposes and knowledge is power I use parallels
desktop parallels desktop you can get it for free or you can get it paid but even
the free version works this video is not sponsored by the way by anything you see
like no company you see no logos are affiliated with crypto NWO and anyway I
just have to mention that I’m just like telling you guys what I use you can use
parallels you can use VirtualBox whatever you want you know what I mean
you can use the free version of any of these
try it out yourself and some people are thinking oh my god setting up a virtual
PC I barely even know how to connect my computer to the Internet if that’s the
case this video is absolutely not for you but downloading a virtual PC on your
computer is just as simple as like getting your laptop getting a program
and just clicking open cooking Windows Next Next Next Next Next Next
it’s so easy the two-year-old can do it that’s all I’m trying to say so I’m
going to show you a demonstration of using 100% unanimity on the dark web so
first up we’re gonna go ahead and like so you can see I’m you I’m using a
MacBook this is a MacBook hey Mac OS look at all those apps on the bottom Mac
right but if I press this over here parallels desktop it’s literally opening
up like look I have Windows 10 I just want to show you guys with that camera
over here just take a look it’s a MacBook and it’s booting up windows look
crypto NW well welcome I’m sure you recognize this if you have a Windows
computer oh my God look windows I even have the start look at that little thing
by the way I’m talking like this right now because I know there’s a lot of tech
illiterate people that watch my videos so kind of explaining it as if anybody
would understand you know what I mean so I’m sorry if you are like the biggest
expert on this and I sound absolutely like the biggest idiot to you but I’m
just trying to explain it to the people that have no idea what’s going on right
now this is a big question that’s asked a lot on my channel too some people are
saying do I use a VPN on my macbook or do I use it on my virtual PC because
right now this is Windows 10 if I move Windows 10 to the side that’s my Mac
look you see this is just a program this is parallels to answer this question
what I do is I just run it on both like just to add even more a layer of
protection so technically I’m using two VPNs
one on the Mac OS and one on the Windows virtual PC for example this over here
this one that you see in front of you I’m gonna click quick connect it’s gonna
take me connecting to Canada BAM now I’m connected to Canada and then this one
over here it still says unconnected what I do is I get quick connect connected to
the United States should be a little bit slower because I’m originally connected
to a VPN all this is gonna do is slow down my computer connection by Allah but
add an extra layer of security so to give you a visual picture so first I
have my connection over here then my connection connected to my Mac OS Nord
VPN which basically gave me anonymous connection immediately then
I opened a virtual PC on that Virtual PC another Nord VPN so now this is where I
started and I basically gave myself all this anonymity after opening up the
browser and to VPN services and then now I am about to open up the anonymous
browser we have two VPNs open and started we hit start tor browser and
then boom now we have the tor browser establishing a connection and we have
officially launched the Tor network so whatever you search up from here on out
is going to be 100% anonymous absolutely anything I don’t encourage you guys to
do anything sketchy because that’s not what this videos about just to give some
people knowledge this is strictly for privacy some people want to just browse
on the internet some people want to just literally go on Facebook on the internet
on the private Internet they just don’t want to get their logs track they don’t
want to get like the track from their Internet service provider and by the way
it’s you’re allowed to do this do this you know what I mean you’re allowed to
conceal yourself you have all rights to privacy online all rights to your
privacy it’s just all the options that we have right now that are like public
are literally data sucking corporate monsters that literally just want every
piece of data about you so this is called deep web browsing we don’t want
to get onto the dark web unless I mean I don’t condone it please stay off the
dark web I’m gonna say that again at the end of the video just to remind you but
now for example I’m about to pull up excavator over here and there you go I
have excavator just have all these search engines on the dark web I’m sure
you’ve heard of some of these like there’s go but if I click excavator it’s
going to open up a new link and take me to should take me to again we have to
VPS running which is going to slow our connection down browsing on the Deep Web
or dark web is going to include a lot of patience this video I’m not doing any
active browsing I just literally want to show you guys a demonstration I’m
actually quite concerned that excavator is not opening right now maybe 2 VPNs is
an overkill but don’t disconnect a VPN never disconnect the VPN while you are
on the deep or dark web you never want to do that because look this took me
literally honestly like 30 to 45 seconds an excavator just pulled up right now
since the connection is so slow and let’s say you want to use one VPN if you
want to use only one VPN use it on the Virtual PC do not use
it on your Mac I mean you could and I’m not really sure about the technical
differences behind this I’m sure if you use a VPN on your
regular Mac then it’s gonna hide your identity on your virtual PC however I
think 2 VPNs would be a lot better for this because I don’t want to spread any
false information and I really don’t know so hey if you made it this far into
the video I just wanted to give you a chance to join a giveaway for $100
Amazon gift card over here if you want this Amazon gift card all you have to do
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you guys so much I’ll see you in the future and remember stay off the dark

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