Online Business English Coach and IELTS Tutor – Kate

Hi! I’m Kate from England in the United Kingdom. I live in a small town in the south-west of England not far from Bristol and very near
Wales. I’m here today to talk about my English tuition which comprises business English
coaching and IELTS tuition. So lets take business English coaching first The advantage of coaching
over teaching is that you design your own course with me as the resource. There’s no
book, no book at all. We analyze what it is you need and want and then we provide it – working together to co-create the course. That way, it is affordable, it is efficient
and if you take a trial, you will experience it in the very first half an hour and then you can make a decision about whether it is right for you. So, I really encourage it.
If you want to improve your business English, take a trial with me and in the trial you
will learn what coaching can be like and see for yourself how good it can be. The
second thing I do is IELTS tuition. I’ve taught thousands upon thousands of IELTS online coaching sessions
to students from all over the globe. Many of my students are now living in Canada or
Australia and they’ve reached the band score they need and they are now living the life
they were aiming for – the life of their dreams… You know when you have a conversation with an
English language speaker they’ll probably never tell you your errors. But, I’m good
at that. I’m good at making a note and telling you after you have finished speaking what
the error is. And I can also analyse your errors and together we can work out a plan
of how to overcome them so you get a band higher in IELTS. So I recommend you take a
trial lesson either for business coaching or for IELTS and together we can make a plan
of how to get you up to the next English level.

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