New ZX Spectrum Next PLUS ! & A tape that doesn’t exist ?!

on the menu today a review with a twist [AUTOMATIC CAPTIONS BY YOUTUBE]
it’s the more advanced spectrum next [AUTOMATIC CAPTIONS BY YOUTUBE]
plus model plus a CPM chess and restoring a tape that doesn’t exist we better get cooking no that’s the Commodore 64 yeah oh hello chip dippers welcome to retro recipes and it’s an exciting day as you can tell from the factory learning exciting for me at least because my ZX Spectrum next is out for delivery now as with everything that we do here I read her recipes this story is grounded in well childhood nostalgia back in 1981 my friend Matty Frederick’s dad Phillip Carr Gomm but you seem in a previous retro Horror Story video well he came home with a sinclair zx81 and i remember him saying that he’d seen it in WH Smith and he saw them type something in and it came up with the price of the popper point pencil without sim popper point pencil and just came up with an error of course they would have had a database loaded in WH Smiths am I really that boring however the ZX Spectrum story continued format effective because whilst I ended up getting a Commodore 6 before his parents bought in the ZX Spectrum and I have such fond memories of going up to his attic at his parents house and playing of all things attic attack and we’d play out the games like flight simulator and we would leave it running for hours as it would fly to another strangely we don’t have me photos of the attic or the spectrum but here is us playing on the Speak and Spell [Music] Do you spell licourice with a U?
Is that really how you speak? Yeah it’s how I speak
and spell hmm so when three years ago they announced the Sinclair ZX Spectrum next on Kickstarter I was straight in there as a backer my back to the plus model which included a real-time clock and Wi-Fi and two years ago when I started this channel we carved out a space and for the next right there under the amstrad pcw monitor and even had that museum plaque engraved ready for it although the date now is slightly inaccurate though while we waited up and thought about what it was that was so charming about the spectrum and its graphics the greatest graphics are in your mind so I don’t think anyone will disagree that the spectrum graphics aren’t quite up to the level of the Commodore 64 however in a way that was its charm because the colors were more basic and even that color flash that it was infamous for your imagination actually had to go further and I think that’s why when we look back at those kind of machines now the nostalgia is more powerful but in today’s video we’re going to travel back in time to Metis fracked ecstatic you know mines at least and get a ticket app loaded up problem is I don’t have a copy of it on tape and I do want to load it from tape because you can do that with the next so we’re gonna have to create the tape as well well know where the package is the readership [Music] even [Music] and it’s pretty incredible you saw those old flashes and flickers I’ve been waiting three years nearly to unbox this I component I hit record we had a power cut now flashing was the tesla powerwall taking over supplying electricity you can’t write this stuff well here it is the moment people will be waiting for I’d be waiting for I cannot contain how excited I am you guys have been saying for well couple of years why do I do more spectrum content this is why I’ve been waiting to get this so like oh my birthday sorry I’ve been a bit quiet let’s do it literally have goosebumps let’s get it out no actually gonna put this on eBay listing these empty next boxes are going for about $700 excite later then if you know about it the reason has Sinclair on here so Sinclair research made the ZX Spectrum the Sinclair was acquired by Amstrad Alan Michael sugar trading and then Amstrad was acquired by Sky Television which merged with British satellite broadcasting and became bskyb bskyb gave the next team permission to use the Sinclair brand as long as they made a donation to charity wait that seems to be bit of a weird syntax the backs on backwards I guess if you do it this way we should really arise ourselves with what’s different about the next it’s running FPGA which of course is not emulation an FPGA is a real chip that recreates the exact same hardware setup off the original z80 CPU but it has turbo modes that’s one of the main advantages just gonna be really interesting for playing 3d games it says here the next is the evolution of the original eight that computer the kickstarter degeneration of patreon computers it’s got a megabyte of RAM which is the maximum the spectrum ever went up to is 128 kilobytes the much enhanced color the other big advantage as HDMI help but you can also load games from sd card as well as tape if you want you can add a Raspberry Pi 0 which will act as an accelerator board it’s compatible with the 1 to 8 the plus two and the plus 3 and we in our plus model we have a Wi-Fi module and a real-time clock this of course is the next let’s let’s unbox the next cutter that is well to initial impressions one it is beautiful those shiny bits are really shiny too heavy thing it’s heavy man or woman and three it is actually smaller than I thought as we all know size does not matter I’ll give you a bit of scale as a standard screwdriver I thought this thing was bigger for some reason now some people said that they had issues all those are really nice though issues with the keys had come fallen off in transit and scratches on the back you know maybe is a little bit of scratching there I don’t think I would have even noticed that if I hadn’t read about it online so that doesn’t worry me I’m gonna give this team a break they’ve been through hell and back I think now one of the things that really attracted me to this was for some reason these color things that such a bold design choice and it’s a really special design isn’t it and of course this was designed by rick dickinson the original zed expection designer who very sadly passed away before this project completed but what a legacy Wow [Music] so it really feels like a almost like a better version of the MacBook keyboard Apple should take a leaf out of Sinclair’s book the SD card they’ve even gone to the trouble of branding the SD card we have to install a zero day update all the enhancements that have come since this left the factory [Music] okay let’s take a quick top so I’ve got two joystick ports hard reset button drive button and it even has an nmi button which stands for non-maskable interrupt and this will allow you to select certain features even while games are running for example we can change the processor speed mid game and then on the back here we have the mouse port the RGB or vga graphics output audio out or headphones ear mic which is for inputting tapes so you can play real tape data straight into this and load games a couple of USB ports which I think are if you put the raspberry pi 0 behind these so that that’s the blanking plate HDMI out digital video debug not sure what that is or yet and this is our expansion port G well okay we’re gonna come back to that and the power input that is it pretty simple pretty straightforward guys I’ve finally got a spectrum [Music] [Music] now I might do another video are we going to next basic and come online and all that but we’re really good just to have fun so I’m gonna go straight to the good stuff first just really quick if you’re wondering why I’m not using video capture unfortunately there’s an issue with the next and certain capture devices like my Elgato which actually stops the audio from working but the next team are working on a fix also I hope you’ll forgive the Commodore logos I didn’t have a Sinclair monitor in stock but we’re all friends now aren’t we in the browser we’ve got some demos [Music] so we’re listening to the 3m ha a why sound chips they’re inside and they’re testing in the FPGA I think that gives us the total of these channels [Music] that is impressive [Music] you present your old Zen expect you’re doing that did no this is cool I have got goose bumps on my goose bumps now I’ll show you really briefly next door don’t standing for a digital audio workstation I have a copy of it here I only sent to me by the author Barry I asked alone because I’ve got my ps2 mouse connected we had now using emails on the spectrum now let’s load up the demos phone go so I’ll probably do a video in the future maybe creating a new song mine on next door [Music] well great job Gary I can look forward to playing with that well this is a lot more fun than I’d even hoped deep-water and what I’m doing is cycling through the different process of speeds yeah that is full speed meant so here’s how it would have been originally here’s how we can do it now in the next it’s a really great graphical illustration of the speed increase our elect I’m guessing is going to be a parallax scrolling demo yes it is Wow imagine doing out on your spectrum not on your Nelly or not on your telly you know the more I play these the more it is clear that this really is what the successor to these that expectrum +3 would have been very cool / have fun with some games in a moment but first let’s see what makes the next tick including that real-time clock although I think will take me drill off hammer mood [Music] Speirs safety there no interesting interesting kind of flux residue left over here little unusual and we have two little ribbon cables connected here I want is for the keyboard one is for the SD card [Music] there is the spectrum next board now let’s take a closer look I think that’s where the speaker’s going to go this is the spartan 6 which is the fpga this is the battery for the real-time clock and I’m guessing that’s the chip for the real-time clock circuit and this comes exclusively with this plus model this is our little Wi-Fi module here and you can see the antenna at that little spiral section it’s literally just copper on the board you only get your white light would last model we’re going to try I’ve been connecting up to a BBS via Wi-Fi just like in the old days except by a wife Lee and here you can connect your Raspberry Pi 0 as an accelerator board ha ha got your little bugger so there is the expansion port just like the original spectrums ready to take your micro drives and other goodies [Music] take a look at night night night tonight [Music] Oh like arkanoid and it’s just the most powerful game about United I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this later so we’ll crack on I’ve heard Warhawk shouldn’t be checked out so check it out loading [Music] don’t like a good uridium or the mechs I could play this all day oh and subject you to that we’ve got this beautiful Wow huge user guide now I know how hard these are to make because I’m building the one for the commander x16 computer but yeah this this is beautiful I don’t know who did the artwork deepest our Doukas well done you yeah that’s sweet a dedication to wake Dickinson I won’t go through the whole user guide but clearly you’re gonna have an hours of fun with this server my how does that connect to the wall they have to send this hell phone back now oh it’s okay delete beautiful let’s trace thanks Ian that’s gonna load just like the original I’ve been loaded in 48k mode by pressing for it’s got a kind of a cool tape loading simulation option there you really want the long loading time and the sound all skipped straight ahead mm music [Music] so right now I’m playing with the basic vs. of speed there’s classic sound effect let’s try speeding it up here and hold down nmi tonight oh boy and it’s gonna be almost impossible to play oh wow okay so you got a taster of how much the mechs can speed up these gangs and this is Dark Star game that I loved because I thought it was like Star Wars turned out to just be learned but this is three point five megahertz standard this is seven is I think 14 28 I’ve been killed well I thought I’d one even got some zx81 software here I wonder if there’s a pop of white pencil database monster maze either and flight simulator should really benefit from the full-time speed increase [Music] Wow yeah that is a lot smoother [Music] and my passengers are happy to [Music] I can do is take a snapshot and we’ll save it as Castlevania CD by reboots machine I can then go to my SNA okay so these are the games that I copied over let’s try Star Wars I want to see is how fast it runs with the new accelerated processor because the sound hasn’t improved so we’re going to speed it up [Music] well that is for my star player [Music] I’m already at the desktop I sell fast this is going back down I can take a vote for a kid that’s like that so they’re faster processor speeds are cool but on games like this they actually making them unplayable however wondering about 3d games [Music] [Laughter] well there’s an animation right that’s let’s speed it up Wow now do you remember the game called driller that was so slow to draw the graphics introducing freeski I’m moving around but it is very slow [Music] let’s try [Music] paid enough wha-ho and we’re talking that is and it’s so cool f-secure reminding myself I’ve got a spectrum now it’s reduced thought latitude probably my favorite game of all time oh yeah [Music] we aren’t 70 heads made right now let’s try and fall team twenty-eight she makes it thank thank you so anxious I can’t speak [Music] now one of the trick that the next has is CPM support a CPM is the operating system that came with the amstrad pcw and with the Amstrad CPC and because this is essentially an Amstrad machine it included CPM compatibility because of copyright reasons they can’t include the CPM software with the next but they do give you a very easy way to install it what we do go down two more and then CPM mummy into that it’ll give us instructions where to get the files we Smoove them on to the SD card [Music] then next time we run CPM as you can see it’s installing copying all the files then we can go back into CPM and it’s booted us to the CPM prompt in turn on scan lines [Music] sir let’s look at the directory there’s a lot usually PM prompts and we can then go to websites like retro and download any CPM software we’ve been doing a lot of chess stuff here on the channel recently so let’s try Sargon chess or CPM however once we’ve copied the files they’re gonna be on the next C Drive so CPM is to drive a won’t be able to see them so we can go to the browser and actually copy them across from the next part of the SD card to the CPM part so we just hit copy on the file copy changed to the a drive by pressing deeds change tribes and then we’re gonna hit peds paste a still yes now copying Sargon into our drive a yep and there it is and then once the copied you just go back into CPM now if we list the directory we should see them we have a thesis are gone so let’s try now you came printer not today level of play be interesting what without a recent chest videos so there you go chess on a CPM as you can see it’s a little more basic than we might be used to and this will run natively on the other side pc w just as it will now run on the spectrum next that is Horsham only about porn b2 to b4 there he goes now CPM is thinking [Music] well I’ve finished the whole years ago damn it still hasn’t finished it smoothly on chess so unfortunately I’m gonna reboot although I’m sure this right it would have got checkmate on its first move but it’s not just CPM another very cool feature something called personalities and selecting any of these modes makes the next work as compatibly as possible with each of these different machines that way if you have hardware or software that may not work with the next natively you can drop it back down into the equivalent legacy mode and Bob should be your uncle but next I want to show you how to use Wi-Fi on this plus model of the next go into demos ESP and there’s a basic program for Wi-Fi we got no time run run I don’t know if it’s just me or if it is the keyboard I do find something a little unfamiliar about the layout of the keys maybe I just need to get used to it like to find that I keep hitting the wrong key now looking at all the local SS IDs so we can list those networks by hitting 5 [Music] perhaps not surprisingly mine is the best one so we’re gonna type in a code base type in my password please another choice what is my password and it should now be connects we should see the IP address appear at the top of this little basic program beautiful alright we haven’t liked the address this find to st. let let I expect him that’s cool so now if we quit out of that and go back to our browser and then in the demos older it got Nextel now if you’re familiar with teletext in the UK now hold bulletin boards BBS’s Nexus L is kind of not like that so gonna try and connect through Wi-Fi from a spectrum through the Internet I think it’s cost everyone number one connect also got a list of service we’ll go to the first one Wendy online as that it simple to continue so these have page numbers so for example atlases page 100 let’s go to the handless [Music] warning may contain puns and bad jokes the forsen alright so not everything is ready yet but there will be an adventure writing system at this page so we can download some spectrum software there’s the file name I hit enter so this is the data coming in they’re super send it’s gonna be as quick as Sargon chess and then here it is try it out terror incognita wow this is using a higher resolution look at it so they get it downloaded and ran and came through Wi-Fi on a spectrum [Music] so the plus model also has a real-time clock which is going to give you this correct date and time when you save files save games so if we enter the command line but I don’t just want to set the time by typing in the time we’ve got Wi-Fi MS I’ve said it using an online clock service so in the command line of we type dot n x TP there you go a text eps that they time from the internet okay so we type in the command dot NXT P and then the server in this case I’m going to use time dot NXT email torque and then you need to add the port which is I think 12300 it enter I received setting date and time we can then just ask basic or the timers that’s now saved in the next using that backup battery even when we down a dim just have to remember to remove the battery if we put this into storage which i will do never and those docked commands anything getting dot that’s another new feature of the nets and they’ve got a ton of these they’re really cool kind of shortcuts to commands like time there it is how to set this lock using the internet [Music] hey babe do you want to play your attic attack don’t have at it no gonna play on the ZX spectrum next next what do you want to play first no do you want to play on the spectrum now there’s spectrum now is that new so the next question is how we can a load panic attack from tape when we don’t have a copy of the tape even well this is my trusty boots er 375 2 player and this is what I used back in the days of my Commodore 64 Mike would record for saving games and orcs would output or playing games maybe it was here either way we should be able to use this for the spectrum next what I think I’m gonna do yes I heard about in there for the spectrum games then I’ll actually let you play the sound of the tape from your Android or I guess iPhone and this one’s called plays edex what other apps are available so let’s try it out [Music] there is comes straight up it’s what I’m thinking as if I can connect this USBC connection into here and use an old tape that I found should be able to record the sound onto tape now cuz it’s USB see we’re gonna need to use this this is the headphone adapter and then just a standard 3.5 millimeter jack the other end going into the mic which is the input I’m gonna just leave this on default settings I’ve no idea how this is gonna work but I’ll try it out I’m just gonna wait for the tape to spool there it is I guess we just hit play and this is a four minute 37 second process let’s check it out make sure it’s working [Music] Oh what does wholeness is just a pit I supposed suppose now would be a good time while this is recording to talk about PCB ye cause the ZX spectrum next itself started out as a hobbyist board made by TB blue as you can see fashioned here on the box if you want to kick-start your own project I recommend PCB white because as we all know these TB stands for personal computer box doesn’t it [Music] I still got some in there this is my genuine original WH Smiths because that Dec care kit and I had this for my Commodore 64 tape player it’s like cleaning fluid after 38 years still there smell that schalke help I wonder it hasn’t gone anywhere content 30 milliliters of a little liquid go try it out am I taking that out just taken it however playing it back out of here isn’t as simple as you might think it isn’t a normal connection is this is actually a mono output leading to what looks like a stereo input on the ZX spectrum next however it follows the ZX spectrum three-plus format which means this isn’t stereo like left or right one of the poles is mic the other pole is hooked in other words one of the poles is in one is it out so we need a way to get mono out coming out of the orcs going into just for one of the poles here but connect that stereo jack which has on the end of it these one is left on is right when then take a list which I found so what I should be able to do like this in the next and just mix and match until I find the connection that works so for example could be coming out at the red on here but it might need to go into this one on here there we go let’s try that out [Music] so white and blue let’s try it again [Music] from the beginning [Music] Wow hi I’m speechless I honestly didn’t think that was gonna work [Music] amazing blimey [Music] and some color and I’m not really creating a pirate copy there anyone from ultimate play the game is watching let me know the address my sandwich er the zeros and ones flying past really is four minutes isn’t [Music] there it is dark some food nice – love the way the roast chicken would have the doors open lollipop smell great here we go [Applause] [Music] there’s a good thing right well no in the attic anymore game over and I played for as long as it took the load Wow but did you know there is now in development a new version a remake of attic attack it’s gonna come out on the PC first and then on the spectrum lens and they did release a little demo of it let’s take a look at that there we go that’s my deep dive into these headaches spectrum next looking all the tricks you can do with the Plus version and what do I think of it Oh wasn’t it obvious seriously retro recipes gives the next deserving four and a half chips out of 5 yeah as a couple of case finish issues and maybe the keyboard layout is slightly off maybe it’s just me but in every other possible way the Sinclair ZX Spectrum next is pure magic [Music] but all that stuff is fine for me I’m back in the Attic playing attic attack and everything’s good with the world again thanks for watching subscribe to life Metiria see you in the Attic [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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  39. Oh wow… 7:00 — that is an absolutely gorgeous machine. I grew up with the ZX81 (and the Timex Sinclair 1000, and then the Timex Sinclair 2068, which was sort of an upgraded Spectrum for the US). Beautiful. πŸ‘

  40. That was a thoroughly enjoyable video – thanks again, Chris! πŸ™‚

    Edit: Good to see the Next's RTC uses the proper date format! 😁

  41. Nice video! One thing I noticed though: your screen flickers. Is that due to the Spectrum or is an artifact of filming the screen?

  42. I hope this informs your guys' thinking for the commander x16! I guess the price difference precludes the ability to get such a sexy case but THAT MANUAL! please please do something like that! that binding, the number of pages. that's just pure gold.

  43. Our first family computer was a ZX81 (bought in kit by an uncle, who gifted it to us), circa 1982.
    At first, I'm not sure we had the 16Kb cartridge. We got a tape player/recorder, that's for sure.
    We loved this little marvelous box, despite having to deal with poor video signal (antenna, iirc) here (secam ruled tv sets by that time), it was only B&W, didn't play sound (we never bought a sound extension), but god we loved that computer !
    I remember that we had attached a "raised keyboard" over the sensitive one.
    First steps in BASIC.

    Our next computers were Amstrad CPC464 (with color monitors).
    Some school friends had been commodore all along (Vic20, then C64), other went for stranger things (Phillips VG5000, MSX, Thomson TO7…) the main point remains that we were having fun during many hours, one day at my parents house, the next at somebody else's.

    Then came the Amiga, and it was an earthquake, we saw demos at various "salons" (not sure how well that translate ! Computers related shows), the boing ball, the juggler…
    And it changed everything !
    From being a moderate 8bit computer user, I went full on amiga nerd (despite the word wasn't known yet, in France at least by that time !).
    The versatility of this machine was (and remained years after it died, possibly even remaining now) just fabulous.
    I still miss DeluxePaint IV, the many 3D softwares I tried, ProTracker (and most other soundtrackers), and some games too, obviously πŸ™‚

    I owned an A500 (which was stolen), then an A2000 (later with a 68030/882 accelerator board), an A1000 (I swapped the A2000 for the A1000 with its 256Kb RAM extension, having sold the 68030/882), and finally an A4030.
    I still have one A500 (gifted 3 or 4 years ago by a close friend), the A1000 & A4030 (in a giant PC tower, I still have the original case, btw).

    I dreamt about Newtek adapting the VideoToaster to non NTSC standards (at least PAL, if not SECAM), still got their reply letter to my question about this.
    I helped quite vastly the Amiga to obliterate the ST in my college πŸ™‚
    One hour at my place, just letting the demoscene do its magic was more than enough (to be fair, my Amiga was hooked to a quite decent Sony stereo amp & speakers !) :-p

    Glorious era, I feel very lucky to be 10 years old in 1981, hence growing along these computers.

    Thanks for your channel / videos.

  44. I came across this by accident but i'm so glad i did.

    Firstly, i never realised that there was a Spectrum monitor which was interesting news for me.

    I still have my ZX Spectrum 128 k +2A from when i was young and all of the games.
    I just could never get rid of it, no matter how much technology changed over the years.

    This looks fantastic and has made me want one of these too now, lol!
    Even with the limitations the Spectrum had, there were people doing some great stuff with it.

    I used to love the tapes you'd get on magazines that would have demo's, some even full games.
    The sound ones at the time used to amaze me as there were some using digitized sound, not much heard of then.

    Great video, that's for kicking in some old memories!

  45. Loving the nostalgic faces you keep pulling πŸ™‚ Things like this are way better than the other Mini system. This almost has a Raspberry PI feel about it. That will encourage people who have never even owned a spectrum or even heard of a spectrum buy one of these. The features and openness of the hardware allows this to be expanded further.

    What a wonderful thing. πŸ™‚

  46. Funny here in the UK I just bought a ZX Spectrum Next PLUS on Saturday (two days ago) and it arriving tomorrow – don't know what all this 3 year waiting thing is all about – 3 days for me lol. Oh bought a proper on/off switch add on too for it no more pulling out/ plugging in cable

  47. What a neat machine and a cool project! The closest I ever had to one of these in the states was the Timex Sinclair, actually my first-ever computer. Then I got a CoCo2 for my fifth birthday. I never did much with the Sinclair and really cut my teeth on the CoCo2. A machine like this offers a good chance for those of us who were in the US to get to experience something on which most of us missed out!

  48. The Swedish Television used a ZX Spectrum as the brain to a computer-controlled animation rig back in the days.

  49. So much retro goodness it's almost too much for one man to bear.. Such vivid, character building (!) memories from growing up playing a ZX81, 48k and finally my beloved 128k +2. I had a huge grin on my face when I saw your classic Boots cassette player – what a beauty! Look at those textured may very well be the coolest thing ever and wouldn't look out of place in the design museum. Do you remember (you must do) John Menzies newsagents back in the day in the UK? It was either Boots or Menzies for Speccy stuff..oh and Dixons was around then too? I actually ended up in an art based career based off (in some ways) first using an art package with a mouse on my +2. I think it was called OCP Art Studio.. I'm fully in debt to the humble the ZX Spectrum.

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