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Wrestling is the
oldest sport in the world. It’s also the purest sport.
Just one on one. You and your opponent in a test
to see who has the most
ability and heart. That’s what inspired me
to start gambling on
girls’ high school wrestling. It was the girls’
Texas state wrestling championship, and I put everything I had
on this one girl,
Chelsea from Morgan Ranch. I just knew she could take
the whole thing, because I’d been
scouting her for years. Which is no easy feat. Do you know how awkward it is
to show up at a high school gym and have people ask you
which one is your kid? But the dirty looks and uncomfortable conversations were all worth it. I was sitting front row in the bleachers just like a champ, ready to win big. Enough money to pay back
my bookie Carlo, plus enough scratch left over
to finally get one of them flat screen TVs and a
sweet-ass Blu-Ray player. Finally, I’d be able to invite my girl
and her kid to watch TV at my apartment without them complaining
that the image was all squished. Then, all of a sudden, I notice this dude wandering around in wrestling gear. I’m like, what’s that guy doing here? The lady next to me says,
“Oh, that’s Mack, he’s trans.” And I’m like, lady, I don’t care
what school he transferred from. Boys cannot wrestle girls. It says so in the
Texas state athletic guide. Which, by the way, is incredibly hard to get ahold of
when you have no internet access. Then the lady says, “No, Mack was born a girl,
but is transitioning to a boy
with testosterone treatments.” Whoa whoa whoa. So you’re telling me that
they’re sending this kid to wrestle high school girls
all hopped up on gonad juice? Isn’t that a
performance-enhancing drug? ‘Cause when I was in high school,
I got kicked off the bowling team
for snorting benzo. This does not seem fair. And I was right, because the moment
the ref blows the first whistle, this dude starts ripping
through girls like he’s
Patrick Swayze in Road House. One after another. He’s plowing right through
to the finals. I ain’t never seen no girl
with this type of strength, and I used to bet
on the Special Olympics. I can’t have this. He’s going to steal away
this tournament and my chance to finally watch
Nic Cage in National Treasure the way it was meant
to be seen: widescreen. So before we get to the final match,
I go to my girl Chelsea, and I says to her, “Hey Chelsea,
I got twelve grand riding on you, and you can’t beat this guy
without juicing too. Let me inject you with
this horse amphetamine.” But she’s all like, “Who are you?
How’d you get into the
girls’ locker room?” Women and their questions,
am I right? “Hey Chelsea,
you want to win or not?” And she’s like, “I’m not letting
some strange man inject me
with horse amphetamines.” Well then go smoke testosterone
or whatever that chick did
to become a dude! And then she’s like,
“I don’t want to be a dude!” “Well goddammit Chelsea! The only way to be a top women’s
athlete these days is by being a man!” Then she grabs me,
hip tosses me onto the floor,
chipping one of my vertebrae. The pain is unbearable. But I’m thinking,
she’s a lot stronger than I thought! She just might be able to
pull this thing off! So I crawl back to my seat. The match starts, the whistle blows,
and within five seconds, that dude snatches away
the state championship. Chelsea never stood a chance. Look, I’m not a smart man. I’m not going to pretend to understand our changing definitions of gender. But I do know that we as a nation
have lost something important. We’ve lost the innocent joy of betting
on girls’ high school wrestling. Also, I lost two toes when
Carlo came to collect. Big toe and the pinky.
My bookends. Gone. My back’s still shot, and yeah,
it looks like I’m not getting
that TV upgrade. Nah, I guess ol’ Harry’s
just a standard definition guy
in a high definition world. And there ain’t no amount
of benzo or horse meth
that’ll change that. Trust me.
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100 thoughts on “Never bet against trans athletes | We The Internet TV

  1. Trans freaks should not be able to compete if you were born with a tiny dick and couldn't hack against your own sex then you sure as shit shouldn't be able to compete against girls/women.

  2. #1:47,,, The dude wrestling the young lady has Popeye arms and legs while the young lady looks like Twiggy. Keep the little boys out of girls sports/locker room.

  3. A part of me thinks saying someone can participate in another sexs league by taking drugs is like saying someone can take part in the special Olympics if they're drunk enough.

  4. I hate what's happened to the world. I can't believe that notwithstanding the madness of 2 world wars, the 20th century was still much saner than the fiasco that the 21st has become.

  5. They should just make another sports league for trans people. One for boys, one for girls, one for trans people. They can do the same for bathrooms if necessary.

  6. He just speaks so casually about losing toes…
    if it were real, I'd suggest you get a gun and get revenge, bloody hell…

  7. There is no girls wrestling in Arizona.
    It's a unisex sport here.
    We had a girl on our team, The coach's daughter. One mean bitch.

  8. Here's an answer to the "trans-athlete" issue…like there are different weight classes and distinct gender classes…make an official "trans-gender athlete" class that would group those switching from one gender to the another into one class, regardless of where in the progression they are at…this way everyone is on equal footing and all the world can rejoice because everyone gets a participation trophy…

  9. Everyone knows girls can't beat boys at anything. Proof: 15/under boys soccer team beats girls pro team 6-2. NEVER BET ON A GIRL FOR ANYTHING!!!

  10. This is hands down a high quality comedy skit anyone of any political affiliation should be able to enjoy.

    The delivery, the timing, the self-depreciation. It's all there. Only the most easily booty-tickled could find fault with this.

  11. Left have all these factions that are out to destroy one another. Feminazis against the alphabet people. Alphabet people against Feminzais and Muslims. Muslims against alphabet people and feminazis. All three out to destroy America.

  12. What about that trans powerlifter who won….literally a dude beating the women. What gets me is why the women are bothering to compete, if all the women athletes said we aren't playing then the committees would have to do something.

  13. Roadhouse! spin kicks

    I just found this channel and I love it! My 21yo son does too. We've been cracking up all morning. You're criminally undersubbed, so I'll be sharing your channel with family & friends. This seems so much more relevant after Heather Swanson's transition, btw. 🤣

  14. Bro he wasnt a woman transitioning to be a man he is a man transitioning to be a woman because he would be wresting men not woman if he was becoming a man hes already a man you moron and its wrong because womans sports will suffer

  15. Didn't anyone noticed that he said mac was a woman transitioning to be a man cuz mac was a man transitioning to be a woman he's got it backwards but backward simpleton people do that

  16. I wrestled in high school, and I saw this girl in my weight class go up against 3 people and just fucking mop the floor with them. Of course I wasn't an exception, but damn.

  17. wait wait wait, so this chick who became a dude is still going against other chicks where dudes who chop off their dicks ALSO go against chicks? make this thing go wrestle guys and see how 'he' does. my money is on the other GUY!

    or better yet force ALL of these things go into men's sports and see how well they fair, 'there's no fundamental biological difference between men and women' RIGHT?!

  18. Many males now seem no shame at all…beating the snot out of women half their size!! Autism…is the inability to understand social cues…and it seems many of these guys may actually have a form of chemical-autism!! As most males (even boys) feel that its wrong for men to beat the snot out of girls…but these boys seem to have no social cues of the sort.

  19. I love how none of the trans activists are pointing out that there are no trans men dominating male Sports. It's almost like biological males are stronger than biological females and females on steroids are stronger than females not on steroids.

  20. "The only way to be a top women's athlete is to be a man."

    I'm laughing out the outside, but legit crying on the inside.

  21. We might be laughing now, but it's sad what's happening to female sports. They've made so much progresseonly to be set back yet again.

  22. The issue with trans in sports has people who are born men are competing as thus have a denser muscle and bone mass of men. I am not sure if they allow female transitioning to a male, I think they would have them compete against men.

  23. No. Having a predetermined physical advantage in a sport doesnt mean people should be barred from a sport. If that was true I wouldn't be allowed to fence for being left handed

  24. I got a friend who coaches girls basketball. His team sucks and finishes last every year. I told him to find 3 or 4 guys that think they are girls, and championship is guaranteed.

  25. Well, if they were trans female to male I would bet against them. But that will never happen because they still don't have the balls to compete against men

  26. Very good. Can you do one one actual dudes in women’s sporting comps? Hannah mouncey, Rachel McKinnon or whatever, Laurel Hubbard, terry miller, andreya yearwood…. plenty to choose from

  27. I don't get it, is it intended to mock trans-acceptance in sports or not? Like, the guy is shady af but he's more reasonable on that acc than some extreme sjws.

  28. This is what Obama did to our country. Libtards.

    I dont hate the people, i hate the stupid idea that a man can fight a woman, and claim to be a woman. Its nonsense

  29. Why would anyone want to win so badly too cheat so openly. Women stand up for yourselves, if you aren't xx then xy is not close enough to join the females.

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