100 thoughts on “Netflix Does Not Understand the Internet

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  2. Its hard to explain but even when Netflix co produced shows are a lot of distribution paperwork. Basically is mainstream distribution laws they still apply for a lot of regions. We all agree those laws need a adjust.

  3. Video is aging good, because of travelling between different countries, I know that Netflix also does this with seasons. Look at RuPaul's DragRace, which is not complete in Germany and starts around season 6, while Czechia it is complete available. Just one example and at least for Germany, the hybrid version of "weekly presenting" and "binge-watching-presenting" is happen there.

  4. I think in Latin America the situation is similar to Japan. Unless the chapters have recently been added, Terrace House is available here in Argentina.

  5. As I cannot say much on this topic I would like to say I have taken your advice and started watching terrace house, while searching for it on netflix i came across "The Great British Baking Show" which (as of right now) is the only show on Netflix in the US that I have seen that is updated weekly. This may not be helpful but I felt it would be nice to point out this circumstance

  6. I wanted to watch my little witch academia again season one coz, I LIGIT can not remember a THING, and I wanna watch all the other seasons but I feel like know that I’ve watched this video I feel like it’s a little to late noh….?

  7. 20 minutes of a guy whining that he can't watch his precious TV show all in one sitting right now but has to wait a little instead. Next time I have to give an example for the concept of entitlement I'll be telling this story.

  8. Just because you want something, doesn't mean you're entitled to have it. pure and simple. I really do understand that piracy is usually a service problem. That doesn't mean, however, that just because a service is bad or even just slow, as in this case, that you can pirate it. Also, if the reason that you're free-booting something is "I might see spoilers on my anime forum" you're not making a very reasonable point either.

    Nick, just imagine everyone here just went to watch your videos a little earlier on a Chinese streaming site. They all still pinky-swear, of course, to rewatch the video on YT once it's up there too. But, first of all, they don't. Second, that doesn't even matter. The people who pirated and uploaded the content to another site still will have profited from stolen content and without permission.

  9. I have a similar issue with Sword Art Online. When I started watching the show about three months ago, only the first two seasons were on Netflix, but the third (Alicization part 1) wasn't because the official German dub (I live in Germany and use German Netflix) didn't entirely stream yet (like 1 year after first Japanese release for real wtf) and Netflix apparently never releases the season even if the sub already has completely aired. I wouldn't even care if it was only English sub, anyways. I ended up watching it pirated, although I will certainly go back to the show on Netflix because while it is my intent to pay Aniplex, their team and ultimately Kawahara himself for the great work they have done for the entire franchise (one of the reasons I will go to the store first thing tomorrow and get all the SAO mangas they have), for several reasons I do not have the ability to subscribe to Crunchyroll which has the American sub/dub license. And the same issue arises again with the new season (Alicization: War of Underworld) CURRENTLY airing, on Crunchyroll subbed, and Netflix doesn't give a damn even though SAO is one of the most promoted Animes on the site in general (as it is extremely popular). Again, every Western viewer will get spoiled the day the episode releases (ofc I am deep into the fandom so there's no way of getting around it) and due to weekly releases of 24 episodes, this will continue for almost another half a year. I have personally made the decision. I will watch the pirated version ONCE and only once so that I am on track and get the unspoiled experience that other people have (e.g. when they have the opportunity to watch it on television), then rewatch the seasons that are on Netflix, which eventually will include Alicization 1 and 2, and also support those guys by buying the mangas and light novels.

  10. This pisses me off because one of my favorite shows on Netflix is on season THIRTEEN in Canada and they released that over six months ago and Netflix still hasn’t released season ELEVEN 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. On one hand, I do enjoy binging shows. I get distracted week to week and my list of things I need to watch piles up. The other? I hate that fans have to wait a billion years for content to be added for their region, that's really unfair, especially to people who want to support the official releases. Not to mention subscriptions spreading out the way cable did, thus losing customers to piracy. Why pay for 30 different services when you only want to watch a few things from each, after all?

  12. Anyone else think every time he saids “Terrace House” it sounds like he’s saying “Terrorist House” or is it just me?

  13. Y'all on mobile (Android), download your Netflix app and install the UFO vpn hack and connect to Netflix JP. There you go, you can watch anime on Netflix weekly

  14. I am in the UK and terrace house seems to all be on there, never heard of the show before but i think I'll give it a watch

  15. I have a Nerflix subscription, but even if I didn't – I have no qualms about pirating anime.

    It's not that I don't want to support the studios making it, but the way it is distributed in the west is just atrocious. You have Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu and Netflix. (Not sure about Amazon)
    Funimation and Hulu are not even available in my country. Crunchyroll also restricts a lot of its content to the US. (So does Netflix for what it's worth)
    So, half the anime will be made available on services I cannot get access to. A good portion of the rest will still be unavailable in my country. And then I need to pay for multiple services to get a chance at those.
    And then, if it gets released on Netflix, you have to wait till the show is finished.

    In contrast, I can go to a single illegal streaming site, get any anime I want, with episodes available a couple hours after they aired in Japan and don't even need to pay. There is just no competition.

    I don't mind paying. I mind all the other BS.

  16. i have an theory about it
    Basically i think that if people can spend my time (at least a week, or at least a day) on Netflix, watching something, instead of spend an hour a day and then move on to other thing on web
    The more hours people use the service, more they can show to shareholders how much people are using thier service an lot therafore they can get more investiment

  17. Maybe you're giving your 10bucks to Netflix already, but the numbers for the serie will be bad if you don't watch it on the platform, giving Netflix a bad signal about the popularity of the serie. And they'll put your money in a completely different show..

  18. I've watched two of this guys videos so far. I had moderate to no interest in either video…at the start. There is somethign about the way he speaks that makes you want to listen. I even listened though nordvpn ad.

  19. Don't call it pirating. You pre-ordered the anime, and like some games, you got "early access" your already paying for it. Your just getting it early because netflix was being an ass.

  20. Personally as someone who can not afford any legit services to watch anime I have always watched anime on whatever streaming services I can find and even beyond that I feel like if someone wants to enjoy a product that they can't access "legit" I would say that they should gain access to it in any way they see fit as long as it doesn't physically harm themselves or others. Ultimately if that product is good people will spread the word and in one way or another money will reach the original creators.

  21. Good god just pirate already. Am I the only shameless pirate? For more than a decade I haven't bought a single movie, CD, game, tv series or piece of software.


  22. If a major company is holding back content from us, then give them NOTHING. Instead, leave them and go pirate some animes. You'll be feeding them shit by having to do nothing with and for them.

  23. Well I watched Violet Evergarden on a website (until FINALLY it was released, such an amazing show!)
    I don't feel bad, if Netflix doesn't release it. SCREW 'EM. I'll take my money somewhere else.
    I'm one person, they are a corporation, why pay for something that I can't use.
    There is so many subscriptions services out there, don't wanna release a show because reasons, well I won't give them my money because reasons.

  24. You're complaining for something that has been happening for decades with US shows out of USA, even when they almost have a monopoly, because it is way bigger than anime or regional shows. I'm not telling you can't, but from my perspective it looks pretty funny, even tho I agree with many of your points

  25. I got to 4:54 and started internally screaming, "GET TO THE FUCKING POOOIIIIINT!" Not gonna watch the rest, don't make your intros this long.

  26. It's a bit funny to watch the video about bad Netflix and hear the thoughts about piracy that are like "is it bad if i pay for Netflix (that doesn't give me the level of service that i need), i will resort to piracy in order to watch my favourite show in the time it comes out" when you liteterally don't have such services like Neflix in your country and in order to watch their shows you just need to pirate (and i don't say that it's bad🌚).
    Like some people says in my country, you need to vote in rubles – to force those corporations to change something in a better way, and in that moment the piracy comes out on the stage.

  27. Nick, I usually love the way you organize your videos, but this one felt a little sloppy at the end. You went way off-topic and switched the focus from Netflix America being scummy to Terrace House, which is fine, but you almost lost the main message of the video. Imo you should have wrapped up with a reminder of Netflix's practices and how you shouldn't have to use a VPN to access region-locked content in the first place.

  28. The pirating thing with Little Witch Academia is hilarious to me, since it is legal to pirate video here in Hungary.

  29. I mean, you might complain about getting ur series and stuff from netflix a bit latr than japan, but in some other countries it can take a year or longer to get some new episodes while theyre out in the us.

  30. A good point of Netflix holding their anime is the fact that they get dubbed. French dub of anime are extremely rare. If it isn't one punch man or death note popular they won't get dubbed. I enjoy both dub and sub anime. If Netflix simulcasted their anime I don't think they would put the effort to dub it. Just like amazon prime is doing.

  31. Its funny, i used to buy physical copies of anime when i could afford it and when i couldn't or the show just released i would get fan-subs and eventually buy it. With net streaming sites like like crunchy roll emerging i halted pirating and could afford to watch the shows i wanted. however, with more companies jumping onboard the rising popularity anime and getting exclusive streaming rights, people are forced to pay multiple subscriptions which is expensive (especially when you have a VPN and pay for overseas subscriptions) so it's no wonder i hear people returning to pirating.

    But I'm a believer in "If you pirate it and like it support by buying it".

  32. usually, the most ethic way pirating something is when you don't have the money to buy something, you become a pirate like in lazytown and just take the stuff and pay for it later if you liked it or not, or if something virtual isn't available in any legal way possible on internet or else and that you know that ethically you're not stealing anything, you pirate it, most of the time i hear about it it's like this (and the time i didn't really had any money i did this, you can boo me even if this concerns real old games only available by re-sellers in some in some foreign country), i'm clearly not saying that everyone does this, i'm not that gullible, i'm saying that for me it's the more ethic way of doing it

  33. You might want to let people know that Netflix as of November has been detecting VPN users and rerouting them to the US servers. My NordVPN (that I purchased through your code) unfortunately does not work anymore, and NordVPN will follow their TOS and deny refunds from users who have used their service for more than 30 days.

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