#naturallyDR: Surf Dominicana | Go Dominican Republic

It feels very free to go out in the ocean that is calm, that has clear water. There a great reward of it by just feeling this energy I came here in 1990 I was 20 years old, I already had worked for three years in a big sports department store in Germany and I was just ready to go a little bit more in the adventure of life. and arriving in the Dominican Republic really beat everything I had seen until then what was one of the finest thing I could probably do here is witnessing the progress not just of myself but of many people around me There’s a lot of beautiful stories and moments to share. My parents moved here to the Dominican Republic when I was five years old and I would say Marcus was like the big brother/uncle from day one he was trying to push us to do surfing, to do wind surfing, to do any kind of water sports and he dedicated his whole life to the north coast of the DR and I think it’s thanks to him that this whole place is flourishing In 1997, we installed the first kite board operation in the Dominican Republic What you see here is called the Cabarete Kids Team where we supported six local kids to go to school and they received wind surfing equipment that was custom made for them I was a wind surfer so I see Marcus all the time just going very fast and by the time I learn it we became good friends Thanks to him we are all having a great time here in Cabarete because he introduced us into the sport. Cabarete is one of the few places in the world where you can surf, wind surf, kite surf and stand up paddle board in one day. The consistency of the conditions with waves and wind and the warm water temperature with sunshine all year It really makes the places unbelievable for professional athletes and for everybody to learn I call it a tropical playground. That’s living in the DR.

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