Myths of Online Learning

(inspiring music) [Narrator] Learning
online is a good option for many reasons, but not
all courses and schools offer the same kind of
learning experiences. We’re gonna describe what you can find at Ontario colleges and universities and also address some
of the misconceptions about online learning that
have developed over the years. The reality is likely different
than your expectations. Online courses are just as
strong as face-to-face classes. We spend so much time
designing the content and engaging activities for you to really apply what you’ve learned. So, the biggest difference is just the medium of where you learn. There’s a lot of flexibility
with online learning. It allows you to learn
on your own schedule. So, if you are working full time, you can do your coursework
on evenings and weekends. Participation is better online. Now, why would that be? It’s partly because,
for many undergraduates, just showing up in the
class is enough for them, they feel that that’s participation. But they show up without having
done any of the readings. You’ve got to do the
reading, end of story. And as soon as people
engage and do the reading, they learn, and it’s fantastic. – Instructors are really
committed to communication and realize that building a community is a very important
part of teaching online and creating those opportunities for you, as students, to feel connected, to feel part of something important, and to be connected
with us, as instructors, and to be connected with
each other, as well.

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