MIT Machine Learning online program | Course Trailer

I think the study of machine learning is
relevant to anyone who wants to understand one of the most important
technologies changing our world today. There’s some things that computers have
for many years done far better than people, like solving arithmetic problems
and remembering large amounts of facts. At the same time, they’re also things that
people do much better than computers, like using their interpersonal skills or solving problems that have never come up before. So, the benefit of combining people and
computers is that you can in a sense get the best of both worlds. The machines do the things they do better
than people, people do the things they do better than computers and together, they
can do things that were never possible before. I hope participants will walk away from
this course with a solid understanding of how machine learning can actually
be used in a real business. We want to give you solid intuitions for
what’s actually going on beneath the hood of these new technologies so that you
can understand at a deeper level what the system is doing and how you
can take advantage of it. I hope you’ll join us for this six-week
online course from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Computer
Science and AI Laboratory.

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