Miraculous Church + the best place to SURF

usually we would leave the house before
6:00 a.m. but today we left past 10:00 a.m. then we stopped by McDonald’s to buy
some food so we can have something to eat while on the road San juanico bridge stretches from Samar to
leyte. It is constructed during the Marcos administration and has a total
length of 2.16 kilometres. The longest bridge spanning a body of
seawater in the Philippines the miraculous Sulangan Church is also
known as the shrine of st. Anthony of Padua. It is located in an island brgy called Sulangan, which is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Many people would visit
this church to ask the patron saint any personal intentions even the most
impossible wishes. Most of them are students who are going to take the board
exams and sick people. The church miraculously survived the super typhoon
Yolanda, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded which happened on
November 2013 with only little damage. There are daily flights from Manila to
Tacloban that takes at least an hour. After arriving at the airport, go to Tacloban bus terminal or a terminal for grand tours or duptours, the travel takes
three to four hours from Tacloban city to Sulangan. The beach is a beautiful
long stretch of white sand and the water is so clean and clear and very ideal for
swimming. There is a place just near the beach where you can have surf lessons. Saying that this beach is the best place to surf might be an overstatement but
still the place is just like a paradise

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