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  1. Nothing really new, no revolution, no dream. And when released in august 2020… it will be outdated, obsolete. RIP

  2. I laughed when I saw the duo LOL. I mean look how you have to hold it constantly, it's like he was holding a baby. This is literally two screen attached by a hinge, 👏🏻 wow Microsoft you made a book! I don't like the Galaxy Fold at all but at least it's innovative this isn't.

  3. MS is the new Apple and Panos has the same passion (if not more) as Jobs. Excellent job Microsoft. This is what happens when Design drives the company, not marketting.

  4. Where is Apple!!!
    Sammy and MS are killing on hardware
    Google on services
    Amazon on smart home ubiquity
    I guess apple on prices

  5. Microsoft hardware was often very solid. Intelli Explorer 3.0 Mouse? Was the most robust i've ever had. It survived so many years and a lot of spilled coffees while Logitech cables tend to break after a few months and Razor…well, don't even want to mention them anymore. It's a shame that they discontinued it, then came back, discontinued, came back. Such a bad marketing for such a great product. Joysticks and other gaming stuff many years ago? Was rock solid compared to Logitech and others. They also often did a good job on the ergonomic side.

  6. more empathy and kindness! daily, always, forever! push for it, embrace it and demand it or get out! p.s. the bezels on the Neo are too large (should push for lower limits – its a 2020 device don't make it a 2015 iPad) and the metal finish parts should not be visible when open (have black background unified to the eye). Create a dark Neo!

  7. 1:21:46 The only thing that I don't like about the Microsoft Surface including the Surface Neo and Surface Duo is that there is no anti-glaring/reflection screen technology that blocks the reflection and the glaring when you move the screen to direct sunlight or any light that bounce to the screen and is visible to see it. The reason I type 1:21:46 as I had state before is when you see her moving the Surface Neo and the glaring and/or reflection that was bounce from the sunlight or light in general is very annoying, you can see the glaring effect. I want to see Dark Mode in all the Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Neo and Surface Duo and Dark Mode in All Microsoft Software like Excel, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft 10 and Pro, Microsoft 10 X coming in Holiday 2020. Dark Mode needs to come in Microsoft's software and Hardware devices.

  8. Surface Duo & Neo look genuinely exciting (coming from an Apple guy). A Surface phone is definitely the move for Microsoft and working with a Google is smart too.

  9. Microsoft: You have taken technology and innovation to a level beyond the natural world! This is above exceptional!!!

  10. Okay This is I think the best keynote I ever saw, BUT am I the only one confused about the surface neo and dou that they dont have a "main" camera?

  11. Microsoft j veux ta mort tu arnaque des milliers de personnes tu sair a rien dans le monde je parle pas des amploier je parl du créateur de Micronul si tu meure je vait pisser sur ta tombe je vait aussi te déterrer sal riche qui veux que de l argent mais il y a pas que l argent dans le monde il y a des familles des enfants tu aime la gerre prend un flingue et va en gerre FUKE

  12. I NEED, not want but NEED the Duo. I've been doing PDA and Smartphones since 1998 on my Palm, then HandSpring, then Windows CE and Windows Mobile, then finally to Android. I can tell you right now the Panos is 100% right that swapping apps takes you out of your flow. Its a pain. It results, sometimes in data loss, and it is time consuming. It is why I've HATED single screen devices since the day I started using them but it was a necessary evil until something better came alone. Well…that something better has come along. Take my money NOW!!

  13. hi, does the new surface pro have wireless charging, since i got wireless charging for my phone i can't live w/o it, connecting the charger is annoying, maybe surface pro should have wireless power using tesla waves. see konstantin meyl to learn more about tesla/scalar waves. it's a shame tesla waves isn't used to connect and power devices…

  14. What makes this product so beautiful? Years of dedication, research and continuous transformation in order to get somewhere else! Congratulations Microsoft Team.

  15. Oh boy – funny how everyone claps so hard for Surface Neo – they are propably paid by Microsoft to increase the clapping – but honestly whats the point of Surface Neo if I already have a great Apple iPad or Android Tablet and Smartphone with large screen?

  16. Surface Duo – its good but you need to shrink it a bit. And also sell a surface phone thats not a flipbook. What about Surface Watch?

  17. Surface Tablet: ✅
    Surface Laptop: ✅
    Surface Desktop PC: ✅
    Surface Headphone: ✅
    Surface Buds: ✅
    Surface Phone: ✅
    Surface Whiteboard: ✅

    Well done Microsoft, but I think you forgot about the Surface Stand

  18. The real question is…. How are we the customers going to be able to wait until next year without going crazy for these awesome products?

  19. Satya is the best CEO right now. This guy has made Microsoft dreams come true. This makes me want to work there even more! 😀

  20. Microsoft lagged on the smartphone sphere. They saw the opportunity with the two screen form factor. They ain't make a mistake twice. They will surely lead the next decade.

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