Microsoft Learning Tools in Office Lens, Word Desktop and Word Online

(machine startup)
(music) Coming up
(music) I’m going to show you how Microsoft’s Learning Tools
are being included in
(music) Office Lens, Word Desktop and Word Online
(music) Learning tools help you make printed text
easier to read and share
(music) write review documents
(music) and be more productive on any device
(music) I’ve downloaded Office Lens from the app store
(music) and set it up on my iPhone
(music) let’s start by doing some research
(music) [Jeff Petty, Prin. Prgm Mgr. Lead, Windows, Accessibility]
If you have a learning difference like dyslexia [Jeff Petty, Prin. Prgm Mgr. Lead, Windows, Accessibility]
reading from printed documents with
small crowded text can slow you down and make it hard to understand the content Office lens is a free app that converts images into text that’s easy to read and share Let me show you I’m going to scan a document
by taking a picture of it with Office Lens [Jeff uses iPhone to scan a document with Office Lens] Next I’m going to view the content of the document with the ‘Immersive Reader’ It’s built right in [Clicks on ‘Immersive Reader’ in the Office Lens App. Text from the document is displayed on the screen] We’ve added the ability to increase font size [increasing font size within the app] and add spacing so it’s easy to read the text We’ve also added a read-aloud feature so you can have the text read to you IMMERSIVE READER:
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived Office Lens makes it easy to export
the image and text to Onenote, Word and other apps too Let me switch to Word on my PC In this case I’ve already authored
some content for an assignment Word’s Editor feature includes
new spelling and grammar checks to help improve your writing For example when you right-click on a misspelled word you get synonyms for each suggestion and editor also allows you to read suggestions out loud so you can be confident in your choice WORD’S EDITOR:
approximately WORD’S EDITOR:
roughly Editor can also address common word choice errors things like choosing between affect and effect
[menu on screen displays definitions
for ‘affect’ and ‘effect’] [menu on screen displays definitions
for ‘affect’ and ‘effect’] and editor can help you improve your writing by making it more concise editors built to learn It will continue to improve over time
as we add new checks and as more people use it to improve their writing We also made it easier to review your document in Word In read mode
(white words on black background) you can add spacing you can break up complex words into smaller parts you can even have your document read aloud READ MODE:
Amazon Rainforest READ MODE:
The amazon rainforest READ MODE:
is an expansive forest located in the Amazon basin Now let’s move to a browser with Word Online in this case I’m looking at the same document I just edited Word Online is great for collaborating with others from a PC, tablet or any device with a browser In addition to seeing who’s working
on the document in real time you can personalize your reading experience i’m going to choose the
immersive reader from the ribbon and all of the options i’ve come to expect or there
(white words on black background) I can increase the font size I can increase or remove spacing I can even choose themes From the immersive reader I can break complex words down into smaller parts and I can choose different parts of speech like nouns adjectives and verbs I can even have the content read aloud IMMERSIVE READER:
The Amazon Rainforest IMMERSIVE READER:
The Amazon Rainforest is an expansive forest
located in the Amazon basin These are some of the many things we’re doing to make it easier
for everyone to read and write using Microsoft applications Search for ‘accessibility’ on Office blogs
(music) to see how you can get access
to these apps and features
(music) and you can also learn about
how we are bringing new features
(music) to other apps and platforms
(music) By the way
(music) Office Lens and OneNote are free
(music) and Office 365
(music) which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint
(music) is free for students and teachers
(music) Thanks for watching!
(music) (Music) Microsoft Mechanics
(music) Microsoft
(music ends)

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