ME Fresh Internet Banking Overview

This video is a quick primer on how to
find your way around ME’s internet banking, plus we’ll show you a few
important tips and tricks on how to set up your profile and send us messages
using secure mail. First things first, log in with your
Customer ID and access code. If you’ve forgotten your access code you can reset
it by clicking on the ‘forgotten your access code’ link. You’ll land on your
home page where you can see all of your ME accounts at a glance. You can get back
to this overview at any time by hitting the ‘home’ link OK, now let’s take a look
at how to do some everyday banking tasks. To make a payment or move money between
your accounts use the ‘pay and transfer’ menu. The ‘accounts’ menu lets you see the
transactions and statements for each of your ME accounts, you can also change
your account options here, things like switching to online statements or
changing your transfer limits. The ‘cards’ menu lets you do things like activate
your cards, change your card PIN or even put a temporary stop or permanently
cancel your card. From the ‘messages’ section you can check messages we’ve
sent you or contact us about any issues you’ve got with your accounts. Under ‘my
details’ you can view and update your personal contact details. So that’s it
for the quick overview, now we’ll take a look at using a few of the internet
banking features in a little more detail. First click on ‘my details’ and choose
‘view personal details’ in the drop-down menu To access this area we’ll send you
an SMS with an authentication code, this is to make a tougher for identity
thieves to get their mitts on your accounts, so be sure to keep us up to
date with your most recent mobile number. Once that’s done, you’re away. Go ahead
and update your personal details to your heart’s content. Any important info about your accounts gets sent to your internet banking secure
mail to make sure your account info stays safe and secure. You can also use
secure mail to send us messages just click ‘messages’ and then ‘send mail’. If
your message is about a particular account choose it in the drop-down field. Then just go ahead and write your
message and once you’re done hit ‘send’. Easy-peasy! Didn’t find what you were
looking for? We’ve got a whole bunch of other videos on using internet banking
so if you’ve got burning internet banking questions chances are you’ll
find the answer in one of our other videos. Check them out at

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