Okay, let go, just let go. Yes! Hi, everyone! Welcome to our new video. It’s a beautiful day this morning. We’re about to go jump
into some crazy waves. We also have a special guest coming who we’re going to take surfing
and show him around a bit. You’re coming with us, too. We’re on the beach now. The whole Nazaré team is here. Let’s go do some bodyboarding,
Frédéric. It’s tubular! Teletubbies, Dipsy… Laa-Laa… – Po!
– We’re going surfing today, because there are some great waves. The waves are just perfect, so I think I’ll use the big board. Oh, our special guest is calling me. Hello! Hold up, someone’s coming! He’s here! Film me! Oh no! There we go! A really nice little session.
I caught a few. Fred caught a few waves
with the foam board. I even got to ride
an awesome tube at the end. It was fun. What did she lose again? – An earplug.
– Where’s my plug? Look for that plug! Some big tubes to the left there. But, you know… When I… When I bend over,
there’s no… No water comes out. I mean, I went in dry
and came out dry. – Dude’s a genius!
– It’s the new wetsuits. – It… keeps you dry.
– Nice and dry. So when you get out of the water and you bend over,
and water comes out of your nose, your sinuses, it means you took some waves
to the face. You went under. After surfing, it’s time to eat! We’re going to eat a burger up in Nazaré. A vegetarian burger even! I got… this one. Veggie burger? Thank you! Muchas gracias–
Oh no, it’s obrigado. He’s going to make a mess. I missed it, but he wound up
making a mess like I said! I haven’t yet! – Look at your thumb!
– Not bad. – Now what?
– I don’t know. I just ate, it’s sunny…
I’m chilling. We’re going to show Matthias
around town, the lighthouse, too. I created some suspense earlier. I said there was a guy with a bike
coming to see us… Oh man… who danced on his bike
more than he actually pedaled. The suspense was just too great. So now I have to make an announcement
and reveal who it is. Go ahead, announce. Official announcement… Last time, I showed you the man
who watches the hangar, but this is the true guardian. – Hello.
– Good? We’re at the garage and we’re taking
him out for a little session. I’m ready!
A nice wetsuit jacket for Matthias! You’re just watching! Beautiful! I can’t breathe. – Let’s go!
– So, first thing: it’s low tide, so there’s lots of seaweed, so we have to pull the Jet Ski in
with a rope. – We’re going down for sure!
– Yup! – I do a good Jet Ski.
– He’s gone. It’s good, right?
I do a good elephant, too. We’re ready! Here we go! I’m going to give up BMX
for a Jet Ski. Avoid the big waves. They’re scary. Perfect. Alright, you ready? Awesome! I’m dead! – You know how to drive it?
– Yeah. Back at the hangar… It was a great day. I hope Matthias agrees.
Let’s go ask him. Let me present our new pro surfer!
Here he is… Like this, right? No, it was very nice. – At one point, it was less nice.
– Wait, does water come out
when you bend over? Nothing, no waves to the face. It’s better on land, though. I think so.
Water’s not really my thing. I don’t like not knowing
what’s underneath me and all. But tomorrow, it’s BMX time. – Awesome.
– Sure! Our pro surfer! Sorry, no interviews, please.
Sorry, no. In English, because we’re going to do
a podcast in English. – A full podcast.
– Oh man! Watch out. What’re you doing? I took his tea.
And now we’re going to record a show with our great presenter, – Matthias Dandois.
– One meter 86, not that great. It’s called What Does It Take? Yeah, What Does It Take? We’re here… Represent! Yeah, man! We’re back!
Matthias is back with his bike. This bike here… fits into this bag. It’s like an amateur porn movie. So, the important thing to remember is to tighten the pedal. Thank you very much. I’d put myself on the board. I’m getting some awesome shots. Matthias in action,
it’s about to get crazy! Got to move back. You match the lighthouse! I did it on purpose. It’s a good shot like this, right? Incredible. How do you get your hat now? – Olé!
– I almost tore my hamstring. And now, up on the light. It’s beautiful from up here to ride and see the waves… It’s a bit calm today,
but it still looks crazy to me. Surfers out in the water,
pals up here… The Portuguese are really nice. – Thanks!
– Thank you! To the cafe! It’s cool. We’re all at the cafe. With the walkers… We’re the walkers. He’s really asking for it. He better watch out
if he keeps it up. – Seven miles, in the sand.
– Seven miles on foot! In the sand, too. Christian’s going back. Christian has… – a bag of peas…
– Let’s go. A bag of frozen peas on his knee. After walking seven miles
in the sand, of course you’re sore. Your man would be ruined at my age. – He’d be wrecked.
– I’m still far from that. And where are we now? The harbor!
Our bike friend is still here, too, and it looks like he found a spot… He’s going to try that trick
up on that. He wants to drop onto it
and slide down. It’s too dangerous
with broken handlebars. Look, you can really see
that it’s broken. Nice, but how do you get down now? – Huh? Fall!
– I’ll show you how. Oh man, your jeans! Show me your butt now. Alright… Here he goes! Yeah! Alright, my turn on the bike. I can’t even make
the pedal go around, because my heel… touches… that. Here, look. And… boom. Here I go… My heel – is in the spokes.
– All up in the spokes. Right foot on the back-right peg. That helps you squeeze the seat and takes some weight off the front. And then…
you can turn the… handlebars. Again. Do it over! – Stop, I’m stressed!
– To infinity and beyond! Go ahead. – Not too fast, stay back.
– Right and left, no left– – There you go.
– I’m not feeling this. Left foot on this? No, left foot on the pedal.
Damn, listen! Squeeze the seat with your knees and then you lift
the front wheel a bit. See? That lets you– – Do it!
– For the– I got scared! – Yes!
– Yeah, that’s good! Again. I mean, we are doing it
next to the water and all. Go ahead. – Yes!
– You’re getting it. I’m scared! Come on, a little– Go ahead. – A little what?
– Back is okay, go ahead, let go… You win. Your first bar spin! – It didn’t even lift!
– Your first! Yeah, it was good! It turned. I’ll stick to my sport. Stop it. – Give us six bar spins!
– Go ahead. Only two. Six is tough. World record. WSL world record. – Three that time.
– Womp, womp! Four? I’ll try for four. You’ll pay for this. Move back a bit, Justine. Go on, punish her. Yeah, it was really cool to try… – Awesome, seriously.
-his sport and you tried ours. It was great. Thanks for having me
in Nazaré. Now I want to live in Portugal. I was telling Pierre that,
our cameraman. Good luck for the end of the season. – Thanks.
– Stay safe, yeah? Surf the hell out of those
huge effing waves and I hope the WSL gives you
that damn record you deserve. Careful with your bike… When you fall off this,
it’s on concrete, not water. Not the same thing at all. – Here you go.
– Bye, guys. You can subscribe for our next video and you’ll also be able
to watch his vlog, which may or may not
be online by then. With your world record, otherwise, it doesn’t go online. See you soon! Ciao!

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  1. Super vidéo Justine comme d'habitude elle sont top tes vidéos tu est ma surfeuse préférée continue comme ça elles sont magnifique les vagues attention à vous deux a nazaré t'est la meilleure 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️

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  3. Est-il nécessaire d'utiliser un jet ski pour des conditions plus que normales? vous avez dans une précédente vidéo affiché votre nouveau régime végétarien.
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