33 thoughts on “Man Engaged To Woman He Met Online But Never In Person Reveals Details About Their Relationship

  1. Wanting to marry her. But emotionally and mentally abuses her in every way possible. Makes it clear as day he doesn't love her and is a complete dickhole.
    Yet she stays talking to him, claims that she still likes him… i can't believe this girl…good god.

  2. She says all this stuff that he is awful and mean to her and tells him he lies etc but is engaged to him anyway????????

  3. The chap in Turkey is also looking for a meal ticket, he said he sent her gifts and she not received them well they gone around the world and got lost she needs to grow up..

  4. Why does everybody want to the U.S.A .i love ❤️ my home and will never leave it. They have very difficulties about paying for health care and medical treatment..i am sooo glad I can call my home ; MY HOME 🏠

  5. So, she WANTS to be the “Danielle” on the next 90 day fiancé? Even TLC could see through her and knew she just wanted attention. This woman is legit ready to get married to a complete stranger, sponsor his visa which makes her liable for him for 10 years, and financially spend thousands of dollars all for a little bit of TLC fame?!?!?!?

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