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  1. Karley visits Sinthetics, one of the most acclaimed sex doll makers in the industry. Oh and they’re also known for their invention of “the vajankle,” a silicon foot with a vagina built into the ankle, which went viral for obvious reasons.

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  2. Imagine her doing doggy style with doll and all a sudden the doll falls off bed n lands on floor face first. LOL *weird awkward monment for girl..

  3. I am so glad I'm ecstatically deliriously happy with my HUMAN husband 💯 ☝️ um no. Dildos & toys 👍☝️nooooo. Just adding on but the reporter is a hoe fo sho .

  4. "Texas, Minnesota, and Michigan, Republican states where you aren't allowed to do anything naughty." This bitch thinks people don't fuck in republican states

  5. I love sucking on the real thing I'm not allowed to get fucked by the real thing but sometimes I rather have a doll as a partner

  6. I'm going to a new school and work 😭☹️😑😫😫😫😫😑😑😑😫😑😫😭🙎😑😭☹️😭😭😭 up when you come to

  7. So….can I get a doll that looks like Doctor Strange…? 😏 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Imagine a purchaser throwing the doll away and someone finds it calls the cops thinking it’s a dead person 🤣 😂

  9. The interviewer isn't extraordinarily sexy but something about her open minded and willing nature makes her incredibly attractive

  10. 16:15 "indistinguishable from a real person"… i will put aside the hypocrisy to the reaction of women to this, compared to when a female sex doll was released, and i will just say that is sick to compare a piece of plastic to a real human, men or women loving a piece of rubber as if it was alive it's just retarded.
    It's different to just f*** it…

  11. I don't know how they created the world's first male sex doll if they were featuring male sex dolls on HBO's Real Sex in 1999

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