Make Money Online By Copying And Pasting Links (In 5 Minutes)

in today’s video I’m gonna show you how
to make money online by copying and pasting links now I know that may sound
a little bit unbelievable so let me show you the proof right now here’s seven
thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars I’ve made with this method in
the past eight months I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this for yourself
today so you can finally make money online from the comfort of your own home
now I know that seven thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars is not
exactly millions and I’m certainly not promising you that this is gonna make
you a millionaire or anything crazy like that but remember this is only been 8
months so if we divide seven thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars divided
by the eight months I’ve been doing this you can see that’s nine hundred and
ninety six dollars and twenty five a month we’re almost talking a thousand
dollars a month so if you could do with an extra thousand dollars a month make
sure to keep watching this video to find make money online out exactly what this is and by the way
the really cool part about this make money online method is that I only spend
about five minutes per day doing this copying and pasting and I’ve been able
to turn five minutes a day into nearly eight thousand dollars and eight months
you’re absolutely gonna love this method I cannot wait to show this to you so if
you want to know how to make money online using this copy/paste method
whether you’re at home or chillin on a beach somewhere exotic like I often like
to do then your first step is to go to the following websites
it’s www dot what’s up Ben Martin here aka the king
of email and welcome to my youtube channel profits and paradise
on this channel I make videos about how you can make a real income from home the
right way and how you can build an email is for free using YouTube now be sure to
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videos to this channel if you want to know how to make money online by copying
and pasting then you’ve landed on the perfect video today because I’m gonna
show you how I’ve brought in nearly eight thousand dollars in the past eight
months just by doing some simple copy and paste in each day which takes me
around about five minutes of my time now I know your time is precious so with
that being said let me just share my screen and show you exactly how to do
this so the system I’m referring to is called
my lead gen secrets and you can find a link to check out this system by
clicking my second link in the description box below now with my lead
gen secret what you’re gonna get is 100 business opportunity seeker leads every
single day that 700 leads a week or two thousand eight hundred leads per month
and this is all for a tiny $30 per month investments now on top of that what my
lead gen secret has inside the members area which I’ll show you in just a
minute is an inbuilt autoresponder that you can use to mail
out to these leads every single day once a day
meaning that you won’t have any additional fees of going and buying an
autoresponder like aweber or active campaign or get response now the really
cool thing is because you might be thinking about what do I sell to these
leads while the answer to that is simple to see my legion secret has a
compensation plan they will pay you for making sales of
their program so all I do is mail out my Legion secret affiliate link to the very
same leads they give me and that allows me to earn these $5 $4 $3 $2 and $1
recurring commissions and I also get paid on other people’s efforts and I can
also make unlimited $100 bonuses and in fact what I’ll do is log into the back
office right now and show you how that all works and show you how you can just
copy and paste the promotional messages you give they give you send them out to
the leads they give you and just mail out your link and make very very very
simple money in five minutes so this is the first page you will land
on when you activate your my legion secret account at the link below and
login to your back office we got the home tab my leads tab master
email swipes mailing system statistics affiliates recommended advertising and
then account way you cannot load a picture and stuff like that
we’re not really gonna look at this tab here or this tab here because it’s not
important but we will look at all these other tabs however the first thing you
want to be aware of is this link at the top here this is your my lead and secret
affiliate link this is how you get paid for referring other people to my liege
and secrets you know that could be family or friends which I don’t do
because the easiest thing to do is just email that link to the leads they give
you but you want to take that link and you just want to paste it into your
notepad or into your phone or however you want to save it just just paste it
down for later now also on this home screen there’s a quick start video which
I recommend that you watch and that’s pretty much it from the home screen you
don’t really need to worry about too much more well let’s go into the my
leads tab I remember how I told you that they give you a hundred leads per day
well what’s really cool is once you get your first sailor my liege and secret
they will double those leads to 200 leads per day so you’re literally
doubling the amount of people you can mail out this offer two per day once you
get your first sale so let’s figure out how many leads per month 200 leads a day
is roughly so 200 leads a day times seven days a week
equals 1400 new leads every single week you can mail out two from right inside
the my lead gen secret back office with an offer to join you in that program but
if we times that by the four weeks of a month it means you’re getting 5600 leads
a month or a total of 67 thousand two hundred leads per year do you think if
you could reach 67 thousand two hundred people this year with your my lead gen
secret link and we’re talking about people who are interested in making
money from home don’t you think that just by sheer numbers you could make
some serious money you better believe you could it is
really that simple we talked about the 100 to 200 leads you get with this
system each day now let’s go into the master email swipes hub because in this
section you’re gonna get given 13 master swipes for you to use to promote any
offer you want yes I forgot to mention that with my lead gen secret if you’re
in another business or system you can promote your link for that business or
system to these leads to your really free to promote anything that you want
it’s just that the easiest and quickest thing to promote is the my lead gen
secret system but all these emails have been tested and proven to convert and
for your convenience you can scroll through this list and you can find an
email that you like and you can click to import it directly into their mailing
system which we’ll take a look now so with the mailing system
all I do is I’m gonna clip to male by lead partner then I’m gonna select all
of the fifty four thousand three hundred leads I’ve built up over the past eight
months then I’m gonna make sure it says send from my name Ben Martin then I’m
gonna go under my saved emails and I’m gonna do I’m gonna just select one of
those swipes let me just select let me just select that and click load so
you’ve got money account notice blah blah blah I’m gonna go down and it
basically says you can keep getting all these emails saying you’ve got money and
all you did was use this website I found here basically what this did is it
automatically populated the email with my Legion system affiliate link and also
I’ve got this little code on the end which says SRC equals my Legion secrets
now this is a tracking code I added to the link that isn’t normally there so
the reason I do this is when I mail out the leads inside my Legion secret with
this SRC equals my Legion secrets when I get a sale I will know that it came from
the leads inside of the back office because this is a little tracking code I
put on to the end of the link so there’s a little ninja tip for you that you’ll
want to do when you use this system and basically if you come in here and this
isn’t already hyperlinked so let me just take away the link let’s say this wasn’t
already hyperlinked what you’d want to do is you’d want to click to link it and
you’d want to drop your link in there and then all you’re gonna do is press ok
and then I like to make this like a dark blue color so go to more colors I press
dark blue I press okay and then that’s good and
then wait says just click here to receive your profits I would do the
exact same thing there put my link in there and then I’m gonna make it a dark
blue and press ok and then I just have a quick read of the email so you can keep
getting all these emails saying you’ve got morning and all you did was use its
websites I’ve found your money’s practically waiting for you right now if
you want to quickly get an affiliate paycheck then this is a winning matter
for you get trained ASAP and start now links but the email should already be
populated with your links however if you want to add that tracking code like I
just showed you just on hyper the link and then do what I said to add the
tracking code now if we scroll down the screen a little bit further you can take
a quick preview of the email before you sent it that looks great and you can
also select perfect timing now what this perfect timing does is it
based on the open history of the leads your mail in the system the system will
send out your emails to those leads at the best time they’ve been proven to
open the emails now obviously you’re gonna need to be in the system for a few
weeks in order for the system to pick up on this so you don’t want to select this
at first but after your first week or two make sure to select this now once
you’ve done this you can literally click send email and what’s happening right
now is my email is about to go out to 54,000 plus leads that I’ve built up in
the system which is incredible and you can see that literally is copying and
pasting simple and I will wake up tomorrow and I will have sales from some
of those leads now you may not get sales like on day one or day two of this
method because you need to let the leads build up a little bit but you still want
to mail the leads every single day anyway because I have known people get
sale their first day or two but obviously the
more the leads the bill that these leads build up the more money you are gonna
make and it just gets better and better with this program so I’m gonna go back
up that was really easy right we’ve then got this statistics page now the
statistics basically you can see he’s the email I just sent obviously there’s
no opens and so no open rate or click-through rate but the statistics
just show you from your past emails how much opens you got and how many clicks
you’ve got and you can basically see I’ve got a an average of about seven to
eight percent open rate and about a seven to ten percent click-through rate
which is really good now listen you can see before today the last time I mailed
these leads was actually the 14th of this month which is crazy right I’m not
even consistent with mailing these leads don’t ask me why I’m just I sometimes
just forget to do it but I’m still being able to make close to eight thousand
dollars in the last eight months now if you mail these leads every single day I
can’t guarantee this but I’m guessing you could make even more than eight
thousand dollars because you might be more consistent than me so under the
affiliates page if we click on there I’m just gonna cause that video you want to
listen to this video when you come to this page but basically on this play
page you’ve got a breakdown of the my lead gen secret compensation plan so it
pays you five levels deep so you receive five dollars a month on any personal
membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate
link that’s like your level one you’ll receive four dollars a month on your
personally sponsored affiliates membership sales level two so anybody
who you bring in who gets a sale to somebody else will pay you four dollars
a month when their person brings somebody and you get three dollars a
month when a person bring somebody in you’ll get
two dollars a month when their person brings somebody in which would be your
level five you get a dollar a month and that’s all recurring you do also make
one-time Commission’s on some upsells they’ve got you know not pays you five
levels d2 so it’s really really really cool oh the best part in my opinion
about my Legion secret is this weekly superstar bonus contest so you can win
an unlimited number of our hundred dollar bonuses each week by simply
referring five new members in a seven day period so yeah but every five new
members you get in a week you’ll earn a one hundred dollar bonus there is no
limit so an example if you refer 25 new people in one week you’ll earn $500
refer fifty a thousand and so on and so forth
now basically the way you’re gonna get those bonuses is just by mailing out
your my legion secret link to those leads that they give you so that is
pretty much it for my lead gen secret it’s as simple as that you can see it’s
copy paste they give you the leads they give you the offer and they pay the
money directly into PayPal now you can also see your downline and the people
who joined you in the system here I’m not going to show that because there’s
some sensitive details and you can also see the Commission’s you’ve earned and
you can see my all-time commissions I mean look at all these freaking payments
but if I scroll to the bottom which will take forever so I’m just gonna do this
you can see I’ve earned seven thousand nine hundred and thirty three dollars
total paid at seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-one not paid as a
hundred and eighty two dollars but I’m actually going to request a payout right
now I said your request has been sent we will process your request with high
priority probably by the time I wake up tomorrow morning they will have sent my
money to PayPal and what’s cool is they also pay any fees for sin
in the morning so they pay any fees and you can see your Commission’s are paid
out on request once your balance reaches 30 dollars so you can also update your
payout preferences here so if you don’t want to do PayPal you can’t get checks
in the mail and you may even be able to do Bitcoin and if none of those methods
suit you you can write them and request to be paid another way so yeah you just
got to hit $30 which if you mail these leads every day
trust me won’t take you that long and then you can get your first payout so
pretty cool I love it I highly recommend you check it out by going to the second
link in my description box below now if the make money online method I
just shared with you got you excited and you want to know how to make even more
money faster rates then you may want to check out my program in the description
box below I call it my number one way to make a
serious income online and you can find it by clicking the first link in that
description box but before you go ahead and click on any of those links I want
you to listen to this very short story see this is kind of embarrassing to
admit now but there’s a time of my life where I was completely broke and I don’t
just mean financially but I was like mentally and spiritually down in the
dumps too so much so that I ended up having to move into the back bedroom of
my friend’s house who lived on a rough side of the town where I come from in
fact the town was so rough and the street I lived on was so bad that my
bedroom overlooked to crack down and every hour of the night and day drug
dealers would be dropping off packages to their customers and this room you
know with the snot green walls where I didn’t even have a closet to put my
clothes in was where I called home for quite a long time however even though my
life was bad at that time I was determined to make a change in my life
and what happened is eventual how I was able to make that change was I
came across this beautiful lady here who started off as my mentor then she became
my girlfriend and then she became my wife and there are really only two
things you need to massively change your life and be financially better off and
be more happy and prosperous and all the things we all want to be in life and the
first thing you need is a mentor you need somebody to show you how to make
money on the internet from home just like I’ve been sharing with you in this
video and you need to know how to leverage online systems that do all the
selling and the talent for you because let’s face it none of us are really very
comfortable with salan we don’t want to feel pushy we don’t really want to have
to speak to people and so what Angie who started off as my mentor and now is my
wife did if she showed me how to get the right people on the internet in front of
the right product and how to automate the process so that I could make money
every hour of the night and day and we went on together to build a business
that pays us up to half a million dollars per year and because of that we
got to live in two different countries in the Caribbean for four and a half
years you know we’ve swam with stingrays this was the view from the backyard of
one of the places we lived that for a long time you know we’ve done cool stuff
like take how they cut two tours and and just all kinds of things that I never
could have imagined in my wildest dreams but what happened is after four and a
half years living in the Caribbean we got sick of dodging hurricanes you know
we nearly got hit by three or four different category 5 hurricanes and my
wife got so hot that she broke out an eczema so we decided to move back to her
home state of Ohio in the USA and we purchased this Acura for $30,000
in cash and you know yeah it’s not a Ferrari or
anything flashy like that but hey we were able to buy in cash and we don’t
have any of those car payments every month was the extra interest we were
also able to close on our dream home which is close to half a million dollars
in value sits on nearly six acres and we put a six-figure deposit down on this
home and you know I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago we would be
able to do this now this isn’t to brag or boast or anything like that I just
want you to understand what’s possible when you have somebody who shows you
what truly works and you have a system that does all the hard work for you so
if you’re ready for a change in your life and you want to start earning
serious money I encourage you to click the first link in my description box
below I call it my top and my number one
income stream do that now but only do it if you are ready to make serious money
and you’re truly ready for a change in your life that is it for this make money
online video I hope you got a lot of value and you’re gonna go and check out
both the programs I mentions and also don’t forget to subscribe and push a
notification bell and remember you’re just a 10 mini email away so that

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