Lunar New Year event – silver and gold keys, pet training – Cabal Online

Ahoy! So we’ve got this fancy Lunar New Year event
for the year of the rat, which means we were given a nice collect&exchange type of event. There is a sweepstakes objective for opening
50 of each of the 2 types of keys, silver and golden, and people have actually been
saying the rate of good loot is pretty high compared to most of the previous events. So for once I also decided to give it a try,
more so to get into the sweepstakes rather than actually expecting something good in
them. But in any case, here’s the video of that
happening, and I hope you enjoy it. So about the so called “good loot” I mentioned:
that basically means scrolls for armor, weapons and bikes. Scrolls like skill amp, critical rate and
maximum critical rate, and so on. Most of those things are in pretty high demand
and can basically be obtained through events only. Apparently this is one such event considering
the sudden drop in the price of every scroll out there. I mean almost every one of them has less than
half its original value and by original I mean the price before the beginning of this
one. Anyway I believe this is the way the GMs of
our server chose to prepare us for the next update that really introduces ultimate grade
to the game, as this event pretty much makes it possible for every average player to get
their high grade set with full amp or MCR, or whatever. By the way I am not going to open any of those
legendary cubes for Abandoned City, Mirage Island or FT3, because many of the bingo events
we were given lately had objectives to open the legendary cubes for some of those dungeons,
and since I’m too weak to farm the latter 2, and AC is a horribly boring dungeon, I’m
going to stash those away for the future. I suggest you do the same, if you decide to
open any of those silver or golden keys. And here’s a little bonus scene of using those
selective untraining kits. I’ve used 27 on that slot so far, so 4 more
makes it 31 without any good results. I’m looking for maximum critical rate or critical
rate in that one. Anyway it’s time to conclude the video with
a summary of what I got, as you can see on the screen. I’m quite disappointed in the golden ones
frankly, but then again I wasn’t really expecting any profit out of it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video, and I’ll
have some new guides coming up soon, so stay tuned! Ahoy!

6 thoughts on “Lunar New Year event – silver and gold keys, pet training – Cabal Online

  1. i envy your event…a lot of amp and crit scrolls
    while here on ph, you can only get cores potion and accessories with 1hr expiration
    totally sucks

  2. Hi I play in NA and today I'm so happy cuz 1 guy sell me sig 18 crit dmg and 1 slot full with critical rate for 450kk (btw I m wi)

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