Life Happens at the Student Union

I think that the student union is kind
the heartbeat of campus everything happens there and I know that I have meetings
there I eat there I meet my friends there I study there are so many options and
so many things that you can do in this building it’s one of the only buildings
on campus that applies to everyone no matter where your classes are you’re
going to have to go to the union so. I left because the took place
where I can find everything. Because it’s a central meeting place for everybody you’re going to see all kinds
of your friends there’s a lot of food there’s a lot of good stores to shop and
if there’s something that’s going to happen all came to say it’s going
to happen at the Student Union. I’ll miss seeing him because it’s like the
center of life here on campus I know that I can always go there and run into all my
friends and have people to hang out there or I can make it my time to study there’s
so many places to get your peace and quiet or to be in the center of all
the action all Osun union because it’s always a light hearted year where
you can always walk through the doors and find somebody that you know that will help
brighten your day I love the student union because it’s a great place to connect with
my friends some of my greatest memories this year of come from just hanging
out in the camps like office with our friends because that’s where everyone
has a common ground public place for everyone to me I was once asked if I could
take any building on campus to describe my personality what would it be and I said
the Student Union just because it’s so diverse and there are so many
different aspects I don’t mean because everyone comes here and I feel like
whenever you do you come here like even if your friends if
you like everyone I think. This is the best place to meet people and most of my time it’s where
everything major happens I. You can find a lot of things
here like from places to different people to hang out with
a good place to study its face and like is the central point of my
life happens to me Life happens at the Human Life Happens every
year a new life happens again.

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