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Hello Everyone and Welcome back to another gta online Guide Where today we’re going to be taking a look at the Dual lens and the quad lens Helmets Introduced As Part The Smugglers Run dlc in gta online so let’s Get right to it shall We so To begin to buy these Helmets all you have to do is go to any Clothing store Which sells hats scroll Down to combat Helmet and Bam There you have It a Whole Bunch of Dual lens and quad lens camera uses to choose from all for The relatively Cheap price of Under $100,000 considering How useful these Things can Be i went ahead and bought both of them and then Figured out How to turn these Damn Things on these Things are Pretty Darn cool but can be quite a Faff on to manage if you want To have them activated or not to put them on you go to your interaction menu go to style Accessories and then When you’re in Helmets scroll to your Character’s Wearing them and then press This Button on the bottom right of the screen to activate the Goggles the night Vision is pretty cool but The Thermal Goggles are where it’s At dude look at This i can see everything And By Everything i Mean Everything But The Ground i’m Walking on but before we Get to that Let me Just Run over a Few Things That The Goggles can and can’t Do What you can do with the Goggles if you want to quickly Turn them on or off or more precisely look Through The lens or not is that you can hold F11 on the Keyboard if you’re on Pc or Hold Right on the D-Pad for console to toggle you having a lens over your Eyes or not This is a Pretty quick and effective Way to turn them on and off but i don’t really Bother with this because if you get in any car or aircraft The Helmet will immediately Unequip and when you get back Out again the Visual effect that the Goggles offer won’t Work at all until you go back into the Interaction Menu Again to Turn Those Suckers back on and when you’ve Put the lens back up that Adds an Extra Layer of faffing Around Making sure That The Goggles are Indeed turned on and not Just in a State where you think they’re on and you try and put Them on but They don’t Work so this ultimately Makes you go back to the goddamn Menu again yeah i don’t really Bother with putting the lens up and down i either Have It Equipped and on or no Helmet at All It Saves quite a Bit of fucking Around Trust me while wearing these Goggles you can Still look down an Advanced scope Of a Sniper Rifle Which completely obsolete The Thermal Night-vision Scopes That You can buy for them although i mentioned that The Helmet can’t be used in cars and Aircraft It can However Be Used on Bikes more specifically the oppressor Which Basically Makes You predator But with Wings and Missiles I guess Yeah the Limited Vision Really Just become a Problem While Wearing these on an oppressor but to be fair That’s about the Only downside to wearing These Things Because otherwise You can See Every single Living Thing Through Walls Like You have Wall Hacks or something you can see When players are gonna pop Around corners to try and take you out And Worst of All oh Jesus You can use it in Death Matches What the Holy Hell was Rockstar Thinking Where they off of them Meds When they came off with this yeah you can use your Thermal Goggles at Any time During a Death Match Giving You an Enormous Advantage Over others Aren’t Wearing The Goggles You’ll be the most Hated person in the game but hey screw it i’m technically not cheating so why the hell not these Goggles Absolutely Break Death Matches in Half and are the ultimate noobs Way of Gettin Good But no Matter how many Times People are gonna Be shouting out and Saying, oh? follow the Rules noob Take Those God Damn Things off There’s Always gonna be one guy using these Things in a Deathmatch and you can Only imagine the Frustration That This is gonna cause the legitimate Players who want to have a Clean and Fair Match I felt Bad Doing this for this video Just to record it but hey look at my Kill Death Ratio Bitches yeah Totally 100% Legit pure skill faze clan pro and if You want to revel in my Mad Skills in future videos Make sure To leave a like and subscribe for Loads more videos come to you Very soon see you Around Everyone

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