Learning to Surf, Learning to Live ☀ Episode 4 #SummerLifeQLD

This is my very first time surfing so
I’m really excited… I’m kind of afraid there’s going to be sharks
but hopefully there’s not going to be any I’m very excited, but I’m also nervous because
it’s my first time And, I’m a bit scared of the sea… I feel… so great! Do you like surfing? Oh my god, do you know, it was my… it was one of the things on my bucket list! Ahh! Are you looking forward to surfing, or nervous? To be honest, this is my first time surfing
so I’m really looking forward to learning! (Shimon and Richelle are chatting) Richelle: When I got here, there weren’t so many people in the class Yeah, so you can talk to the teacher and ask questions Yeah, really more personal, and hands on with teacher and student I like it! I feel like sometimes other besties are a
little bit different from us, because they are talking about, like, job interviews, the future, internships
(Richelle) talking about the future Yeah, so I feel like, oh And we’re here talking about starting out! And this is really good exposure for us
and a really good time for us to learn as well This is the perfect time to think about what
we want to do. I think that’s great though, in Queensland
there’s a lot of education, a lot of good schools so we can see and we can decide
what to do. Wow!!! Yay!! We have arrived in Currumbin! What do you study? Accounting and finance! I study English. Oh ok cool! So hard… Haha, yeah, so hard. Chase: Ok guys, welcome to Currumbin Alley! Firstly I have to go over a couple of things. I am a goofy footer, so that means my left
foot goes at the back! If anybody is scared today – it’s alright,
just so you understand we help you catch the wave. You want this bit to be in line with your
pinky toe.
PINKY TOE=SMALL TOE Biggest tip today, okay? Okay? Yeah? Okay? Okay Okay? Okay? Okay? That’s it really. (stunned silence) Chase: Okay who’s ready to give it a practise? (more stunned silence) 1, 2, 3, 4 – push up! Back foot, front foot, and forward. Now when we stand, you’ll string up! Nice and easy. Okay? (surfing music) Sean: Did you stand? Yeah of course! 3, 4 times… Yeah me too! How many did you? Me twice! I drank a lot of saltwater… We can come here any weekend… Yeah! Hahaha! I’ve surfed for the first time in my life. Well, I’m a bit scared of the sea. I couldn’t do it, it was hard work – but I’ve
done it! This is incredible! Shimon: Were you scared? When you were coming here? A little bit. A little bit? Cause this is your first time abroad right? But you know ever since I got here, I feel so
fearless and I just want to take every opportunity there is. Yeah. and just get into it. Woohoo! Yay! Argh! Samuele: Sean! What did you think about today? I feel like I’m a child! Yay! Woo!

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