Le QUIVER de planches de SURF 🏄‍♀️ de JUSTINE DUPONT Ep 10

Good morning all, welcome in this new video Today I will present
my boards, my quiver Many of you have asked me So thank you very much for all your messages and comments it’s great to see that you like the videos, it makes us happy And it motivates us
to produce more So today I will present all the boards I use during the year At the end of the video we will have a small gift for you So here’s the foil The foil from Gong This board is a 5’4 It is very small because we do not need it to float a lot I tried behind the jet ski on a flat day air the beginning That’s why there are foot straps, it’s easier And after I tried in the waves I also tried paddling but it was with a little bigger board To allow me to paddle more easily at the beginning Once we are flying we don’t care of the board It is the wing that counts And here we have a 65cm mast This is the average perfect one for me It’s great to begin It is a little rounder and therefore it is less sharp So it forgive a bit more the falls And here’s my little Polen It’s my favorite little shortboard Polen is a Portugese shaper I like them a lot, it uses materials that are light enough It’s a 5’10 with a wideness of 18 “3/4 And a thickness of 2″3/8 It is thick enough, there is enough volume, it is 27.5 liters I really like the boards that have some volume I use this board in 50 cm to 1,50 meter maximum So perfect for the contest waves, the summer waves To have fun it is perfect The tail of the board is a little square-Round And a bit thicker It forgives a lot for all innovative maneuvers when you finish with the tail in front It’s really interesting
because it is mire smooth I’ve done lots of testing with the fins and my favorites are those ones The AM2 I really like them, it’s Futures Fins They are a little larger than the ones I used before It allows me to have more drive Since the board is small, 5’10, compared to me And since the fins are
larger It makes it easier to stay on the rail to have more hold It’s the perfect combo And here is another Polen board this one I call it the “step up” Because it allows you to surf waves that are a little bigger than 1.50m Up to 2m-2m50 It is a little bit bigger It is a 6’1 I also use a 6’4 and a 6’5 The specificity is that the back is also round It can be used as a thruster or a quattro I use a lot the quattro for the tubes It is better because it allows you to have more drive You can quickly take a line that allows you to go under the lip And to make barrels at La Gravière, at Supertubos, or here in Nazaré It is 28″ 1/2 So it is a bit thicker than the board that I use in small waves It’s better to paddle There is a little bit more volume in the front The rails are pretty sharp since it is necessary to really hold a line The most important is not to make nice maneuvers But to hold a great line in order to make the barrels Also super important, it is a little stronger Because it goes in waves with more power more and it must handle it Here is my stand up Shape by Cabianca Who is a shortboard shaper In the Spanish Basque Country The advantage is that he has made me a tail that looked like my small waves boards It is small enough so it
is very manoeuvrable I use 3 fins because it reminds me of the shortboard, it is more responsive It is a 7’2 with 77 liters I used it at the World Championships in Denmark And I got 2nd place The waves were small so I needed a bit of volume it was important that I can float and stand on my board The thickness is 4″, it’s huge And 26″ 1/2 wide It’s big as a door! I also tried it in Nazaré I have loved it because there
was a little more waves I could surf a little more the face of the wave and also use the paddle Because we speak about stand up, there is also a paddle in the mix Thank you very much to Antoine Delpero, This is his paddle, it’s really great The blade is slightly wider Like that, it helps push more water Take more waves and paddle faster It is made of carbon, super light I’m 1m77, you can calculate how tall it is compare to my size Here is the gun It is Shaped by Rob Vaughan in the Southwest of France It is a 10’6 4″ thick, 21″ 1/2 With a huge lath of 2 or 3cm thick There are also 2 plugs because the waves are so powerful, it has to handle it. It requires a lot of strength on the small ropes It is new because it is the replica of the board that I used last year in Jaws And I broke it I loved the surf it in Nazaré, I took
lots of waves, it was really fun That’s why I brought it to Jaws because I trusted it In Nazaré, I surf with 3 fins Because most of the waves are more in peaks And that requires to surf down the wave I prefer to take 3 fins in order to maneuver more For all the waves that are going faster, I prefer 4 fins To cut into the wave and have a faster line In Nazaré, I surf the 9’6 when there are 4 to 5m And after I use this board. I trust it a lot The thicker it is, the easiest it is to paddle And the more I can paddle bigger waves After we have a size limit
also because you can shovel So 10’6 is my board, that’s my gun, it is my size, it is the one I surf all winter Here is the maxi, maxi gun This is a gun shaped by Rob Vaughan It is a 11’4, 4″ which is huge You can see, there is a “step deck” It means there is more volume on top of the board And the rail is thinner it’s a little sharper in order to angle the board even if it is not a board to make rollers This is a board that still allows to take a line This is my board for Belharra I surfed it twice I managed to take a very big wave But I fell It his really tall, with lot of thickness and volume The big challenge over there is being able to go and have enough speed to paddle early The stand-up race It’s a stand up Gong, I use it for training I also use it on the knees
as a paddleboard But also as a stand up race, with the paddle that is larger than the surf paddle Since we less need to do maneuvers It is an inflatable 12’6 so we can
bring it everywhere, this is the big advantage The longboard is a Lufi, a 9’1 This is the Sea Devil model This is the model that I love, it’s a real performance longboard You can move it on the tail and also walk to the nose There are carbon rails
to stiffen the board This is a board which is made of epoxy, it is hyper light I did the World Championships in Biarritz and I finished 2nd It can be used like a shortboard but also to walk on it and make nose riding This is a board that is really for
surfers, to move, maneuver it It is very fun, it really have a place in
your quiver for when there are small waves I don’t use big retro single fin yet, we will see later For now that’s my board, the Lufi Performance Sea Devil Here is the small gun This is a board shaped Rob Vaughan It is a 8’6, 21″ 1/2 wide 3″ 1/4 it is thick enough
and wide There are lots of volume at the front like
that, it allows me to paddle early in the wave It has a narrow tail It really allows me to move, to have reactivity, to maneuver This is a board that is very, very fun I use it in 3 to 4m In Nazare it is the ideal board to paddle from the beach. To make it to the lineup and do some duck dives It’s quite negotiable, it’s a bit the limit and this is a board that I think I would Surf in Mexico, Puerto, Fiji It’s really the board that I can use in the barrels with 4 fins This is the gun to have Here is my tow surfboard It is 6′ This is a board that was shaped by Polen there is foot straps to keep me as hooked as possible to the board Because with the speed I fly The board is covered with carbon on the back And the lath is in PVC It is Z characteristics that make the back more rigid and the front more flexible It helps to go true all the bumps on the water There is another point which is super important It is 9 kg It is heavy and the weight is distributed between the feet It allows me to absorb all the bumps and it gives a lot of stability Many speed as it goes very fast in tow-in surfing so we fly It’s super thin, it allows you to stay on the rail As soon you are on a line, it almost looks like snowboarding You stay on the line You go faster This is the GL Futures model That’s a 3 fins set up, everyone is surfing it in Nazaré Since it is the shaper that
makes the shortboards for me There is also a shap that allows me to move To have the maneuverability on the wave This is what I really like,
you can ride the wave Here the softtop Obviously you have to have it in your quiver This is a fun board Fred surfs it everyday It is a shortboard covered with foam So there is rigidity and true technique of a surfboard So it’s super fun to ride and it is a little stronger There are real fins So you can change and put more performance fins as on the beginners boards This board is made
by FeelSurf This is a 6′ They also have larger ones and also a 5’4 it is perfect for having fun and surf small summer waves you can also surf stronger waves with this board Fred likes it in all types of conditions For me it’s just for fun These Fins are the Viper MS It’s just so cool to have it in your quiver It is more convenient than surfboards to travel It’s good fun, I love bodysurfing to train, it’s really nice It allows you to spend time under water, to swim I often take them on the beach when I go surfing At the end of the session I go bodysurf few waves it is different, I like, I love I hope you enjoyed the video I have shown you all my quiver, all the boards I use during the year Now you can tell me in the comments the board you prefer I’m curious And if you have more questions,
details on the boards, Do not hesitate to put in comments, I will answer And in the comments we will draw a person As we told you at the beginning of the video He will win a 100€ voucher with AKEWATU To choose a board on the website I hope you enjoyed Feel free to subscribe, thumbs up And see you next week.Tchao

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    Perso la n°1, Polen 5'10 en 27L, mais la dernière me tenterait bien aussi pour jouer partout!
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    Je crois que celle que je préfère c’est la feel surf, des fois je me dis que c clairement j’me genre de planche qu’il me faudrait pour s’amuser en tout temps. Les deux Polen m’ont aussi beaucoup plues.

    Après toutes les planches font rêver à leur façon même si clairement si pour la majorité d’entre nous on n’arriverait pas à faire grand chose avec haha

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    Petite préférence pour la "grande" Polen

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    On a tous effectivement ce type de Gun passe partout qui nous permet de surfer les petites houles de Nazaré ✌️🤪

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    Une fois que tu as testé les Quobba, revenir sur des dérives normales te donne l'impression d'avoir un frein, comme si tu avais des algues dedans.


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