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Hello everyone today we will
talk about the Li-fi, the light fidelity which is a wireless communication system using light visible unlike wifi which use the radiofrequency
of the spectrum electromagnetic the li-fi encodes the information according
to the light presence or not. Where do we find its origin? In reality, as surprising as it sounds,
we can consider that the Li-fi and wireless communications dating back to 1880 In fact Alexander Graham Bell,
inventor of the telephone, experimented what he called the
“photophone”. It is an optical phone system. Helped by his assistant, Graham Bell has transported
his voice thanks to the sunlight and has succeeded to modulate the sound in the light itself through a skilful system of microphones and mirrors. This was the first wireless communication
and Graham Bell considered his invention as the most
important of his career. Despite the limitations of the system at the time.
For indeed the snow, the rain, hail or any else obstacle decrease the reception. Now, just like wifi, we can connect
to the Internet using lighting We can imagine that at work Internet spread by lighting
LEDs which will be used for illuminating and, at the same time,
for transmitting digital informations. But how does it work? To begin, a short reminder of binary code In the binary code we have two
values either a 1 as represented by
the presence of light or signal, or else a 0, that can be represented by the absence of light or signal In the computer world, machines communicate in this way. Following the succession of 0 and
1 Machines operate a particular action
after they receive. Let our subject in a concrete case We have an internet box that retrieves information Net it transmits them to the LED luminaire and according to the data received on
luminaire is on or not by a specific code that the computer
can decrypt. This exchange of information, by the presence or absence of light, is invisible to the human eye. This up very quickly, if we accelerate the process, we feel that the light is on constantly. This system allows millions of switching on and off every second. This is invisible to humans, despite a small change in colorimetry, we can reach about 1 Gbit / s. at this speed it is possible
transmitting an image music a web page or a video without
no problem. The li-fi enables high-speed harmless to humans because unlike the wi-fi uses electromagnetic waves, the li-fi uses just light we can also see another
benefit : Data Protection when your neighbor can hack your wifi, with lifi this is impossible because the light does not pass through the walls and therefore remain only in your office. The li-fi also offers
geolocation since emission source is light. Us
can direct it to allow capture such information in one place. For example a museum once arrived at draw, work is
accessing information on thereof, and nothing but that this latter. To summarize the benefits of this
system are: a frequency band completely free and without license
worldwide not interference with radio waves and it’s all
Electromagnetic interference is wireless communication with very high
debit a multipurpose communication possibilities a ubiquity of LEDs in
industrial and domestic lighting and urban signal, a directional transmission that allows
target and the geotag receiver to avoid harmful interference also secure
network Here this video now
finished I hope you liked and if it does not hesitate to
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