Las mejores playas para surfear en El Salvador | The best surfing spots in El Salvador

Our country is full of incredible beaches where we can relax and have a good time with the family In addition, our beaches are the attraction of many international tourists who love surfing In this video We’ll talk about the most popular beaches for surfing in our country EL SUNZAL BEACH One of the best salvadorean beaches for surfing and other aquatic activities is the Sunzal beach Located in the department of La Libertad El Sunzal is one of the most sought after places by surfers while visiting Salvadorean territory and it even becomes the official location for surfing competitions that take place in the country turning them into the ideal place if you love waves and sand EL TUNCO BEACH Still in La Libertad, Playa El Tunco is another of the most attractive for surfers that visit El Salvador At 37km from San Salvador El Tunco is one of the biggest beach attractions in Salvadorean territory and it’s characterized by its peculiar rock formation that stands out at sunset This beach also offers the perfect waves for surfing not only for experts but also for beginners or for those curious who want to experience something new in their life Local surfers offer surf lessons to those who don’t have experience or knowledge on how to handle waves being quite safe and very fun You can also rent surfboards from $20 and up Being the best time to surf between the months of April and June which is when the waves are at its highest point PUNTA MANGO Outside of La Libertad, you can also find spectacular places for surfing One of them is Punta Mango which is located in the department of Usulután This is one of the most specialized beaches in surfing since its affluence is in its majority of international surfers and experts in water sports Unlike El Tunco and El Sunzal, Punta Mango it’s characterized by its complete dedication to surfing being visited by tourists expert in the subject EL ZONTE BEACH Located in the department of La Libertad and 45 minutes from the airport and also from the city of San Salvador It’s a small village divided by the mouth of a river that forms the right rocky point where the waves break Inside the small village, there are lodgings and hotels for backpackers PUNTA ROCA This beautiful beach is at 25 minutes from San Salvador and 40 from the airport offers hotels and restaurants to spend a great family time It’s a place visited by foreign and national surfers due to its proximity to the beaches El Sunzal and La Paz EL CUCO BEACH Located in the department of San Miguel and it’s frequently visited by Salvadoreans especially those who reside on the east side of the country who like the tranquility of its waters the extensive areas of black sand, which are very feasible to practice soccer, volleyball, among others The goodness of its waves, allows swimming, surfing, fishing and other alternatives MIZATA BEACH Santa Maria Mizata is a privileged municipality for its beach Located in the department of Sonsonate between the (86km and 88km) of the coastal highway It’s a beach focused on being part of the surf route and beaches developed by the Ministry of Tourism And finally we have, LAS FLORES BEACH This beach is located 5km west of the renowned “El Cuco Beach” and is located in the municipality of Chirilagua, department of San Miguel It has spectacular cliffs and rocks bathed by its impeccable green waters It is said to have the most impressive waves of Latin America

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