Kwesi Kakraba-Ampeh: Undergraduate Research Experience with SURF

I’m Kwesi Kakraba-Ampeh and I am
going to be a senior in chemical engineering. I’m working right now on
creating not spherical particles from the spherical microbeads how I do that
is by embedding those in the film and manipulating of the film in different
kinds of ways because of that I have to learn how to like design a lot of
machines build a lot of things look at literature and see what people have done
in the past think about people haven’t done in the past what we can do that is
different my research focuses in the area of fluid mechanics and polymer
physics in particular so in the past what I what we did was we developed
basically models to understand like you understand the flow of bio fluids like
blood or cells or vesicles so what Kwesi is doing in his SURF project is
basically creating micro particles that different shapes and sizes for these
fundamental microfluidic studies. I think the main thing that I want SURF students
to get out is just an idea of what research is really like and I think for
them it’s really an opportunity for them to know whether there’s something that
they would want to pursue. The SURF program was a great opportunity
for me to dip my leg the pool of research and see how grad school would
feel like without actually being in grad school I just really wanted the
experience of full-time research. This summer I went from me just coming in and asking what do you want me to do today to asking how can we make this happen
and what are the bigger goals in sight and what are the things that we can do
today that will help us get there and it went from me asking my graduate mentor
that to me asking myself that we have extensive conversations every day but
there’s a few days where it’s just me and my work. It really is my work now.

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