Korean researchers develop new device that could provide ultra high speed Internet

Korea is known for having some of the fastest
Internet speeds in the world, but it could be about to get even faster perhaps by even
a hundred times. Korean researchers have developed a device
that they say will do just that, while cutting costs in the process.
Kim Hyun-bin reports. The process of getting Internet service at
home is more complicated than you might think. At the moment you try to connect,… a signal
from the computer terminal box is sent to the Internet provider company, which then
relays it through two other outside networks. The four-step process is not only complexit′s
expensive, since there is a fee for using those other networks, which are foreign made.
But change is coming. Korea′s Electronic Telecommunication Research
Institute has developed a device that simplifies the process.
“The optical fiber cable transceiver will cut costs by one-tenth compared to the previous
process, and it′s made to provide ultra-high speed access .”
The current system provides Internet at an average speed of 100 megabytes per second;
the new device provides it a hundred times faster, at around 10 gigabytes per second.
The new product is still not commercialized,… but is expected to become a hot item once
it is, not just because of its speed. Since all networks are integrated,… the
service price for network and operations could be cut by a third. “When the device hits the domestic market,…
sales will rise at least 50 percent and it is expected to open up foreign markets in
the near future.” Experts say the new device is expected to
bring in roughly 91 million dollars in sales and will be implemented in the 5G telecommunications
and other high quality multimedia systems. Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.

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