John Oliver and Jerry Seinfeld Have A Love For Jet Skis | Netflix Is A Joke

Today, I was just looking at
some of the stuff we have for this week. So, if it’s something
that we want to practice to prove how easy it is to do,
like, we started this church to show the extent to which
churches are tax-exempt. -Yeah, yeah.
-That was funnier to me to then do it… And then people did it,
just send in cash the next day… -Like, just cash flying in.
-How much did you get? -$70,000. It was huge.
-And who’s got that money now? -We donated it.
-All right. -Would’ve been funnier to buy jet skis.
-Yes! You should have bought a jet ski
and donated that. Donate that to Doctors without Borders? Yeah, two doctors on jet skis,
with the stethoscopes in the wind. That’s a great look. -That’s a fantastic look.
-Yeah. -Have you ever jet skied?
-Yes, sir. I can’t picture you on a jet ski. I like to explore things. I don’t expect to enjoy them, but I am curious
what is working for other people. Right. Does your mind ever go to a place you would like
to take the show, or you think,
“I’d like to attempt this daily?” I’m sure you get that question
all the time. -Yeah, but that’s not gonna happen.
-How do you know? At the moment,
this is the platonic ideal. I got it. Now how long we’ll be able to do that
at this pace and this level of intensity? How long we can do that to our staff?
I don’t know. This is not… When I say sustainable,
months in the future… You’ve heard environmental-type people
say that? So, you’re using the word, but you don’t really know
what it means or how to do it? No. I just know that it’s a word
that comforts people. Yes. -So, you’d sprinkle it in?
-Yeah. -That’s smart.
-Exactly, say sustainable and watch people go,
“Good, we’re gonna be okay, guys.” -Yeah, I don’t know.
-You are a devastating human being. HBO will let you do anything,
so you want to say, “Where is that line? Let’s see what ‘anything’ means,
shall we?” So, I went to Russia to talk to Snowden, and we were in trouble
the whole time there, like, the Russians are mad we’re there. Can only imagine the Americans
are mad that we’ve gone. -Right.
-And I get back home, and it was really fun because,
you know, trouble is fun. Yeah. And my wife said, “I thought you were done
with this kind of stuff.” And I said, “Yeah, I don’t think I’m done. I don’t think I’m done.” Why would she think you’re done? I don’t want to start trouble -between you.
-The rational brain… “You’re an adult, right? Don’t need to…
What’s the point? -What are you trying to prove?”
-You have a child. “We’ve got a child. -That’s right, we have a baby.”
-Yes. “Why are you going
to irritate the Russian government?” -“Because it’s funny.”
-Wow. I think it’s like a kid. Like, it’s funny being in trouble
in a controlled situation where you’re not in that much trouble. -Right.
-It’s really funny. You seem like
you wouldn’t mind actual trouble. I think… I wouldn’t mind it
until I really encountered it. Or if it was affecting someone else. Sure. Sure, yeah. That’s what you’re
supposed to say, right? Yeah. -Definitely. No, definitely…
-In a sustainable way. Oh, good.

60 thoughts on “John Oliver and Jerry Seinfeld Have A Love For Jet Skis | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Comedians in cars getting coffee sounds like something you'd find on Rick and Morty's interdimensional cable

  2. Hello Jerry? Yeah listen. Netflix wants to give you $10 million to have a cup of coffee with John Oliver. No it’s a different thing, you don’t have to drive. I know I know. 30 million? Okay let me call you right back.

  3. When Oliver said trouble is fun exactly like two years ago I just stopped deceiving myself that it's new. But why? Why this now?

  4. Jerry Seinfeld the most Un-funniest comedian in the world! I hate Seinfeld he is not funny not one bit!

  5. "In a sustainable way." 🤣
    That last line was probably the best thing I've seen on YouTube all year! Well done sir, well done….
    👏 👫👭👬💃
    (Standing ovation.)
    Mr. Seinfeld, you are a genius.

  6. this is not funny, i mean i have seen the other interviews with actual comedians but this is ' commentator in the car getting coffee '

  7. I think Jerry has been able to keep his fame 'sustainable' over the years and that is why he can connect with almost all comedians out there.

  8. I stopped watching John Oliver when he made fun of Trump running for President. Turns out Trump has accomplished lots of great things. John..youre a fucking idiot!!!!

  9. Nothing like one of the greatest comedians of all time i interviewing a legitimate propagandist who shills for the left.

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