Introducing UNIVIEW! Our Newest Line of Surveillance Products | Nelly’s News 03

Hey guys, I got a couple of Uniview
cameras right here, I was just gonna explain to you. If you’ve been
following us lately, we just got the new Uniview product line in, and
just a full array of products. We got the NVRs, we got the cameras,
PTZs, everything. And I’m really excited about this line of products.
I’ve actually been negotiating this for about three years now it
seems like, and something’s always fallen through. But now we got
them in and I’m real super excited about it. I brought these
products in to really reach the commercial jobs,
the big commercial jobs, and the
enterprise jobs, but they can also
easily be used on small business and even residential. It’s really
versatile. But we’re getting some questions about it. Now, these are
actually both the same camera. This is what I call the Uniview
branded version, and this is the nonbranded version. We carry both.
And the reason for that is, the Uniview branded versions are gonna
be for the people who don’t utilize our Branding Program. And if you
don’t know what our Branding Program is, if you are a professional
security installer, we can actually put your logo on the cameras for
you. And we can actually change the model numbers. We’ll put model
number stickers on there for you, as well as on the box. It’ll look like the
camera was manufactured for you. We also do that on the NVRs as
well, so if you’re interested in doing that, you’re going to want to choose
the unbranded version. I’m gonna show you here on our website
what to do to choose between the two, but these are really great
products. If you’re a professional installer, and you’re kinda wondering
what brand to use, take a look at these Uniview cameras. They’re
really great. If you own a small business, or you’re looking to add
some cameras to your home or asecurity system to your home, just
a great choice. So, a three yearwarranty. Of course, it comes with
our great tech support. And I really think you’re gonna like them. Let’s
take a look here how you’re gonna have to order them. So whenever you go to our website
and you start searching the Uniview products, if you’re not logged in,
you might kinda have sticker shock at the high price. That is intentionally
like that for a reason. And this is another great reason why I like
Uniview. Uniview has a very protected sales channel. And they
do not allow prices to be publicly displayed on the Internet unless
it’s the MSRP price. And that price you’re looking at for this little 4MP
vandal dome. That’s the MSRP price. However, whenever you log into
your account, you’re gonna see that price lower dramatically. If you’re
a professional security installer, that’s a great feature. It allows you
to make margin on your products And it prevents your customers
from, you know, Google searching this particular model number and
seeing a super low price somewhere. Uniview just doesn’t allow that. They
only allow MSRP to be displayed on the Internet. But anyways,
whenever you go to our website and start searching Uniview products,
the default version that’s gonna pull up is the retail version, and that’s
what this is right there. If you’re a dealer who is used to
buying Uniview products, or you don’t care about our branding
program, this is the version you’re gonna have. Or if you’re just one of
our small business customers or you’re buying a camera for your
home, this is the version you’re gonna buy. So be sure to do that.
Now, if you’re on our branding program, you’re going to want
to choose the Uniview blank version right here. That’s very important, if you’re
making an order on our website, be sure to do this. Because if you
don’t, if you choose the Uniview retail version, we’re nto gonna
brand your camera. You gotta Super important to know that. So
you all Super important to know that. So
you’ll also notice the non-branded cameras, the blank version housings
look slightly different than the branded retail versions, and that’s true on the
fixed dome, the fixed bullet, and the fixed turret. But I believe on the
motorized bullet and turret, the housings look identical. You know,
not much of a change between the two. But anyways, if you guys have
any questions about these new Uniview products, feel free to give
us a shout, give us an email, or give us a call, we’ll be happy
to help you.

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