Internet Wala Love – 19th November 2018 – इंटरनेट वाला लव – Full Episode

Jai, it’s enough.
How much will you write? It’s not allowed to write
on public properties. Read it first. ‘Aadhya, cute, pretty,
intelligent’ ‘winner, fearless, brave..’ Hold on.. I forgot one name.
– What is that? I will tell you.
It’s a nice name. It was the most important.
– ‘Quarrelsome!’ Yes, quarrelsome. Okay, we need
to erase these now. No way!
– What has happened now? Look.
I told you several bad things. That’s why I have written
nice things about you. Do you still remember all this?
– I told you several bad things. That’s why I am praising
you now. My mom has fed me almonds
since my childhood. I remember everything. Didn’t she teach you
not to spoil public properties? Come on.
We need to erase all this. What has happened now? Oh! Erase.
– What! Yes, go for it. Okay, erase all this,
but you won’t stop me from doing one thing.
– What? I want to fulfil your wishes. Whatever wishes you have
since your childhood what all things you want to.. I would like help you
to fulfil your wishes. Really?
– Yes. Oh, darn! Whatever I want to do,
I need to do it very fast. I need to get all information
of Aadhya. And I..
I will succeed in this. I will. Aadhya. Aadhya.
– Yes. Please tell me
what all wishes you have. Please tell me.
Do this. Sit here. What!
– Sit down.. Now, tell me.
Please tell me. Shall I tell you the truth?
– Obviously! Tell me the truth. I don’t have any big wish.
– What do you mean? I always feel that we fail
to find happiness in small things in order to search
for greater happiness. Like?
– Like.. Mom never let Diya
and me eat tamarind. And we kept thinking that one day we will steal
and eat tamarind. But we couldn’t
muster up the courage. But it’s an immense pleasure
to steal and eat tamarind. I want to experience
that feeling. And I want to eat ice candy.
– Ice candy. Dad used to say that ice candies
are made of dirty water. Hence, he never let us
eat ice candy. And I want to dance in the rain. But I never got a chance
to do all this. You never got a chance? No problem.
Do all this now. What do you mean?
– You will get to know. Come with me.
– What! – Come. Come on. Just a second. Hello.
– Ma’am, it’s you? Ms. Roopa, what brings you here? Aren’t you Aadhya’s friend?
– Yes. You know what? Aadhya has done such a great
and important work today. I am very proud of her. So, I am thinking of hosting
an event for her in my showroom. I’ll invite all my female
customers and give her an award. Good, right?
– Yes. But I want to show a video
based on her life before presenting
the award to her. So, I need your help
for the same. I want all the information
of her school life college life and real life. Will you help me? Of course, ma’am. Of course, Ms. Roopa. Of course. You come inside.
– Oh! Thank you.
– Yes. Please sit. I’ll give you all the
information about Aadhya. Would you like
to have something? Yes, I want all the information
about Aadhya. What! Hey, I have to play the video
before presenting the award. Yes. – So..
– Yes. So, tell me. Okay. Who are Aadhya’s friends? She did not have
too many friends because I have always been
her best friend. ‘Oh, God!
This girl is giving me’ ‘all the useless
and wrong information.’ ‘She has been wasting my time
from the past one hour.’ ‘I’ll have to get some wrong
information from her.’ ‘Roopa,
think of something quickly.’ Also, she likes to get drenched
in the rain. Oh, so sweet! Oh, wow! You turned out
to be very creative. You found this solution
to fulfil my wish of getting drenched in the rain. Well done, RJ Jai. You have changed
after being with me. But you will spoil
if you be with me. Really? – And you cannot enjoy
the rains by getting drenched. You can enjoy it
only by dancing. What!
What do you mean? Don’t you know?
– No. Come on.
Come with me. Did you enjoy it?
– A lot. One second. Tell me if you have
any other wish too. I’ll fulfil it. Yes, I have one more wish. Yes, tell me. I want to watch a horror movie
in a dark room at midnight. So what?
– That is not possible with you because we cannot be together
in a dark room at midnight. So, this wish
will remain incomplete because I am not so brave to watch a horror movie
at midnight. No! ‘Ms. Aadhya,
I have promised to fulfil’ ‘every incomplete wish
of yours.’ ‘So, I will definitely fulfil
my promise and your wish.’ Thank God! She finally told me
something important. Aadhya, just wait and watch what kind of surprises I’ll bring in your life. Hello. Oh, God! Seriously, Aadhya!
You are a witty lady. You made me steal things!
– Hey! Though I paid my dues but I felt as if I had stolen
something from them. Going by your looks,
nobody would expect you to steal things from people. What? But we paid him for the thing,
right? Indeed we did,
but that’s what we felt, right? You know what?
I’m really happy to see this side of yours. You are an interesting lady. You are not as grumpy
as I thought you to be. I never realized that you can
do something like this to please someone. Was it a compliment or a taunt? That’s up to you to decide. But thanks for making
by birthday so special. You are a good friend of mine. So, you need not apologise and..
– And thank you. Yes.
Right. Let’s go now.
We are late already. Let’s go. Won’t you come inside? What? Yes.
– Should I? – Yes. And what about your father? Jai.
– Sorry.. Okay then. Jai. Today was very special for me. What’s your plan now? It’s not over yet. What do you mean? Nothing. Bye. Bye. Dad, aren’t you asleep yet? I was waiting for you. Sorry for being late. You need not explain
to me anything. I trust you. Thank you, Dad.
Thanks for trusting me. Thanks for supporting me
through thick and thin. Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to
expose Samrat before everyone. It’s all because
of your courage. Thank you. I’ll tell you what. It was tough all this while to behave
normal with Samrat. But that was required. It was necessary to bring his
exes and getting them justice. It takes a lot of courage
to do this. I’ll tell you what.
I am.. I was frustrated with life. I couldn’t fulfil my dreams. But now I realise
that it’s good if your dreams get fulfilled but it’s even better if your
dreams don’t get fulfilled. Because then it’s His
will that shall be done. I was sad that I am
an underachiever. Now I realize that
I have achieved something significant in life. Let’s call it a night.
– You too sleep tight. Listen. Diya has gone
to her friend’s place. For a night out. You may come to my room
if you feel alone there. And yes. Sit. Henceforth until you say that
you want to get married we won’t discuss about
your wedding anymore. Thank you, Dad. Where did you get it from? We were playing around
in the mud. Dad. Take a bath. Go. Bye. What’s wrong with the lights? I’ll call dad. No. I won’t disturb him now. He just went to bed. Anyway, it’s too late. I’ll deal
with it in the morning. Don’t change your clothes here! W-Who is it? Who is it? I said.. Don’t change your clothes here. It’s me..
– Jai, what are you.. I’m here to add more beauty
to your beautiful evening. I’m here to fulfil
your last wish. Look. Wedding of a Witch! Are you mad?
What if someone comes here? It’s good,
he or she is welcome here. The ambience will be set. It will be more scary. You are actually mad. Listen, I’ve set the ambience. I’ve removed all the bulbs. Now quickly go and change then we’ll watch
the wedding of a witch. Okay, I’ll quickly change
and come. Okay. Hurry up.. Wedding of a witch! Wedding of a witch! Hurry up..
Come.. Sit comfortably. Your favourite popcorns. Thank you. What.. 12 O’clock! It’s 12 O’clock
and Jai isn’t home yet. I.. Hello, Jai.
This is enough! What kind of friendship is this? Why aren’t you home yet? And don’t try to fool me,
just tell me the truth. Where are you right now? Where are you?
– Mom! Turn around. Mom, the two of us
got married to each other. She is your daughter-in-law. Come on, let’s take a selfie. Come. Mom?
– What.. No! What is.. Sorry.. I was.. Jai.. I am scared. Jai, the witch has come out.. Yes, she will come out.. She will come out
of the TV. She will. No, I don’t want to see
Jai and Aadhya’s wedding even in my dream. I just hope
that it’s morning soon. Then I’ll show that low-class
girl from Palika Bazaar where she actually stands. ‘Aadhya, I’ll never let you
be special to my son.’ ‘Tomorrow
I’ll wreaked havoc on you.’

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