Internet Names for Snakes – Part 2

Sneks have many names, like the dangle fangle,
poodle noodle, nakey snakey, and this is fnek. Sneks also do things. Sneks do sneaks, strings
to stings, linguinis do meanies, and here’s a heckin adorable snek wearing a little dirt
hat. (That’s a hat made of dirt). You can also wear sneks, like boa, sneklace, and snakelet.
And it’s because they’re naturally cuddly creatures. Check out this one being its own
blanket. And this one’s wearing a cozy sweater. Here’s one giving a cheese boi a hug. Um,
maybe we should go for a hiss kiss. Oh. My. Heck. Oh and here’s a llama doing a snek.
There’s also sneks with arms, like Slithervester Stallone, I’m not mad, just disappointed,
and then there’s this drum thumping nope rope. Since they don’t have arms or legs, how the
heck would a snek wear pants? Like this? Or this? Or this?! And last but not least there’s
the Code of Snek Ethics. If I sees it, I squeeze it. If I sights it, I bites it. If I spies
it, I tries it, and if I meets it, I eats it. Visualize your sneks and anything else
with Lucidchart.

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