inSSIDer 4 WiFi Scanner: A MetaGeek Demo

everyone its Jolan Taylor in the morning
its 325 in the afternoon right now I
actually he writes not john Taylor in the mornings I buzz kill yeah so at hey everybody this
is jocelyn any geek and I’m here where Taylor and really do it a quick video
here where we’re gonna introduce you to insider and I’ll I just click things
I did that last take to instruct in a we can introduce it in zaire for in
tears in a facility that McKenna asking the questions are kinda you know
pushing along so regular column so and the number one thing that I think am
at least what drew my eye to InSSIDer the first time I open it is all other kinda grass at the bottom
yeah and this is pry the coolest part about what makes insider really really awesome really really unique cell again clicking things on so each one of
these squares eternity shapes represents a wireless
network that are are while my fight card is picking up sorry
Wireless not working hard is picking up the twenties wireless networks and it shows an information about their
shows what channel there on it shows how wide they are how they overlap with each
other and then the height of each one also
tells us how now they are what they were imported summit called and soul and making you show me how to
narrow it down so there’s just a ton there yeah
absolutely it’s really overwhelming special here medicate there’s a lot of
wireless networks near my family their businesses and and of course you know
medicaid because we’re nerd radix here yet so if you wanna find
a specific 1i you know we can search for medicaid each and I can apply a filter based on nasa now we filtered out all
the networks that are called many key many clad many clap de parte
anything with the name Eddie is now listed units agree we can kinda
you can narrow down I’m chillin cool so am I noticed up by
the filter by wat happen in am whitewater radio and yes SAT whats what’s that all about so insider for
group SS ID’s are networks in two different
ways and so let’s start with radio some and click on radio person and let’s groupies by radio so for such
a Publix plane when an SSID is an SSID is a service at identify
basically it’s just the name other wireless network like if your
network is named Menard like this internet and who don’t know it’s not
it’s not only in any given blood looking for this guy I think it’s something you
might solve a medic access point to end like it and just wanna make some fun i think is
hilarious so what this is doing is its its grouping them by radio many minutes grouping them by
access points so you might seem like a hospital or
something like that a corporal I find buyer knitwear we’ve got on multiple SSID is on the same access point those are
called virtual SSID so many clad many clap de bob’s make you glad gassed those are all in one physical access
point they’re all the same accident your the one over there on the
shelf yeah yeah we’ve got a bunch access points here in here in the room
with us coming on the lab setup overturned and so the and that’s what
these are these are some access points over in my lap dance that you go to the name soul and what happens
if you selected so to get more details about this group this this radio this group have SAT
right click on it and that’s going to open up this pain here in this pain by is much additional information suffer
stop over here we’ve got all the different societies
are on this radio we got on one it’s not broadcasting that’s at hidden SSID maybe
clapping des mots me webcast we could see their
security types the mac Address is and then also here we get a whole bunch
details about this particular access points is
working on a plan really quick and it’s discovered coloring scheme for inside we
got blue blue is anything that we currently have selected
so it’s blue here here’s the mac address the selected radio group on and we got this blue section at odds
are better access point and then down then year blew down there yeah that’s what we turn
that’s their access point we currently have selected and then there’s let’s talk about yellow next okay now you know that in 2.4
gigahertz in wifi in general networks can share channel or
they can partially overlap be yellow networks are the ones that are
sharing a channel with our network know what happens we share channels we take turns talking very politely very
politely quite so were politely taking turns
talking but then there’s another type love there’s
an another way that a network in can on can be on the same challenge
partially overlapping sees red network does that mean well
that means that whenever they tried it’s only way you’re China tell me is that they always talk is a
time and I a nigga never here to sell right ok you know when to networks on the same
channel they plan to take turns talking when the partially overlap they just talk over each other and it’s
very inefficient doesn’t work what we want to avoid as much as possible so we
cover those red so we can see how many networks are
partially overlapping and we can see how many networks are sharing the channel
with us kept on who is now now who is is the strongest overlap as strong as
overlapping looks like it’s a rich rich he should know better he works
in WiFi company yeah you’d think that’d he wouldn’t be on channel three Al easy
with the program and figured out my rich so on come on that
note of coloring to you may notice that signal strength over time got this gun
shows what’s how good signal strength is over time
and you know the name red on the blue line is which its at his ass that’s all we have
selected right now on and the yellow line is the loudest Co channel the loudest once on the same
channel you know you can take place eating and talking and then the red line is the loudest one
that’s on and and overlapping channel and it makes
sense that that would be rich I guess that would be rich his crew out
like that is any yes top earner yeah is his biggest pet
peeves time is like his access point it’s not his biggest happy but he does
it it’s like his access point personality nice because it was in this I yeah maybe
yeah so another thing that’s really cool
about this software is actually wanna check out another network
to do this let’s go find a network of dmg okay it’s just I know this guy is here
I’m so knows what channel he’s on he’s on she also in town three he is also on
channel three the same channels rich on now we know we all know that three
non-overlapping channels are 16 and 11 yes a 16 11 and so anyways working on wifi that’s
that’s a rule that you will learn and keep in their so this guy is on a non-standard channel
and it when we get rid of the filter and I lost them thing on a second enge enter let me sigh I can actually select
hymns and I haven’t selected how many networks is he partially owns
seventeen he is no personal laughing with 17 other
networks in fact look at that from where we’re sitting those partially
overlapping networks are way louder than this guy that she had so
what if we were this guy maybe this is like a home user you know
could be he could you know but let’s say that you know it’s not but would say
this was a home user and he want to just pick a better
channel for his wireless network well the fastest way to do that is to
look at the recommended channel appear that’s pretty cool yeah
he’s on channel three an insider just tells and tells you it because %uh so you don’t have to
really know anything about you have bio’s you can’t you can be like absolute
beginner know nothing about wifi and you just let me recommend channeling ok
going to be on channel one you go to your router’s configuration and you get cool okay
Selanne Jeff further questions for me about this not about that have but we check out the
SSID backing up their case on it the extra
clothes then let’s click on yes aside enough earlier we talked about when SSID SSID
is a name Wireless not real and yes I T is an extended service at
that’s all we have multiple access points all had the same names like on axis
months we have here naked on in like 10 or something something
like that we’ve got a bunch so many dudes which is built on a heat game
Dawson filtering bar and so when we filter that out let’s
select medicate now cyclic on him and so what this is is is what we’re doing now is weird
grouping all the access points that have the same SSID together said each one of these is an individual
access point II with the same SSID so check out what
happens down here we have a slightly blue rain what’s happened on your own so now
everyone that’s a member at that yes s ID is blue in the grab yep yep and and yellow ones are the
ones that share the channels and the red ones are the ones that overlap like rich and Mike Weston Milan all these guys
down here on also noticed the signal strength over time graf on
check out these color swatches over here you can actually tell which is which is
which and the signal strength over time grassy couldn’t walk around and make sure that at least one of these
is over like that -70 DBM line that would be a good signals kinda
kinda relate them to try to be over -70 yeah yeah it’s kinda like a its gonna wait
make sure he had decent coverage now there’s nothing any point this out
earlier this is present in radio curbing as well knows the car swatches out here to you
now they correspondence share overlap yeah so you know BOOM on he is he’s on the same channel the how Davis
overlap on overlap so that’s that’s really bad I’m so yeah thats that
so what yes I D grouping is and it’s really awesome because you can just
click on your network and boom you had
everything selected immediately on also the grey ones these are ones
that just are not a party on over landing on the
same channel we don’t just hang in there and one more thing you can do is if you
would see this guy right here this Mac src wanna know where he is you
can actually just click on him and see what happened in turn white um
alright appears white down here so you know blue was all the ones we have
selected them we sign on select select one he turns white
so basically as long as you can match
colors an understand numbers you can make your wife and yeah actually UK it you watch Sesame Street you can you
can troubleshoot your wireless network with this tool self yeah hopefully it’s really really really really easy to do that with
awesome so you had that pretty much I think up
is it cool initially my two favorite things okay II assist as I were almost that
time but was just that really fast so I’m gonna find on
actually just look at McMillan is he right here so I’m so let’s my two favorite things
were inside my first everything is that if you select radio grouping and use
like your network you know what channel you need to be on
yes guys on Channel 10 he should be on channel one that’s the best channel from
where we’re sitting right now and it is came up with that instantly
instantly you have to know anything you can just pick a networking boom you
know what channel you need to put your wireless network on its awesome for a home user super super
totally music and then my favorite thing for the enterprise
user is the SSID dripping not many clap I can just click on them
and there are all my networks that have many clad there are many people out really fast if
you’re an enterprise network administrator so this too was
awesome to the home user and for the enterprise user yen and now we just need to get rich two
years is a long live is 90 it right again you were so I think if he
gets a stool for free and he’s not any he still can’t pick the
right yeah he get this will for free home and yeah well everybody thanks for
joining us for this introduction video for for insider for on this tool is
available on Mac and Windows and Android in fact if you
buy a license for the Mac in Windows license are one so if
you buy it for Windows or Mac and you can actually act on both and then you
can get the Android version which has almost every single feature
the site here on Google Play and if you have any further questions
about in center for be sure to check out our knowledge base and our community at support dotnet a geek dotnet things like guys thanks

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  1. I could not stop adding my comments here, you both are so irritating and not getting to the point.  One guy ask question and he will only answer.   This is not group discussion, common grow up guys….  Your showing a product and not making a video proper.

  2. not everyone knows how to change access points, took me a while to find it on your support page. It seemed like you could do it through your software but its actually done over the routers settings… this is pretty vital to newbies like myself. maybe not that many newbies are using your software but maybe consider putting it in a more visible spot, or including it in your user manual even.

  3. I just acquired the tool, and this video is a must see 1st glance for any beginner with inSSIDer, thanks a lot and I really feel that my money was well spent ! Btw guys, don't try to clean your laundry in public, especially with your own co-workers (instead of bitching him on his back and in public, go see him and settle this once and for all).

  4. Could you add the link to the help for the phone app to the above "show more" section above please so newbies like me can find it easy please

  5. In inSSIDer Office version do I view the spectrum so that I can view and adjust based on interference with devices such as lights, microwaves, ect. I see blue lines behind the network I've selected, but I can't tell what exactly is near a modem.

  6. FAKE total bullshit. This is a desperate effort to sell a license, nothing more. The interview is so fake it made me puke. One clown leading the other clown. Scripted stupid and unnecessary. The click bait title was a classic example. You never told us how to select the best channel. GTFO!

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