In The Lab: Every pixel matters with OLED.

♪ Upbeat Instrumental Music ♪ My name is Loren,
from Store #404 in Detroit, MI
and welcome to The Lab. Today we’re here to talk about
my favorite TV technology, OLED.
Let’s get into it. OLED is really cool
because it gives you an
amazing amount of contrast. Which means deep rich blacks,
dazzling whites, a full range of color and a
crazy amount of detail. OLED stands for organic
light-emitting diode. You can get anything
organic these days. Eggs, produce,
light-emitting diodes. A couple brands that make
OLED TVs are LG and Sony. In each OLED screen there’s
8 million pixels. Each pixel can turn on and off
independently. That’s what’s giving you
that incredible detail. If my hair had the same
technology as OLED TVs, I could literally have each
hair be a different color. That’d be really sweet. That’s it from The Lab,
where we try the latest tech
and bring the good stuff to you.

31 thoughts on “In The Lab: Every pixel matters with OLED.

  1. Im gonna say it.. I’M GONNA SAY IT!!

    x N x We
    x I x Live
    x G x In
    x G x A
    x E x Society
    x R x Bottom Text

    Bahaha! I have said The Word! Your puny algorithm can’t stop me, YouTube jannies!

  2. Please stop trying to normalize weird hair colors and earrings in the work place. It will never be normal or professional.

  3. Yes, oh course you can talk to me about laptops, I love cellphones, thicc black pagers are awesome, sweet juicy ass calculators 🤤🤤

  4. OLED and QLED is good but very expensive.
    Apparently that's the only good TV LG makes though.
    LG's nanocell LCD LED TV is pure trash!

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