Improving Internet access in underserved areas with CBRS

I don’t think there’s anything we do this day and age
that’s not based on the internet. Having a reliable network is imperative but we’re in a unique location
so it’s very hard to get good service. Most of the things
that we care about and the people
that we love, we’re in touch with them through some type of digital media. But you can only do that if you have access to the internet. And we think CBRS is one very important way of delivering
improved and cheaper internet access. My name is
Jason Guzzo and I’m General Manager at
Hudson Valley Wireless. A lot of the communities that we serve don’t have access to
the current infrastructure and it’s important for us to bring these rural communities online
so they’re able participate in the global economy. My name is Bruce
Sundman I’m one of the founding
partners of Megabits. We’re a wireless
internet service provider here at
Put-in-Bay Ohio. We’re on an island and so there’s many tourists that come up. There’s 750 residents that are here year round and there’s
750,000 people that visit. When the island fills up on a weekend, most of the services
begin to fail. Cellular phones actually don’t work. The internet slows down. Businesses even have difficulty clearing credit cards and
people have difficulty making phone calls. I’m Matt
Larson, I’m the CEO
of Vistabeam and we are a fixed wireless
operation delivering broadband in some
very rural areas of Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. When you can’t connect up with people it can be very isolating and rural people really need to have the same ability to connect
as anyone else does. If we didn’t have internet connection
our kids would have limited access to school projects, research and gaming. High quality internet access isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. And WISPs are at the frontlines of delivering access. They’re all very passionate about the communities they operate in and we’re hoping to help super charge their deployments. Google has really been about the development of an ecosystem
to make sure that CBRS thrives. We provide a spectrum access system that allows you to
coordinate the spectrum among the different tiers of users. We also provide a network planning tool that brings the highest
end tools and the highest end geo-data in a form that anyone can use. And finally, CPI training that’s available online that’s easy to
take from your home or from your office to get in person training. Google understands the fixed wireless community. Not only by the use of their mapping software but also
their cost models are affordable and allows us to scale. CBRS is going to unleash a torrent of competition. We’ve had areas where we couldn’t get to because of either spectrum
restrictions or tree cover and now those areas are wide open. We can beam overhead and we’re able to connect users at
a much more affordable rate. CBRS and the new technologies have enabled us to enter a market
that previously would have been unaffordable for small companies like ours. Ultimately, the people who are going to benefit are the end users. They’re going to have access to lower cost, more reliable internet and the most
important thing is there’s going to be a choice.

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