How to watch movies with subtitles online

Welcome to Idea Wide!! This is a quick tutorial on how to use
the Video Sub Player to watch any online video with subtitles.
Why use Video Sub Player? Well, there are thousands of videos of
different movies and TV series available to watch online free. On the other hand
there are thousands of free subtitles to almost all the movies even in
different languages. So what if we can join both? so you can watch movies with subtitles online. Well that is exactly what the
Video Sub Players is doing. No need to wait till the movie is
downloaded to watch it with subtitles. If you prefer you can download the movie
also. As a normal desktop video player you
need both the video file and the subtitle file to play using the
Video Sub Player. currently we are only supporting Firefox
to grab any online video. although others can watch by manually
entering the path of the video Remember this is the absolute file path. Video Grabber, the Firefox add-on we developed
to grab video files from websites is highly recommended to use our firefox
add-on grab video file from video hosting providers, There are some tweaks
needs to be applied to find the absolute path of videos. Video Grabber will do it
for you. the add-on can be downloaded from Firefox
repository with the below link. From now on i assume you have the
Firefox add-on installed into your Firefox. Everything is ready! Shall we watch a movie then? First activate the add-on from the right below corner If you can’t see the add-on bar, enable it from the
view menu ->Toolbars->Add-on bar Ok add-on is now activated. go to any video hosting provider. in this case i will go to Youtube. Play the video. This is important! You need to play the
video when the add-on is activated to grab it. if there are multiple videos on the
same site, load the page without the add-on on activated. Then activate the add-on. Play the wanted
video clip. When the video starts to play, the add-on
will automatically grab the video and take you to Video Sub Player. Now it is
time to find subtitles. For this demonstration I have already
downloaded a SRT file. In your case, find a subtitle,
downloaded and extract the SRT file. on the below panel of the Video Sub
Player, Click browse. Specify the subtitle file and then click Watch
movie. That’s it! Now you can watch the movie with your own
subtitles. This player is currently running on beta. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Hope you enjoy it

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