How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android | T-Mobile

Hi, I’m Susanna with T-Mobile And today I’m going to show you how to turn off safe mode For more tips and tricks just like this subscribe below and ring the bell for notifications. Let’s get started If you’re like me and you’ve accidentally turned on safe mode, I’m here to help Safe mode is a diagnostic mode for your device that temporarily disables third-party applications You can tell if safe mode is turned on if you see the safe mode icon on the bottom left corner of your screen Or if you see that your apps have been grayed out and disabled To turn off safe mode simply restart your device Once your device reboots, be sure to turn off airplane mode. It is turned on by default with safe mode After doing so, your device will be back to normal Be sure to let us know what how-to videos you want to see by leaving a comment below Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next video

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  1. But where does the meat go ? Seinfeld fans will appreciate that.
    Nice video. Always keeping us informed. Better than the rest of the carriers. TMobile fan for life 🤍💗

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