How to Surf for Girls : Surfing Terms & Weather & Wave Conditions

Hi, I am Shell Michael. I am here with Expert
Village and today we are going to be doing a series on how to surf. Alrighty! So now
it is time to hit on our riptionary which is your ripper’s dictionary on surfer lingo.
And we are going to talk about condition terms which have to do with kind of out there in
the water and just kind of conditions of the ocean. A term you hear a lot is something
called offshore which is when the wind is blowing out towards the sea and it kind of
just like forms a really nice wave so when you hear that it is good. A bad term is something
onshore. You never really want to go out when there is a lot of onshore winds. Kind of creates
the waves to be really super blown out which is kind of like mushy and junk and it just
kind of almost affects the form of the wave to where it is just like junk. A good way
to remember those is you are not going to be surfing on the shore so that is a bad thing.
You are going to be surfing off the shore which is a good thing. So that will help you
kind of remember like “oh, onshore, offshore?’ It kind of gets confusing, but you will get
the hang of it. So offshore good, onshore bad. Another word I said was blown out which
I kind of hit on a little bit in that just means that it is just junk, crappy conditions.
So if somebody is like “Oh, I went down to the beach today, checked it out and it was
totally blown out,” it is not a good thing. So you want to be careful with that. When
it is also really nice conditions you will hear people saying like “Oh, it is super glassy,
its super clean, its good,” and that is a good thing. It is pretty much when the waters
are just like super flat, there is not really a lot of wind if any and yeah, it is pretty
much like glass on the water.

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