How to Reset your Shaw Digital Cable Box to fix an issue | Shaw Support

In many cases if you have an issue on your Shaw Digital Cable Box It can be easily fixed with a quick reset. This is done by disconnecting the cable box from it’s power supply. When power is restored the cable box will automatically reset. To reset the cable box, locate the box near your television. Next identify the power cable that connects the cable box to a wall plug or to a power bar. Disconnect the power cable and wait about 30 seconds. You can confirm that the cable box has been unplugged if there are no lights visible on the front. Then plug the power cable back into it’s original position and allow the box a couple of minutes to reset. Keep in mind that if you reset a cable box while it is recording The recording will stop. And after your reset The guide listings will show To Be Announced while it accesses the latest information. It will take up to an hour for the guide to show current listings. And up to 24 hours to see the channel listings for the next 2 weeks. For more information and additional support Please visit

17 thoughts on “How to Reset your Shaw Digital Cable Box to fix an issue | Shaw Support

  1. Does your tv have to stay on while you wait for channels to come back, mine still says "to be announced" & it's been more then an hour…

  2. I unplugged it and then waited 30 seconds, and let it reset, it tells me boot and stays there and then it says CC71 or it might be CC7I but I have no idea what to do?

  3. I saw that every bundle with internet,tv and phone at least includes about 40 channels, I only got 29, I don't even have ytv which Is included with everythjng

  4. My TV was having som issues (Mostly rare doesn't happen anymore) the orange light on the cable box would turn off and the TV screen would show static for 3 to 5 seconds and then it would say to be announced in the guide. Is this the cable box auto resetting? Also I actually got the RAINBOW SCREEN OF DEATH!! O_O (the color bars) but it only shows the top portion of them I was like "My TV is acting wired!" Also this doesn't happen anymore but the screen would glitch out. Thankfully cable will be gone in our place soon. I don't need help but can someone explain this please?

  5. I have a fios stb but when I turn it on it says "We have detected an issue with poor or no video signal on your set top box.Press [INFO] for details"

  6. trying to turn on our RCA television.(it worked fine last night) and now we get a message on the screen that says:  "Please Run Channel Auto Scan)  I fiddled around and finally got the menu that suggests that, but upon accessing, it will show numbers entering 1 – 135 then nothing.  RF Channels:  1 – 135  Under that is Found:  0  Can you help me?

  7. Would this fix my "optimum temporarily unavailable err-22"? It says This channel is temporarily unavailable. It will be back as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. Err-22 The channels NEVER comeback and it's always on the same channels for me like cartoon network and channel E! for example, there's so many channels that don't work at all because of it and some don't even display that message they just look like crazy static like they're being disrupted, they're completely unwatchable…. What does it mean and how do i fix it?

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